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FT Heavyweight Missile >>> LRG

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FT Heavyweight Missile >>> LRG
FT Heavyweight Missile >>> LRG
FT Heavyweight Missile >>> LRG
FT Heavyweight Missile >>> LRG
FT Heavyweight Missile >>> LRG


FT Heavyweight Missile >>> LRG is for guys seeking that XTRA thick ass stretch...and a full pound of metal weight plugged up your tunnel.

Our Heavyweight Missile shape was designed for maximum comfort...with a narrow stem that gently tapers into a FAT, solid ass rocket. The stem is made of premium silicone...so it moves with you. The WIDE base means it's stayin' put. This is a top-grade, all-day ass trainer to get you good and loosened up. Nothing feels hotter than hitting the gym with a weighted pack of HEAVY metal in your butt.

The exterior is velvet-smooth premium silicone. Soft and FIRM and sturdy, with gentle flexibility and absolutely NO seams. Training starts now!

CARE ‘N CLEAN: Use ANY lube...just wash it off when you are done. Use warm soapy water, a mild bleach solution...or our FT Mean Clean Toy Cleaner. Store AWAY from other toys. Keep in a cool, dark place and AWAY from direct sunlight.

DIMENSIONS: Plug is 8 inches at widest point. Total plug length is 6 inches. Total insertable length is 5 inches. Weight of the plug is 1 lb.


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August 31 2017

I got this toy today. Well I definitely got what I ordered. Even having read the dimensions I wasn't quite prepared for this big missile. It took a while to work myself up to it but OMG it feels so awesome in me. I can both sit and walk with relative comfort (I only say relative because there is no escaping how full I feel). The challenge is gonna be getting it back out willingly. Thanks FT. New favorite and helping me reach my goals!!!

— Billy
August 16 2017

I can use any lube I like without fear of degrading the silicone. This plug provides a nice feeling of fullness and just enough weight to remind you it is there.

— Pablo
August 16 2017

I love the size, weight and the thin shaft that allows my sphincter to grab onto that so the plug does not slip out. Love the weight and how it feels inside me when I have this monster plug deep up my butt. Especially erotic when I wear it to a business meeting. When I am sitting there and enjoying the feeling with a smile on my face and no one knows why..

— Fun
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August 14 2017

Satisfied with the missile. fills the space and you know it's there. I would like the base to be larger.

— Patric
July 20 2017

Got my 1 lb. plug today. I paid extra for faster shipping and it worked... like in 2 days! Of course I had to try it out immediately ! It took awhile to get in my hole, but OMG, it was well worth the wait. When I got it in, I had to cum immediately . I'm hoping I can train myself to last longer, because the feeling is amazing. The only problem was the invoice showed I was getting some free lube, that did not happen. Fortunately, I have plenty on hand. Probably, not as good as theirs but it worked.

— J Jr
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