FT Fuck Machine is the ULTIMATE ass trainer. 
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FT Grunt Marker

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FT Grunt Marker
FT Grunt Marker
FT Grunt Marker


BITCH… COCKSUCKER… TOILET… WHORE… `n each with arrows pointing to that “HOLE HERE”! Let the world know EXACTLY what he IS.

Face. Forehead. Front side. Back side. Up `n down. Hell, WRITE all over the jizz-slave’s body from TIP to TAIL!

Similar to the marker used by professional athletes, the GRUNT MARKER is both H20 proof AND sweat proof. It’s inky BLACK, 1/8” tip allows for HIGH DEF markings that’ll mark your sub as YOUR fuckhole (or anyone else’s)!

Cosmetically SAFE for skin. Removes easily with soap `n water or regular hand sanitizer.

Screw magic markers …Write like GRUNT!


[5 stars based on 3 reviews]
March 13 2017

This marker worked very well for body writing. The results were clear, easy to read and easily removable when necessary. I wish the marker could have contained more ink to write with, but that is not a problem. If I would have known that before hand, I would have bought 2 markers instead of 1.

October 1 2016

These are and always will be my favorite marker to write all over my nips, tips, thighs, toes, necks (backside) and eyeliner. I esp enjoy picking out which colors to get next....... Ana!, Urethra, and solid waste CLOUDS are a must have for me and Jesus.

— Stanley Leiter
September 1 2016

a must if your partner is into public humiliation. with the word URINAL on my upper lip and COCK SUCKING CUM EATING PISS DRINKING FAGGOT across my chest with your magnetic nipple clamps on and a very sheer speedo showing of my spiked chastity cage, he walked me around on a leash at th local flea market for hours.

— eric