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FT Silicone Driller

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FT Silicone Driller
FT Silicone Driller
FT Silicone Driller
FT Silicone Driller


Go ROUGH? Nothing beats the durability and sturdiness of SILICONE. Yes, our Real Deal cocks are awesome, but some fuckers are die-hard fans of silicone because of its smoothness, sturdiness, and soft, velvety texture.

This man meat has a FIRMER feel than our Real Deal dongs. It’s a firm, hard ass-training tool with detailed veins and ridges…plus an extra-strong base. This is for guys craving a cock they can really go HARD on...and train your hole to ride rough. Sit on it, back up on it, or get a bud to drill you. Train to take it like a fucking champ.

Silicone has no lube restrictions! Use any lube you want. Plus it’s insanely easy to clean. Use ANY cleaner you want. You can even bleach silicone or toss it in the dishwasher on the top rack when you’re done.

CARE ‘N CLEAN: Safe with all lubes. Clean with any household cleaner…or better yet with our FT Mean Clean Toy Cleaner. Store in a cool, dry place away from all other toys. Keep out of heat or light.

DIMENSIONS: Insertable length is 7 inches. Total length of the cock is: 8.5 inches Circumference at widest point is: 6 inches. This product has a built-in base therefore it is not compatible with any accessories.


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September 6 2017

Feels almost like the real thing and has an awesome shape. Nice and hard with a little give to it as well that makes it feel natural going in. Plus the suction base is really good. I stuck it on my exercise ball and it stayed put or the duration.

— Tom
August 27 2017

Very Satisfied and love the thickness and the feel.

— Angel
August 26 2017

soft and realistic. Love the feel. Looking forward to larger sizes.

— Scott
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August 25 2017

I like the silky texture.

— AL
August 24 2017

Feels good, wish it was a little thicker and throbbed and was attached to a beautiful man... I like how it leans back, just the way a man cock should.

— Jim
August 23 2017

Very Satisfied. The Fort Troff Silicone Driller is fucking amazing. The sheer girth and veiny shaft. Not to forget to mention the serious head on this baby.My favorite part is the generous head and thick long shaft.

— Gary
August 21 2017

It feels good. Not as soft as real feel dildos but also not as hard as other rubber dildos. Finds a good balance between the two. More sizes please

— Franc
August 20 2017

Life-like, smooth, very similar to skin. Favorites are Shape and size, realism. Looking forward to larger sizes

— Owen
August 20 2017

Love it! Helps stretch out my sphincter and once it gets past it, it's like my hole sucks it in!!! And it stays in place!!! Maybe a bigger handle/base.

— Brady
August 19 2017

It's much more firm than the Real Deal toys. It's softer than old school PVC dildos, but still quite firm. I hadn't tried a silicone dildo yet, and this seemed to be the right size.

— R
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