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FT Waterproof Playsheet

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FT Waterproof Playsheet
FT Waterproof Playsheet
FT Waterproof Playsheet
FT Waterproof Playsheet


Why not just RELAX and make a damn mess? Our Waterproof Playsheet is the answer.

This light weight sheet is 100 pct waterproof. Made of PVC, it can take PLENTY of abuse. Throw it on the floor, the hood of your car, over your bed, or in the front yard...and go BALLS OUT with no worries.

When the mayhem is over, just put it in the washer. You can even put in the dryer at low heat.

It measures 54 inches by 72 inches, so you get 27 square feet of coverage.


[5 stars based on 3 reviews]
August 31 2017

The splat as I call it is the perfect addition to my rock steady sling. . It catches all the lube, cum and other bodily fluids that leak out during hot heavy sessions. Just take a wet rag and all the spillage wipes right up. Worth it at full price. It's on sale right now so get 2 put the other on the bed under the sheet to protect your mattress.

— Glenn H
May 24 2017

What a great idea. The perfect addition to my order to make cleanup a breeze. This is a must have for anyone.

— J.P.
October 12 2016

I used this under my sling and it has a great texture and did exactly what it was suppose to. It collected all the fluids that I didnt. SUPER EASY CLEANUP and looks perfect.

— FFbottomboy

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