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FT Bang 'N Go Plug

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FT Bang 'N Go Plug
FT Bang 'N Go Plug
FT Bang 'N Go Plug
FT Bang 'N Go Plug
FT Bang 'N Go Plug
FT Bang 'N Go Plug


Our Bang ‘N Go Plug delivers nonstop, all-day assplay. The smooth, curved, ergonomic shape holds a weighted anal ball made of HEAVY METAL that rattles around a hollow space surrounded by thick, premium silicone. Every time you MOVE, the ball bangs around deep in your HOLE. No one can hear it...but you sure can FEEL it. Wear it at the gym and you’ll be horned the whole time. Wear it to work...and fight down a fat bone. Train your ass to get used nonstop.

The plug is medium sized, great for assplay beginners...EASY to keep in all day. The long, narrow flex stem stays locked with a thin, wide base that keeps flat against your hole. No one will know your ass is getting banged but YOU.

CARE ‘N CLEAN: Premium silicone. Wipe clean with mild soap and warm water, or better yet with our FT Mean Clean Toy Cleaner. Store AWAY from all other toys and out of direct sunlight.

DIMENSIONS: Total length is 5 inches. Insertable length is 4.5 inches. Max circumference is 5.25 inches. Cums in THREE colors...RED, BLUE, ‘n BLACK.


[4.9 stars based on 12 reviews]
November 28 2017

Great plug. Comfortable enough to wear all day. The little ball moving around inside gives just enough of a tingle to remind you it's there. Put it in and go out for a walk or go for a run like I did. The little ball bouncing around will make you crazy. Wear a long shirt or a jacket because you will be hard as a rock the whole time.

— John
November 14 2017

Very Satisfied. I love the weight of it! I’m relearning to bottom after an injury so it’s the perfect size to start training

— Baron
November 14 2017

Perfect size. Goes in and comes out with minimal effort. Stays in place without my worrying about it slipping out.

— MJ
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November 13 2017

I love this plug. I'm a newly locked chastity sub and was l looking for a plug I can wear 24/7, this plug does the trick. I wore it for almost 24 hours after it arrived. I let myself be free of my cage and the plug for one night of freedom and replugged on the next day. I've been plugged ever since (minus taking it out for cleaning). Today, I'll relock my nub and begin my new life of a Chastity and Plugged Sub ready for use. I hope this plug is a success and the Fort sizes up. Thank you, Fort Troff!

— Peter
November 12 2017

It's the perfect size for me. The base is a little to perfectly round for wearing all day on the first go but I will get used to it for sure. Love the rattling in my ass as cleaned the house waiting to fuck my husband when he got home.

— Bailey
November 9 2017

I like that I can wear it and not feel like it will fall out. Very Satisfied

— Rod
November 8 2017

omg, I love this plug!! I was so excited to see it waiting for me when I got home, I ripped open the package, lubed up, and slid it into my hole. Just the right size for a beginner, but large enough to keep you satisfied. I left it in my hole for a few hours until my boyfriend came home from work, the feeling of the metal ball inside my hole was amazing, similar to Chinese medicine balls. Feeling it move in me turned me on so much while waiting for my boyfriend to get home, my jock strap was soaked. I was so turned on, as soon as he got in the door I was down on my knees to suck his dick and beg him to fuck me. My BF started fucking me hard, balls deep on the first thrust and I loved it, normally he has to wait for me to get comfortable with him in me. Definitely worth the money, I hope Fort Troff keeps the bright colors and makes this in a larger size in the future :)

— grey
November 7 2017

Reasonable size allows a lot of people to use it and the moving weight inside is a serious turn on. Very Comfortable, My boys have been able to easily wear it for several hours at a time.

— Sly
November 6 2017

Very Comfortable, I'm wearing it now!

— DK
November 4 2017

It’s comfortable to wear for hours and the vibration from the ball is just enough to keep your aware and just in the edge of hard. Had me leaking for hours while I was out with my Sir.

— Kody
November 3 2017

It was large enough to let me know it was there, but comfortable enough to wear for extended periods. The rattle off the weighted ball was more subtle than I expected, but interesting nonetheless.

— DM
November 1 2017

I really like its size and it’s ability to stick to the wall and above all, I love that it doesn’t smell like other adult toys. Only wore it for a few hours... as I tried it for the first time. Mind you, I am not accustomed to bottoming right now, but I am hoping that the plug will help me to be more prepared more often.

— BD
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