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FT Real Deal MONSTER 14.0

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FT Real Deal MONSTER 14.0
FT Real Deal MONSTER 14.0
FT Real Deal MONSTER 14.0
FT Real Deal MONSTER 14.0
FT Real Deal MONSTER 14.0


The FT MONSTER 14.0 is a fuckin’ BEAST. 16 inches long, for fuckers craving a DEEP dicking, with 7.5 inches of hole-stretchin’ girth. This cock was made for hardcore Grunts who can really TAKE IT.

Other monster cocks are just too DAMN hard! The FT MONSTER 14.0 is all the cock you can stuff up your ass, made with our ULTRA-realistic FT Real Deal construction …a soft layer on the outside and HARD inner core. If you closed your eyes and touched it, you’d SWEAR it was the real thing.

ALL Real Deal dongs come with our STICKY BOMB Suction Base. Lock it onto the side of your shower and back up! Pop it on the toilet and slide DOWN. The FT Sticky Bomb base isn’t going ANYWHERE…so you can concentrate on taking the WHOLE damn thing.

DIMENSIONS: The MONSTER Real Deal 14.0 measures 16 inches long and has 14 inches of insertable length, with a max circumference of 7.5 inches.

CARE ‘N CLEAN: REAL DEAL cocks are made of Ultra-Realistic UR3 material. Wash with a light anti-bacterial soap and warm water…or better yet, use our FT Mean Clean toy cleaner. Store separately and keep away from other toys. Safe with water-based lubes only.


[4.9 stars based on 13 reviews]
October 27 2017

WOW - An all-around INCREDIBLE toy! This is my 'go to' toy when I want length but not get too stretched out in the process. So realistic...I always get off when I use this guy! Sooooo much fun taking it all...!

— Customer
October 25 2017

WOW! This is my favorite toy in my arsenal. Not too big... Not too long...just right! Gets my juices flowing every time. And the veins - se' magnifique'!! Bottom Line = GET ONE!!

— JT in Florida
August 8 2017

Very satisfied. The textured lifelike skin penetrates my ass just like the real thing -- only bigger and much deeper! Grin. Love how the surrounding layer molds itself inside me -- makes getting this monster inside much less painful.

— Nat
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July 27 2017

Incredible. Just incredible. Love the material it's made of. I think they're awesome the way they are.

— Seth
July 26 2017

It's soft. Can be a bit tough to get in, but when it's in, it's good to go!! Like the life like feel.

— Brice
July 25 2017

The materiel makes it feel real and not as big as it is. The feeling is amazing, unlike other harder materials it gives much more pleasure. It is flexible and therefore can be difficult to use solo, although not impossible, but works fine with a partner.

— Jon
July 23 2017

Real flexible and easy to clean. Feels very realistic

— Al
June 22 2017

OMFG...this cock feels so fucking real and intense in my hands and especially while my ass is engulfing this monster. The texture of every inch of it going in makes you want to slide back on it even more to take it deeper down to the balls. The first time I used it I got 3/4 of the way down with the usual breathing and slowly working it in to get my ass used to it and that was gratifying. The 2nd time my ass took all of it ballsdeep. I came 5 times between riding it and my fuck buddy strapping it on and drilling me with it. This is definitely a must have. 5 stars for FT.

— Ro
May 27 2017

I was really looking forward to getting this cock as soon as I ordered it. This will be the deepest I have ever gone with this thickness. The other reviews are right, it is a little soft getting started but it needs to be when your going that far in. WOW, what a feeling going the the whole way down to the balls. I am a bottom pig who enjoys goin deep and wide. Now Fort Troff will need to come out with a cock that is this long but thicker for us bottom pigs. Oink Oink

— Gymrat
January 13 2017

WOWZA!!!! This was received and first chance to use it, after loosening up with a few other toys to prep my hole.... this went in after some convincing and to the base it went.... I've never field such pleasure as it was sending me to an amazing load.... yes it took some time to handle the flexible shaft, but rather flexible than too firm as you are reaching new depths with this monster. Brava Fort Troff, Brava **********

— AJ
October 25 2016

When this toy arrived and opened the box, I got an immediate HARD-ON just pulling the toy out of its package. The realistic feel of this toy and the amazing huge size SEDUCED me into wanting this MONSTER dido deep in my butt IMMEDIATELY. I grabbed a bottle of Ft. Troff Cum Lube, applied it generously to the entire 14" length (knowing I wanted every last inch of it up my butt). As the MONSTER began its journey, I knew I would not stop until my balls hit the balls of the toy. Then, having all 14" inside me, I erupted and shot a massive load... leaving me with a most gratifying feeling of accomplishment. TWO-THUMBS UP!!!

— Randy Bottoms
September 21 2016

Have to say, this cock feels fucking AMAZING in my cock and cum hungry hole. The girth feels like I'm getting jackhammered when my husbands plow my ass with it. The only issue is that it is extremely soft, it's cool that it feels so real but it also makes it very flimsy and hard to ride and get really deep. Trying to sit on it, get it up in there and keep it in, can be a real chore. It starts bending when you're about halfway down. Not gonna stop me from getting fucked with it though!

— Josh
September 16 2016

Just recieved this monster today and ive already had it in my ass..... what can I say I couldnt wait! Id have to say that it feels great in my ass, it looks and feels the the real deal and the suction cup keeps it right were I need it. The ony things I can say about it that is bad is its a little soft which makes it a little tough to wiggle in my hole and it smells a little strange. But hey, who really gives a fuck! once its in my eager dripping holeI want to push it in as deep as possible..... So ya, Ill give it 4 stars and go back to ramming my ass!

— Dave
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