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Sling Stand >>> KIT $60 IN BONUS GIFTS

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Sling Stand >>> KIT $60 IN BONUS GIFTS
Sling Stand >>> KIT $60 IN BONUS GIFTS
Sling Stand >>> KIT $60 IN BONUS GIFTS
Sling Stand >>> KIT $60 IN BONUS GIFTS
Sling Stand >>> KIT $60 IN BONUS GIFTS
Sling Stand >>> KIT $60 IN BONUS GIFTS
Sling Stand >>> KIT $60 IN BONUS GIFTS
Sling Stand >>> KIT $60 IN BONUS GIFTS
Sling Stand >>> KIT $60 IN BONUS GIFTS
Sling Stand >>> KIT $60 IN BONUS GIFTS
Sling Stand >>> KIT $60 IN BONUS GIFTS
Sling Stand >>> KIT $60 IN BONUS GIFTS


BONUS: A total of $60 in BONUS Gifts! A Lube and Paper Towel Holder...a $25 Value AND a sturdy nylon carry bag...a $35 value.

This is the FT BASIC KIT with all the essentials to get fuckin’ in comfort. With our new Version 3.0, you get the Rock-Steady Stand, our new Ballistic Sling with a pillow, and re-engineered CLANK FREE Nylon Straps that adjust easier than ever.

We call our stands ROCK STEADY for a good reason…with an unbeatable “interlocking” frame design. We are STOKED because Version 3.0 is even tighter. Precision-made with a new process that means the pieces fit together perfectly….for an even more stable ride. Newly designed skid-free feet keep your stand locked…so you can DRILL.

We’ve upped our Sling game for 3.0…by adding a removable pillow to support your neck. Made of sturdy ballistic nylon, our sling is nearly indestructible. You can spot-clean with almost any household cleaner, or just remove the pillow and throw it in the washer. The pillow is attached with strong Velcro and can be removed prior to washing.

Version 3.0 still has the SILENT ride that we all now love. Adios to chain swingin' and clankin'! Now you can fuck without waking up grandma or the neighbor’s dog. We really upped the hardware….with new the same QUICK LOCKS that you find on premium athletic suspension equipment. Adjust height UP or DOWN in SECONDS. We also beefed up the hardware that anchors the sling to the frame…no more chance of twisting during ROUGH sessions! And to top it off….we now give you thick n’ beefy PADDED stirrups that are pre-attached and adjust with ease.

Stable ride. Neck Support. No Clank. Super KWIK height adjust. Padded Stirrups. Verison 3.0 delivers the fuckin’ best ride ever. Your complete satisfaction is our promise. We are THAT confident.

Get the BASIC KIT and you’ve got EVERYTHING you need to start your fuck marathon in 5 minutes. Save OVER $115 Bucks with the KIT, Here is what is included:

>>> Rock Steady Stand 3.0
>>> Ballistic Nylon Sling with Pillow
>>> Industrial Nylon Straps with Stirrups
>>> All necessary Clips

DETAILS: Frame Dimensions. Height is 6.5 feet (1.9 meters) tall. Width is 48 inches (1.2 meters). Length is 65 inches (1.6 meters). Made from sturdy 1.2mm thick steel, it is designed to hold up to 450 pounds (204kg). The Frame itself weighs 40 pounds (18kg) so it can travel as checked baggage on most airlines. We also offer a sturdy duffle bag.


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August 31 2017

Awesome investment, worth every penny. Set was easy and easy to use and adjust. The Boyz who lie in it say it like getting plowed on a cloud. It's very durable it can handle a night of very rough play. Thinking of adding the sling springs for a new dimension. I want every product they sell and the demo vids are the hottest. Thanks Fort Troff 🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷

— Glenn
August 30 2017

First, let me say my purchase of the sling stand was one of the best investments I have made! It's fucking awesome!! I haven’t been able to get out of it while my BF continuously breeds me!

— Matt
July 7 2017

got this late yesterday and a fuck bud came by this AM to help break it in. Great piece of play equipment! I was in the sling for over an hour and never once felt anything would collapse. Definitely up the game in stability. Very pleased with it and absolutely cant wait for more sessions with my fuck bud...and maybe cultivate a couple new ones. Only complaint...wish feet/ankle straps were removable to swap out for smaller sized ones.

— shawnE
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August 31 2016

The Sling came last night my husband and I put it together. It was easy to put together. It is comfortable pleasure to use. 1 of my best fucks from my husband he was rock hard and I felt it. Well worth the money big time.

