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FT Rock Steady Sling Stand Mirror

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FT Rock Steady Sling Stand Mirror
FT Rock Steady Sling Stand Mirror
FT Rock Steady Sling Stand Mirror


Let him SEE your cock sliding in his ass. Take your sling play to the NEXT level. Also...our FT Sling Mirror is essential for guys into TOYS 'n FISTING.

Our 18 inch-diameter convex mirror is made of safety hard-impact plastic, not glass. It attaches to the top of our Rock Steady Stand in seconds. WATCH the action during the ROUGHEST sessions.

Please understand that the mirror ONLY works with our FT Rock Steady Sling Stand, which is sold separately.


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December 14 2017

I love it. It definitely adds fun when I am on the side watching a couple use it.

— Bill
December 7 2017

love the mirror! the visual is so important to the overall experience

— Ron
December 6 2017

EXCELLENT addition!! easy to attach and provides a great view. Since I’m “visually” inclined I usually have mirrors set up on the sides - the sling mirror definitely enhances the experience for both me and my subs/boys

— ZD
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December 5 2017

Mirror is easy to attach and angle for the best view of play with partner

— D
December 3 2017

Awesome being able to watch!

— CC
December 1 2017

The mirror is a great addition, glad y’all have included in the deluxe package

— Tom
November 18 2017

Our bottom loved seeing the cocks go in & out of him.

— Aaron
October 15 2017

Great, We love watching each other

— J
July 5 2016

A few months ago I bought the sling and I just wanted to get a mirror to attach and this one is perfect as I can watch all the action while laying back in my sling. It gives such a great new angle to playing and being able to film everything.

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