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FT Apex Shower Hose KIT

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FT Apex Shower Hose KIT
FT Apex Shower Hose KIT
FT Apex Shower Hose KIT
FT Apex Shower Hose KIT
FT Apex Shower Hose KIT


Finally, our tenacity pays off! We searched HI `n LO for just the right Douche Hose + Diverter KIT for our troops. Forget leaky hoses that come apart… cheap plastic diverters that only give you “power blast” and “off” …to hell with that! You grunts deserve the BEST for your holes… And, damn, did we deliver….

The FT Apex TOUGH enuf to withstand even daily use - year after year - and NEVER leak. Comes with a FULLY ADJUSTABLE 2-Way Diverter for your Shower Head that not only puts the preferred pressure at your finger tip, but is totally compatible with just about any attachment. Plus, it’s actual CHROME… which means it’ll look as FRESH in your shower stall as your butt’s gonna feel using it!

We insisted on a FLEXIBLE nozzle. When compared to the standard hard metal or plastic nozzle...the comfort is WAY better. Our FT Bum Blaster nozzle is Pure Platinum Silicone...which is SUPER SMOOTH...gives a great FLEX...and is ULTRA durable. This premium nozzle is shaped with a “bulb” tip to help you guide it in for quick n EZ clean-out. You can use ANY lube...and it's even dishwasher safe.

Here is our Complete KIT. You get our Premium Diverter Valve, 6 foot hose, and Platinum Silicone Nozzle.

Even the dirtiest fuckers come clean occasionally. Now, you can too… anytime you’re feeling the urge!



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July 22 2016

Great product, it really does the job with cleaning me out. I thinks it's better than a bulb but a bulb is better for portability. It was way and painless to hook up. The only reason I give it a four star is that it leaks some, but I should be able to fix that.

— Nick C.