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Tenga Deep Throat Cup

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Tenga Deep Throat Cup
Tenga Deep Throat Cup
Tenga Deep Throat Cup
Tenga Deep Throat Cup


The Tenga Deep Throat, jackoff toy, is not only a favorite amongst us fuckers here at the Fort but also a favorite with our customers. We've been jacking off and blowing loads with these for over 2 years now.

The Deep Throat Cup FEELS and SOUNDS like a real throat fuck. It makes a sexy sucking sound as you slide it back n forth on your rod. Inside are pre-lubed soft jelly nubs and ribs that'll drive you INSANE. A top air vent that can be left open or closed with a fingertip, allowing you to adjust the intensity of your blow job.

Japanese designed and engineered to get you off, this disposable DEEP THROAT...we think...feels better than most premium JO toys on the market and for a fraction of the cost. The price is friggin' AMAZING!

Made to be used and abused,then tossed.


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October 30 2017

Excellent product, feels awesome. Haven't blown that big in long time.

— Trip
February 6 2017

This is great when you want to be alone and have a good jack off session. The suction makes you orgasm in no time. I got a good 4 uses out of this. Try it, you'll like it! You can't beat the price!

— Benjamin
March 8 2016

Item is amazing and everyone should try at least one of these.

— -Top4FuckN
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March 4 2016

What a great jack off toy, I got the double side one when Fort Troff had it but I had to get this one also for myself and friends to use with me. Feels get on your cock, Pre-lubed inside with a cap and I get off with no problem. Plus I don't have to get my hands sticky. ; -)~ I would suggest this toy for anyone who loves to jack off with a hot bud or 2.

— Ken E.
November 21 2013

This product is a must have for the hardcore perv. Feels great sliding up and down on your cock an feels like some hot wet manlips that work every part of your dong to make you blow a monster thick load. Ended up getting 3 huge loads out of me on the first workout.

— Trip
February 4 2013

I've bought some jack off toys in the past, but this is definitely the best! This one makes my orgasms so much intense and last longer and the price is unbeatable

— Abe
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