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FT Pump N Dump Cylinder KIT

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FT Pump N Dump Cylinder KIT
FT Pump N Dump Cylinder KIT
FT Pump N Dump Cylinder KIT
FT Pump N Dump Cylinder KIT
FT Pump N Dump Cylinder KIT
FT Pump N Dump Cylinder KIT


Here is EVERYTHING you need to start swellin' and growin'.

FIRST you get our FT Pump ‘N Dump cylinder which gives you a front row seat to watch your meat reach its MAX potential. Our cylinder is made of crystal-clear, heavy-duty acrylic that won’t fog up or yellow over time. Clear as glass, all the time, no matter WHAT.

No gaskets required. Our cylinder has a state-of-the-art air valve which allows for quick 'n easy disconnection from the pump tube while keepin' easy, STEADY pressure in the cylinder.

SECOND you get our incredibly efficient FT Whisper Pump, which will get you to full growin' pressure in SECONDS. FT WHISPER Power Pump is the EASIEST cock pump at the Fort! No complicated parts or gauges, no reading dials or squeezing hand pumps. Just shut up 'n PUMP. The all-tech motorized pump delivers safe, even, gentle suction...steadily increasing at a fixed rate, so you don't get pumped too damn fast like OLD-SKOOL pumps.

THIRD to make pumpin' feel way better so you can go longer, we include our FT Pump Cock Cushion. This silicone cushion fits perfectly into the base of our cylinders, giving you a soft cushion WITHOUT losing any suction.

Treat it like a gym membership. Use it for a few minutes every day...no more than fifteen minutes MAX...and you'll see REAL, legit results. Our pumps are road-tested by us at the Fort. We love nothin' more than a big, FAT cock. We know you'll dig the results.

Save 14 bucks with the Complete KIT.

You will be asked to choose your WIDTH so follow these EZ steps. Take a string and wrap it loosely around the base of your erect dick. Then lay the string flat and measure it with a ruler. Here is the guide to get the right size:

String Measures 6.5 >>> Order 1.75 inch cylinder.
String Measures 7 >>> Order 2.25 inch cylinder.
String Measures 7.75 >>> Order 2.75 inch cylinder.
String Measures 8 >>> Order 3.25 inch cylinder.

DIMENSIONS: 7.3 inches outer circumference at base. 7 inches outer circumference at tip. Full cylinder insertable length measures 9 inches.

CARE ‘N CLEAN: Safe with ANY lube. Wipe clean with warm soap and water...or with our FT Mean Clean Toy Cleaner. Keep in a cool place away from direct sunlight.


[5 stars based on 5 reviews]
August 1 2017

Very Satisfied. Love Being able to see my cock growing.

— Sandy
July 27 2017

Very Satisfied. Powerful with a quick pressure release. A longer hose would be nice.

— Boi
July 26 2017

Very Satisfied. Guys as with ALL of the product I own from your establishment it enhances the sexual creature!.

— D.C.
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February 2 2017

As always, fast shipping and great customer service! First impressions, I love this pump! The silicone base is comfortable, provides a great seal, and reduces the likelihood of sucking one of your balls up into the tube. I did two 5-minute pumps the first day and I'm sporting a nice fatty with loads of precum. I plan to use it regularly. Nice quality product! After reading some pump forums online I selected one size up from what is recommended here and it was the right move for me.

— Stephen77074
January 13 2017

I've had othe pumps for years, hand pumps and trigger pumps, this auto suck pump is the best... gets you to your max, lets you stop and keep it on by taking out hose and lets your cock throb... best purchase

— AJ
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