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Heavyweight Hole Tug

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Heavyweight Hole Tug
Heavyweight Hole Tug


Ass trainers, train your hole with STRETCH, WEIGHT, ‘n DEPTH. FT Heavyweight Hole Tug delivers the FULL, stuffed feeling of premium metal weights...with a delicious depth of 13 inches. Stuff ‘em in ONE by ONE...then TUG ‘em out, fast or slow, feeling your hole STRETCH over each one. It’s a bumpy ride.

Think of it like balls-on-a-string, with 3 HEAVY missile shapes linked nose to nose. Our EASY taper leads to fat, ring-stretching cylinders that slide in no problem...then back OUT to make you MOAN.

Premium metal weights are encased in premium seamless silicone. All together, they total ONE POUND. At the end is a classic FT grip handle made for easy ass maneuvering.

Grab the REGULAR size...perfect for newbie/intermediate hole trainers. XL size cumming SOON.

SPECS: 13 inches insertable length. 15 inches total length. Total weight is 1 pound. Each missile measures 5 inches in circumference.

CARE ‘N CLEAN: Water-based lube recommended. If you use silicone lube, wash THOROUGHLY when you’re done. FT premium silicone holds up against silicone lube better than lower quality silicone products, but our silicone still requires maintenance and cleanliness to ensure longevity. Do not use oil-based lube, as oil-based lube is corrosive to silicone. Wash ALL FT toys after use in warm, soapy water...or better yet with FT Mean Clean toy cleaner.


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October 31 2017

Very Satisfied. The feel of the material is amazing and makes for super easy entry.

— KP
October 25 2017

Very Satisfied. Size and weight are awesome.

— Cary
October 23 2017

The weight feels great. Can’t wait to try the XL version for my hungry hole. The shape feels great.

— Ryan
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October 22 2017

Love the shape and weight of it .

— Panther
October 12 2017

Silicone is absolutely a must for playtoys in general...comfort level is unmatched by anything else. And that weight!

— G
October 10 2017

Love the heavy weight in my hole.

— David
September 25 2017

The feel is great The smooth silicone is great.

— Tim
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