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IN n OUT Silicone Sound

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IN n OUT Silicone Sound
IN n OUT Silicone Sound
IN n OUT Silicone Sound
IN n OUT Silicone Sound


Get ready to feel the explosive power behind this cool SILICONE sound! Hell, our grunts are moanin' and groanin' with insane pleasure over sound-play.

The IN n OUT is a series of soft and flexible pleasure bumps. EZ to play with...just lube up and slowly insert a few nubs at a time. Soon you'll be strokin' your dick and feelin' every one of the 13 bumps INSIDE your cock.

The ridges on the handle ensure a solid grip when you're all lubed up, so extraction is a breeze. Made from pure medical grade silicone. Clean-up is EZ ...simply wash and clean by tossing them in boiling water for 2 minutes...air dry. We recommend ONLY playing with Sterile Lube. Pick some up here at the Fort. Made by Sport Fucker.

Total length is 7 inches. The "bumps" range from .2 inch to .32 inch at the widest point.


[5 stars based on 3 reviews]
December 7 2016

When I first got this little gadget, I was a little disappointed. I thought I would get my dick hard and kinda fuck my piss hole. Well the device is a little to flexible to do that. I gave up for awhile and then one day it came to me... lube it up well and with a soft dick, force it all the way in up to and including the last "ball". Then just walk around, sit, stand, whatever. This gives you the best sensation ever in your cock! If you have a giant dick this may not work for you, but try it!

— Larry
November 20 2015

I also love this incredibly well designed sound. While it's not a pee-thru (so I cannot keep it in all day), sliding this one in and out will send you into orbit when you bust the nut. The dozen or so "nubs" on this sound are worth their weight in gold. Every serious sounder needs to get one of these

— Tony
June 25 2015

This is my first silicone sound. LOVE IT! My first try I pushed in in slowly and enjoyed each 'bump', then pulled it out slowly experiencing the 'bumps' in reverse order. After a few times of slowly moving it in and out I pushed it all the way in and pulled it out quickly; I am thinking to suggest renaming it either 'Rip Cord' or 'Zip Line'. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS ONE!

— Steven