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FT SILICONE >>> P-Spot Plug 4.5

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FT SILICONE >>> P-Spot Plug 4.5
FT SILICONE >>> P-Spot Plug 4.5
FT SILICONE >>> P-Spot Plug 4.5
FT SILICONE >>> P-Spot Plug 4.5
FT SILICONE >>> P-Spot Plug 4.5


Our Grunts are diggin' prostate stimulators BIG TIME. Smaller than conventional butt plugs...the FT SILICONE P-Spot Plug is designed to specifically to MASSAGE that inner sweet spot oh-so-right! Perfect for guys who want the STIMULATION...without feeling overstuffed. Hell, just being able to slip one in, knowing you can wear it out for hours of enjoyment, will puts an ass-eatin' grin on your face all freakin' day!

This is part of our premium FT SILICONE series…the velvety SMOOTH texture makes it EZ to slide right up using ANY lube you choose. Because of its slim design, it stays in place...giving you a long day (or night) of secret self-pleasure!

CARE’ N CLEAN: Nothing is more durable and easier to clean-up than SILICONE. Use soap and water…a bleach solution…or simply toss it in the dishwasher like we do. And it’s hypoallergenic and phthalate-free.

DIMENSIONS: The circumference is 4.5 inches at its widest point. It is 4.5 inches tall…from tip to base.


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March 25 2017

WOW this plug is really comfortable. I've been rockin' on this plug for two hours. Love this plug!

— Ray
October 6 2016

I'll start by saying I'm an anal play neophyte. I have a toy called "Rude Boy", a P stim device which was been out a while. I do like P stim while I'm turning my crank so I thought I'd give this device a try. When first out of the package I thought it looked big. Of course anxious to try it, I lubed it up and eased it in. Despite my first impression about it being big, goes in fairly easily. I was concerned about it staying in but the narrow "neck" seems to manage this fine. It's big enough to give a full sensation. The surface is very smooth and texture flexible enough. I was concerned about it popping out when I urinate but that seems fine, too. Sitting in my desk chair at work has never been so fun! Just a word of warning: I'm one of those guys who produces fluid easily and copiously. If you usually go commando, might want to reconsider. I've been oozing pre cum for the past 6 hours non stop! The P sensation is maddening...in a good way! Highly recommended, even if you don't usually like stuff in your raspberry starfish!

— Kevin
August 23 2016

This is the plug. You've found it. The 4.0 tickles just the right way, and would cause some wonderful sensations and contractions of sorts, but would ultimately lead to painful cramping and an overly poked feeling on the prostate. The 4.5 however fits perfectly, can easily be worn for fours at a time and it's shape more brushes against rather than pokes the prostate so you're never in discomfort. Hours after removal, The body still craved it to be inserted again.

— Sid51x
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April 28 2016

This plug is a must have! It gives you a "filled" sensation and sits perfectly in place. It does not slip out and you can sit anywhere because the base fits like a glove. I have it inside me rn ;) AWESOME!!

— Jorge
April 26 2016

This plug feels great. Very easy to get in. I felt it.. but u will really feel it when u walk around. I thgt to myself, "Oh there's my P-spot "....lol Now I want something larger.

— Shannon
March 18 2016

My new P-Spot Plug 4.5 arrived on Wednesday; very fast delivery. Enjoying a Friday night doing a great deal of P-Spot massage and chilling at home. An amazing feeling with each flex. Love it!

— Alphamale69
January 22 2016

Amazing plug for prostate play! Able to be kept in for long periods of time and just the right size.

— J
January 4 2016

I have the 4.0 version of this plug and love it. I decided that I wanted to try a slightly larger version and wow, this thing rocks. I love the added thickness, particularly at the top, where it hits the prostate. Excellent plug and the size is just right if you're a newbie or, like me, just don't want something enormous in your ass. Great product!

— Darrell
September 15 2015

OMG YOU GUYS! THIS THING ROCKS! I love just keeping it in my butt for hours. It's one of the best feelings in the world. And the crazy thing is is that no one has to know you have it in! I would totally recommend this to anyone who loves to have their prostate tickled!! :)))

— Phil
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