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T-Bone Rim Chair Bag

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T-Bone Rim Chair Bag
T-Bone Rim Chair Bag
T-Bone Rim Chair Bag


We know our super-popular T-Bone Rim Chair ain’t the easiest to take to your trick’s apartment. Our FT Rim Chair bag makes ass-munching on the go way easier! Designed to carry ALL clunky, oversized pieces in one convenient, heavy-duty shoulder bag made of our signature ballistic nylon...the same material as our Stow ‘N Go Toy Bag.

There’s nothing hotter than having a guy sit over your face, his hot, sweaty hole right over your mouth, just beggin’ to be explored. With our T-Bone Rim Chair, he can just SIT...and MOAN...while you go to work. Fully adjustable height, fast ‘n easty to assemble, with a hot, PERVY toilet seat design, our Rim Chair works for fingering, toys...anything you wanna get down ‘n dirty poking up his hole.

With the Rim Chair bag, you can carry it to his place DISCREETLY, set it up, and say, “SIT!”

DIMENSIONS: 16.5 inches long, 17 inches deep, with a badass FT logo in RED on the side.

CARE ‘N CLEAN: Made of nylon. Hose it out or wash it in the washing machine on a gentle setting and let it air dry. Do not put in the dryer. Between everyday uses, you can wipe it clean with any household cleaner.


[4.75 stars based on 7 reviews]
June 13 2017

Both for travel and at home, but I use this for home storage and travel.

— Dirty
June 6 2017

It's easy to carry its stores the rim chair perfectly and also has room for other toys.

— DM
June 5 2017

Good fit, basic and durable bag. It's all good and would recommend.

— Jeff
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June 5 2017

Extremely easy to bring the chair every where I go. Love this for Both for travel and at home. It's perfect

— Ruff
June 4 2017

Love this for travel and storage and makes it easy to travel.

— Brad
June 1 2017

Very Satisfied with the Rim Chair Bag. It is a nice and convenient storage. I like the convenience of using this for both for travel and at home. I would recommend this to go with the Fort Troff T-Bone Rim Chair.

— H.
November 16 2016

Since I'm a flight attendant this is the perfect accessory to be able to take my rim chair and piggy side anywhere business takes me. Easy to store away when not in use.

— Princeton
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