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FT Rock Steady Sling Bag

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FT Rock Steady Sling Bag
FT Rock Steady Sling Bag


This is a heavy duty SUPERIOR military bag with a top quality zipper that is designed to work with our Rock Steady Sling Stand. It is super sturdy.


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December 14 2017

love it, Transport my stand from play party to play party

— Chance
December 6 2017

Storage, chucked all the equipment in & slid it under the bed in the bag.

— Ron
December 1 2017

at the moment I use the sling bag mainly for storage of the sling frame … but it will come in handy for some future travel

— D
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November 17 2017

The bag is great for putting everything away after use.

— mit
October 15 2017

Looking forward to traveling with it

— Jay
October 6 2017

Bag is Great for storage and for use when moving sling stand when disassembled

— Danny
January 24 2016

With being a pilot I travel alot and enjoy taking my sling with me and this bag easily accommodates my sling and is very sturdy.

— Alex
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