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FT Bed Bondage KIT

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FT Bed Bondage KIT
FT Bed Bondage KIT
FT Bed Bondage KIT
FT Bed Bondage KIT
FT Bed Bondage KIT


Quickly turn your bedroom into a playroom with our NEW Fort Troff Bed Bondage System! Men, we put an ASS LOAD of work into this bad boy. In fact, there's NOTHING like it on the market...Technically advanced, the 14 point restraints make bondage a SNAP! And with our complete KIT you get EVERYTHING you need to turn your bed into a bondage pit.

Forget the old Bed Bondage Systems of the past...that allowed the bottom to move around WAY to much and had flimsy straps. Over one year in the making, every component was designed and tested by us.

Just lay it out underneath your mattress and let the weight of the bed (along with your victim's own weight) hold it firmly in place. The sturdy nylon straps ADJUST to fit ANY size bed!

Use the anchor-points for full immobilization! Get creative...Bind the wrists and ankles using 2 points at each corner, then spread his elbows 'n knees...and you still have 2 more points. Bind his collar at one end and his cock `n balls at the other!

And when he's SPENT...and grinning...it all neatly TUCKS AWAY under the mattress. Perfect for guys who can't have tons of bondage equipment perving up their living space. Seriously strong. Super discreet!

Machine washable in cold water. Air dry. Weighs less than 2 pounds.

With our Complete KIT, you also get a pair of our infamous FT ANKLE and WRIST Restraints. Our Restraints are EPIC...built STURDY and designed to be completely effortless. They are lined with a special THICK cushion of neoprene. Our FT Restraints are a hell of a lot easier to use than your typical buckle cuffs. No fumbling back and forth, trying to find the damn hole and get the right fit. With ours...just press and we guarantee, HE'S STAYING PUT!

Lastly, we include 4 hefty bondage CLIPS so you can hook him to the bed. We sweated the details on these large premium bondage clips...finished in a premium black gloss and designed for ease of use.

The Bondage Bed KIT includes EVERYTHING you need. You get our sturdy Bed Bondage System, a full set of Restraints, and 4 premium clips.


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July 21 2017

Excellent design and execution. Holds firm and lots of flexibility with multiple connection points possible per limb. Infinitely superior to the crap on Am###n. We are very happy with our purchase!

— Piglet
July 3 2017

It’s so easy to use and store. Fort troff is the best website for toys I've ever seen. Videos are hot and educational.

— Easy C
July 1 2017

I liked that it was a complete starter kit, and the very high quality. I am very satisfied. The abundant amount of strap locations allow a variety of positions. A lot of thought went into this system! I like the variety of products, and the high quality of items available.

— Ivan
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June 24 2017

The Fort Troff Ultimate Bed Bondage is a great design using the entire mattress as an anchor for the restraints. This provides options for bondage that might not be available on your regular bed frame. The ultimate kit contains the wrist and ankle restraints. Bondage in a bag It might be nice to tie in different anchor points or have an add-on kit providing more anchor points. This is a great idea with good construction and good stitching. Fort Troff consistently is developing new items to keep the intensity of play high. Quality products promotes hot play.

— Daddy Eric
June 19 2017

I love the almost limitless amount of positions I can restrain my partner other that his hands and feet I'm the four corners. I’m Very satisfied. It has opened up a new door with easier, better, more fun ideas we couldn't necessarily do or was it wasn't as fun or as exciting without it.. I love Fort Troff’s wide variety of high quality merchandise, toys and apparel at a reasonable price. And knowing you're always looking for ways to improve your products.

— Zohan
June 9 2017

It is well constructed and extremely practical. I can tuck it away after using it at home but also take it on the road for hotels that often don't have attachment points. It is easy to use and very effective. Great idea. The 14 point attachment is a terrific idea for very restrictive restraint. It secures the hands and feet very well as well as elbows and knees, head and balls. Wonderful experience. Your product are great. I especially like that the ideas were not made in China! I am willing to pay more for quality.

— Bound2please
May 7 2017

It was so easy to set up and use. The stuff that I buy is good quality and the packaging ensures that it is not damaged in transit. Well done!

— Wolf 11
April 23 2017

I like the ease of use and being able to take it on trips. Parnter is completely satisfied.

— J Ferg
April 3 2017

It's really easy to use. Pretty easy to set up, and makes transitioning between positions easy. The Velcro straps work surprisingly well.

March 23 2017

I LOVE IT! Very satisfied.

— DC
March 13 2017

It’s great that Its adjustable so fits any bed size and the nylon straps themselves are strong.

— Craig
February 23 2017

I can not get away from my boyfriends massive cock. The restraints work so well!

— MW
January 1 2017

You guys ROCK!!!! I am a Str8 Ally, I was introduced to your company by a Gay friend who had some of your toys at a "Cum one, Cum All!" play party that I attended with my subbie girl here in Winnipeg, Canada. In my experience, your designs are beautifully executed, with impressive ergonomics and top quality materials and craftsmanship. I want you to know that your reputation here in Winnipeg, Canada is growing exponentially, because of Griff and Tattoo Goddess (check them out on Fetlife). We have "Co-Ed" Bath Houses here in Winnipeg, as our Gay Community is very welcoming and supportive of Kinky Allies. I have told many LGBT acquaintances where to get your products, when they see us playing at local dungeons with your toys. I know that your core clientele is Gay, and you probably won't publish this testimonial to avoid alienating those who are not comfortable sharing their space with Str8s - and that's OK, I don't blame them, considering the bigotry that GLBT people have endured - but it is important to me, that you all know how much your professionalism means to us Kinky Str8 Customers, too. We love your products and your AMAZING customer service, and will continue to gladly support you. May 2017 bring you and all your community Prosperity, Good Health and Joyful Love!

— Winnipeg Pete
December 10 2016

It's much better than the regular bed bondage for holding a guy immobile. Easy to use and easy to pack. Definitely love it. Tho it takes a couple minutes to set up, the results are worth the time and effort. Perfect for real immobilizing bondage. Fort Troff is great for Quick shipping, great response to problems or any issues, unique items.

— Slytop
August 23 2016

I like how well it restrains a playmate compared to previous versions. I am very satisfied and love your customer service and speed of shipping.

July 3 2016

The best part is the flexibility of being bound in different positions with the 14 hook points. I also enjoy the accessibility to move it from place to place freely. I am very satisfied with my experiences while using this item. Having the ability to be bound in an inescapable form.

— Pixrules69
March 23 2016

I like the flexibility the 14 point system gives to be able to use the system in many ways. You are not limited to one position. I like the quality of the items and the accountability of Fort Troff. If you say something is going to happen it will!

— KP
March 8 2016

Item is far superior to other "novelty" items similar in description! An amazing 14 points to connect. While it is true it will fit any size bed, I would not recommend it for beds smaller than a Queen, and its ideal design seems to be for that of a King.

— -Top4FuckN
July 1 2015

The best part is the flexibility of being bound in different positions with the 14 hook points. I also enjoy the accessibility to move it from place to place freely. I am very satisfied with my experiences while using this item. Having the ability to be bound in an inescapable form.

— Topper
June 20 2015

Very hot

— Steve hodges
0 0

Tried out the bed bondage right away, my partner was tied up quickly and fucked good and hard after I some hot foreplay. The device is perfect, fucking great really

— Charles
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