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Tenga Vacuum Cup

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Tenga Vacuum Cup
Tenga Vacuum Cup
Tenga Vacuum Cup
Tenga Vacuum Cup
Tenga Vacuum Cup
Tenga Vacuum Cup
Tenga Vacuum Cup
Tenga Vacuum Cup


We hunted the world for a nonstop BLOWJOB that’s pure machine. No surprise that we found it at TENGA.

TENGA makes the world's best cock stroker. We’re the FIRST to carry the TENGA Vacuum Cup. It's a wet, slick tunnel that seriously squeezes, SUCKS 'n PUMPS your cock till you cum...HARD.

You can leave it on your cock for hours...or edge your boy till he's begging to blow.

TENGA Deep Throat Cup is included. The mind-blowing material inside took 4 years to make...soft, squishy, and insanely SLICK. It's the SAME material FT Raw Pup is made of.

Use the TENGA Vaccum Cup again and again. Your TENGA Deep Throat is designed to go the distance, but sooner or later you'll want a new one.

Runs on 4 AAA batteries, which we include.


[4 stars based on 4 reviews]
April 22 2017

My favorite things is that the vacuum pulls you in while still soft. Much better than I thought it would be. it would be nice to be able to adjust the suction

— Jetty
April 20 2017

It was pretty much what I was expecting. Feels great but It would be nice to offer with a more snug fit.

— Allen
April 18 2017

Great suction! Would recommend to my friends but would make it a little quieter.

— Bo
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April 5 2017

A slightly firmer "grip" would be good. Some of the sensations are almost too light.

— B.
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