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FT Violator

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FT Violator
FT Violator
FT Violator
FT Violator
FT Violator


Everyone’s wanted to get stopped by the officer for an ANAL examination. This cop baton is made for butt buzzing...with NINE delicious settings that run at max capacity down Nine-and-a-HALF fat, veiny inches of throbbing meat. All you need are the handcuffs.

Hands off your dick...you’re cumming HANDS FREE this time. Feel the meticulously textured veins and ridges and fat, smooth head slide inch after inch till you’re sitting on the base. Our grippy, sticky fuck handle give you total control. Or hand it over...and feel him wreck your cunt.

FT Violator is built in jet-black, premium-grade PVC...so it gets MEGAslick with a little juice. Lube it up and take it for a ride. Four-button controls at the base of the handle turn it ON, turn it OFF, and let you cycle through EVERY ass-blasting setting till you’re busting a big one.

CARE ‘N CLEAN: H20-based lubes are recommended. If you go with another lube, just remember to wash thoroughly after each use. We recommend warm soapy water…or better yet use FT Mean Clean toy cleaner.

DIMENSIONS: 9.5 insertable inches. 14.3 inches total (counting the handle). 6.5 inches at fattest point, right under the head. Requires FOUR AAA batteries, which we include.


[4.9 stars based on 6 reviews]
February 20 2018

The size was much more than expected. A nice surprise. Better than I expected. Feels great.

— Jeffret
February 14 2018

Thickness! Better than I expected,

— Randolph
February 13 2018

I really like the various modes and cycles it operates in. And its length. Its well made too. Incredible. Had to fight not to cum!!!!

— Curtis
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February 11 2018

Feels great. Already have my favorite setting. Would like to see in more colors.

— Bear
January 27 2018

Overall this thing is pretty awesome. Im giving it 4 stars because I dont really like how easy the buttons are to press on the bottom of the handle. The settings get changed easily while Im ramming myself. I also wish it was rechargeable. Other than that it gives my butt a good work out! Was able to cum hands free.

January 26 2018

I’ve collected and played with a surprisingly large number of dildos over the years and love getting kinky using them on guys. Every so often, stressed from work, get poppered up and try using it on myself, but it’s always a pain (i.e., slides out of hand, too pliable to get in, only works if you’re not tight, etc.). I ended up buying this out of a whim when I was drunk after a string of meeting up with “vers or top” guys only to be the one topping the entire time. t’s worth every penny, it’s truly the first time I’ve ever really enjoyed using a dildo on myself. It’s solid enough so that when you set it against your hole and push, regardless of how tight you are it keeps force going in a straight direction so you can actually get it in. It’s also pliable enough so that once it’s in, you can actually fuck yourself with it. It is the first time I didn’t need to use both hands to get it in, so I could actually have a free hand to stroke, tweak my nipples, etc. The size is not to be under estimated, it’s big and it’s big from head to base so if you like the slow stretch feeling of significant girth at base, you get that “Ohhh” as soon as it pushes through your hole. I only turned vibration on when I took it out of package, didn’t turn it on when I had it in, but if you like vibration, seems like it has all of the right speeds / pulses. Unless you’re a pretty regular bottom, this isn’t something you can use frequently, but it is the most absolutely perfect thing to keep packed away for those days where you’re stressed and just need a big fucking dick up your ass. My only suggested improvement is to make one that has similar girth at base, but the head is less girth so it is easier to insert and makes a more gradual stretch feeling, but this is literally the first time I used a dildo on myself and didn’t have that “why can’t they make a dildo like…”

— Curtis
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