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FT Buzz Bender

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FT Buzz Bender
FT Buzz Bender
FT Buzz Bender
FT Buzz Bender
FT Buzz Bender


FT BUZZ Bender curves and flexes ANY way you want...to stretch ‘n use your ass. Get all the right angles, work it open or position the curve to throb your prostate till you cum hands-free.

FT BUZZ Bender is smooth and long, perfect for probing open a hole and PACKED with high-powered BUZZ capability...so you throb on every inch.

This mega motor is encased in premium velvet smooth silicone. Surf through EIGHT intensity settings...ranging from a gentle, easy hum to a hard, pulsing THROB.

DIMENSIONS: FT BUZZ Bender has a total length of 9.5 inches, insertable length is 6 inches, and 4.5 inches circumference at widest point.

CARE ‘n CLEAN: This premium motor is cased in premium, velvet-smooth silicone. Due to the high quality nature of this product, water-based lubes are recommended. To clean, wipe clean with any mild soap and warm water...or better yet with our FT Mean Clean Toy Cleaner. Towel dry and store SEPARATELY from all other toys. Keep out of heat and sunlight.


[4.9 stars based on 14 reviews]
April 10 2018

I waited over six months to purchase this toy and it was well worth the wait! My whole body was still trembling after I rode and edged myself for over 30 minutes! My favorite toy to date and excited to get full use of this!

— CR
April 8 2018

This is a great toy. I recently got mine and I am enjoying it. It hit where it says and I had a new experience for the first time in my life.

— Terry
April 5 2018

The Buzz Bender is incredible, worked my prostate to the point of an anal orgasm. My load shot all over my chest and face.

— Marc
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April 5 2018

This is the best toy I’ve purchased to date! It’s easy to use and powerful! As always I’m a very happy customer. Thanks!

— Brandon
October 25 2017

It’s awesome. Better than I expected. Love The way it feels. The way it hits all my spots in my ass.

— CM
October 20 2017

Very Satisfied. The favorite is the length and vibe are top notch. Oh please; the variety is like internal dynamite; the variety of positions is a big plus; keep bringing new toys into the collection

— R.
October 17 2017

lets just say I never want to cum without it...

— W
October 11 2017

Wow! This is an amazing addition to the FT buzz line up. The length and the fact that it bends is incredible. My load was huge!

— Matt
October 9 2017

Very Satisfied. it is Easy to insert and clean and Better than I expected. Feels great.

— NK
October 7 2017

Very Satisfied. Like size and ability to bend and increase Buzz Intensity, Great while penetration and stimulating when it hits my prostrate.

— Corey
September 27 2017

Just got it today and had fun using it for quite awhile tried all setting and when I was ready to cum I shot high in the air GREAT TOY

— Tom
September 12 2017

Better than I expected vibration is good and the bending. Very Satisfied

— Or
September 10 2017

Awesome. Feels great. Like to change speeds

— man
September 8 2017

I love that you can bend it to hit just the right spots. Better than I expected. It feels very good. A nice tingling sensation

— Chad
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