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FT SILICONE >>> Black Rocket

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FT SILICONE >>> Black Rocket
FT SILICONE >>> Black Rocket


Our FT SILICONE series is Grunt tested and approved…for fuckers who demand the BEST up their holes! Our Rocket Plug is a sharp n tight design that’s perfect for newbies. With crazy-hot DUAL texture details that increase the stimulation.

FT SILICONE Rocket plugs have a classic “rounded” shape…for EZ entry. But once IN they STAY in…thanx to the flare at the bottom. The base is flat, so you can comfortably SIT and SMILE.

CARE’ N CLEAN: Nothing beats premium SILICONE. It's firm, yet flexible, non-porous, and nearly INDESTRUCTIBLE. Rockets are DISHWASHER safe on the top rack. They are hypoallergenic and phthalate-free. And you can use ANY damn lube you want. That’s why we LOVE silicone toys!

DIMENSIONS: The circumference is 5.6 inches at the widest point and an insertable length is 4.4 inches.


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December 3 2017

I'm writing this review with this fulfilling butt plug in me for over 6 hours with no unwanted discomfort at all. Every time I move it stimulates my situation and I get a little hard. This is another FtTroff product I recommend. If a cock isn't in my ass, a Fort Troff product is.

— Jeff
May 13 2017

Damn... Been mostly a top for years now. But my husband really wants to get into my ass. So i thought i'd try to get in touch with my bottom days and get some practice in. This puppy is gold! Wider than i expected but worth the feeling of getting over the hill, its also got some give so that i can park it on a seat and get some grinding in on it. Getting my ass to ring three was a treat itself, feling myself slip past the fourth ring and into the plug was intense! On my road to being a better bottom. Thanks Fort Trofff!

— topcub83
April 18 2017

The Butt Plug is UNBELIEVABLE! I am into heavy Ass Play and Fisting! I have tossed in the trash so many! The Butt Plug to me is the GREATEST bargain ever! The fact its covered in High Grade Silicone. Washable TOP RACK in Dishwasher.

— Michael
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September 27 2016

Now I know why they call it the Rocket! It shot right up in my tight hole and felt perfect. I was "shooting for the stars"!

— Henry
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