— Vinnie
March 2 2016

I've been wanting a sling and stand of my own for years, and have borrowed one from a friend that he purchased from Fort Troff years ago that was the previous generation design many times. I have to say, the difference between that one and this one is night and day. I'm going to go into some detail here to really compare the experience: Construction: 4/5 First off, one of the connections between pipes was bent when it arrived, making it initially impossible to put up. A few quick taps with a hammer fixed that, and it now goes together well. It's sturdy, with very little shake and movement when in use. The nylon straps are a very different experience, and I find I really like them. The stirrups and sling are very comfortable, and will definitely hold up for quite a while. Ease of Use: 3 / 5 I have absolutely no clue how one person could put this thing together. The design require absolute precision when marrying the top and bottom parts, and there are so many things to keep exactly right that I could not get it done. I finally had to ask a friend for help getting it together, and even then we had a few issues. I will be definitely marking the pieces to show which ones attach to which, as well, because it can be pretty confusing. Once the stand is together, however, it's a breeze. The nylon straps go up quickly, and adjusting them is amazingly easy. I will be marking the straps somehow to make getting them even easier, as there is no counting chains on this baby. However, I'd take these straps over the traditional chains any day. I would like to see a different stirrup option, as I like mine on a long chain coming from the back of the sling, but that's a personal preference that doesn't effect my score. Portability: 3 / 5 This thing is a beast, both when put together and broken down. Whereas the previous generation would fit neatly into the trunk of my car when broken down, this thing will not (Ford Fusion, 2013). In fact, with the sling in the trunk, I can only fit maybe a backpack or two extra because of how huge it is. It will easily fit into my backseat, however it takes up the entire thing. I've tried numerous ways of packaging it, and all come out the same. The footprint when put up is also much larger than the previous generation. You're not going to put this thing up in a smaller hotel room, that's for sure. As for checking it as luggage on an airplane, you're definitely going to pay some penalties for an oversized bag. Overall: 4 / 5 This sling is definitely better than the sum of it's parts. I's a blast to use once it's put up, and I'm already thinking of ways to customize it to make it even better. (lube caddy, phone holder, adding different attachment points for different stirrups) The only complaint I got was from a few tops, who said the X footprint int the bottom got in the way of how they wanted to stand. While it's less portable and larger than its predecessor, I'd still take this stand over the previous one because of how sturdy and quiet it is when in use.

— Steve P.
October 7 2015

I feel that this product is a lot more sturdy than others on the market. I have been in another buddy's sling, but it looks and felt a hair unstable. The sling was leather, but very cold on my back. It also rocked pretty heavily once we got a rhythm going, and required him to hold it to keep it from moving too much. The FT stand is VERY solid and sturdy. You can truly feel the quality of the product just by touching and holding the poles.

— ProBottom
September 15 2015

I was concerned about the straps of the sling as I am a heavy guy (220-230lbs), but felt extremely safe and secure. It was really easy to adjust to different heights for different play, and difference heights of guys. The sling was super comfortable, and made me felt secure. The absolute best part about it is that there are no pressure points, or areas where you can get pinched and such. It allows me to focus on pleasure than worry about getting cramps and such. Because my weight is distributed so well, I honestly felt like I was floating. It was a very unique feeling.

— Big Will
September 6 2015

I have been eyeing this item for a long time but just could not bite the bullet to buy it. When I saw this item with bonus springs, I jumped on it. I made my order on Monday morning. They shipped it out from GA on UPS ground ($25 shipping and handling, very reasonable) and I got it Wednesday afternoon in Northern New Jersey. I was very, very , very impressed and very, very, very happy! I have not had a chance to have a fuck buddy come over to use it with. I will report back after first use. So far the rating is based on the shipping and handling. FT really treats its customers well.

— boyBaze
September 2 2015

I've been kicking around the idea of getting a sling & stand for awhile now and when I saw this kit on offer I jumped on it. Shipping was super fast ordered on a sunday night and had it at my door on Wednesday! They guys at FT are great about keeping you updated on your order. Can't wait to put the sling to use this weekend! .

— Bear
August 14 2015

What I really appreciate is that you can truly feel the quality of the stand and materials from the moment you touch it. My bf and I were hesitant about dropping so much on a sling (we've been wanting one for awhile), but once it arrived and we began to assemble it, we knew it was worth every penny. Seeing the stand being built is exciting, but being in front of it once completed is quite fun as well.

— Chicago Bttm
June 8 2015

We are beyond happy.. my partner and I of 22 years have a major playroom in our basement, we have the sling from FtTroff and lots and lots of toys and accessories.. it could easily be a set for filming porn... your products make us two old (but very hot) pigs very happy.. we're expecting a crowd in the playroom this weekend.. so yes, we are ABSOLUTELY beyond satisfied.. you're the best, Thanks

— JM
June 6 2015

Good quality, great dimensions, and excellent price. This is a perfect beginner sling stand from which to build your ideal scene.

— Jay T
May 8 2015

It is, in fact, solid as advertised. No squeaking, rattling, or swaying under use.

— tom
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