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FT Buzz Bomb Climax 6.0

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FT Buzz Bomb Climax 6.0
FT Buzz Bomb Climax 6.0
FT Buzz Bomb Climax 6.0
FT Buzz Bomb Climax 6.0


Hold this beast in your hand and feel it BUZZ...damn!

Over one year in the making, the Buzz Bomb Climax delivers like NO other vibe toy we’ve seen. SIX different speed settings range from slow to fast, from a steady buildup to a deep, hard THROB. The handheld controller is totally WIRELESS...so your buddy can rock your hole in a restaurant, bar, ANYWHERE. Fucking HOT!

Designed by Fort Troff, we sweated the details. The motor is stronger than ANY we’ve found on the market. It’s encased in seamless, premium silicone.

The Buzz Bomb Climax is USB rechargeable. Forget fumbling around lookin’ for batteries. Just plug it in to your computer, to the USB port in your car, anywhere.

The Climax is the first in our new line of FT ORIGINAL buzz toys. Our new LA-based design team is working with one of the TOP technology firms in the world.

DIMENSIONS: 5.75 inches at its widest circumference. 4.5 inches of insertable length.

CARE ‘N CLEAN: To clean, use a light anti-bacterial soap and warm water rinse thoroughly and pat dry with a towel. Store separately. Keep individually packaged and avoid contact with other toys. Made of 100% Silicone. Because of the high-end nature of its silicone body, the FT Buzzbomb Climax is NOT compatible for use with silicone lubes. Plug and remote are waterproof. Run time on full charge, approximately 30 minutes.


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October 25 2017

Great toy, using it gets me off

— Charles
August 26 2017

Never has so much care and technology been applied to something you can ram up your ass. Lots of different powerful vibes and speeds make the Buzz Bomb Climax a top-notch toy ... and there's really nothing to stop you from dropping it down the front of your pants, either (don't judge, my thrills come cheap). Treat yourself to a rectal rampage.

— Skip Intro
August 3 2017

I originally bought the Robo Rimmer which I love, my only comment was if they could supercharge this 10 times this would be the greatest thing ever! Well, with the Buzz Bomb, that's exactly what they did! I have never felt such incredible sensations as what this delivers. I wouldn't have believed it was possible to achieve orgasm from a butt plug, but it has proven itself over and over again! Incredibly well-made, perfectly shaped for is the insertion and removal with amazing comfort, and the battery life well extended the projected 30 minutes. If you love ass play, you're going to love this!

— Dawg
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April 19 2017

The FT Buzz Bomb Climax can make me cum without even touching myself. The motor on this is INCREDIBLE and the battery life is longer than I expected. I would highly recommend this item!!!!

— -Damian
April 19 2017

The Ft buzz bomb climax 6.0. A product of excellent quality. The vibrations are excellent and I love to fuck with this in action. Provides excellent time.

— Dany
February 28 2017

just got this today charged it up and man did I ever make a great buy this plug is the greatest thing Ive shoved up my bottom to this day the different vibe patterns will make you twitch ! well made also

— Bill
February 25 2017

Wow! This thing is powerful and feels great! Totally worth the price easily!

— Grim Mike
February 1 2017

WOW! This thing is powerful. I didn't believe you could get an orgasm from it but you can, depending on the position you are in. Everyone is different. My Master has me in a bent over position, arms outstretched, cum lube dripping out, then shoves the plug in and sits in his chair to watch tv and relax. I will tell you this, He leaves it plugged in. One time, he fell asleep, I was gagged and I came 5 times. YES, it works.

— Christopher Robbin
December 13 2016

The Climax 6.0 is an awesome product. The 6 levels of speed difference is great. I have yet to encounter such a powerful feel of vibration inside my anus when using anal plugs. This plug is the one to beat. I was a bit skeptical at first about the power of vibrations, but after using it, it does provide that power feel it advertises. I have used this product twice already and both times I received unbelievable and undesirable orgasms. The diameter of this product is not made for beginners. Quite comfortable after insertion along with the vibrations; once the vibrations starts, the more comfortable it gets. Being able to control my own pleasures of anal play is what most impressed me and each vibration will drive the nerves of your anal spintcher crazy givingredients the ultimate climax. Thanks again.

— Brad
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