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Colon Snake >>> Twister 6.0

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Colon Snake >>> Twister  6.0
Colon Snake >>> Twister  6.0


Twisting, bending SNAKES go DEEP. They wiggle their way into places a dildo NEVER dreamed of reaching! Our FT SNAKES are firm enough so you can guide ‘em in…but soft enough to be comfortable. Made from body-safe PVC, they are phthalate-free and safe with silicone and water-based lubes.

Unlike any others, our SNAKES can be PLANTED to the wall of your shower or any other slick surface. They come equipped with our Sticky Bomb suction bottom…so you can SIT n GRIN with confidence!

Here is the TWISTER 6.0...Take your colon snake game to the next level of ass twisting pleasure. Stretch your hole at the tip and ride the twin ridges down to the base.

CARE N’ CLEAN: Wash with a light anti-bacterial soap and warm water…or better yet, use our FT Mean Clean toy cleaner. Store separately and keep away from other toys. Safe with Silicone and Water-Based lubes.

DIMENSIONS: The Twister Colon Snake 6.5 has 17 inches of insertable length. It has a maximum circumference of 6.5 inches at the head and 6 inches on the shaft.


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July 27 2017

Love How long it is. Very soft material that stays slick. I like how soft it is but sometimes is hard to keep it in as it bends a lot. The size is perfect.

— M
July 25 2017

Love the shape. The size was perfect.

— JN
July 24 2017

Good quality. Great customer service. Keep as is, I would recommend.

— Anon
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June 12 2016

The Twister was exactly what I needed in my collection. I loved the feeling going so deep and the curves really rocked my world.

— Martin
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