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FT Bum Blaster >>> MINI

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FT  Bum Blaster >>> MINI
FT  Bum Blaster >>> MINI
FT  Bum Blaster >>> MINI


This is the ONE mini-douche that oughta be in your gym bag! Super compact…sets up in seconds…but it will perform like a champ when needed.

The FT Bum Blaster MINI, male anal douche, was designed to be SUPERIOR to other travel douches…with a ZERO leak water-tight design. Designed just for us by Perfect Fit, it is made of bio-based PVC and polypropylene. Proudly made in the USA.

Super compact, the tip stashes inside the bulb and it measures only 3 inches long. The Bum Blaster MINI is the ultimate in discretion…without sacrificing performance.


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October 13 2017

Works as advertised. To fill it up faster just squeeze the bulb and slowly loosen your grip while filling it. Doing so creates a suction.

— ZR
September 23 2017

I like it a lot but my only problem with it is that it takes to long to fill up...

— Bottomboi91
September 8 2017

I am new to the scene and was very glad to have bought this mini size as it is my first time using anything like this. It works excellently and I am very happy, however I only wish there was a "how to use" guide that came with it. After some time and googling I was able to figure it out.

— Alfy
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June 21 2016

I have to admit that I was a little skeptical of this product when I received it. Its small and the nozzle is tiny (compared to what usually goes up there), but don't let size fool you. This little guy gets the job done! Not only is the small nozzle quite pleasant, but the bulb holds a lot of water and is super soft, which makes everything so much faster/easier. It cleans deep and cut my prep time in half. The nozzle fits tightly into the bulb so there is no annoying leaking when you're doingba "touch up". The size is also great for travel and can easily and discretely be put away. I love it.

— BottomBoyOC
April 28 2016

BEST value for the price~ WAY more quick and effective in my experience than using an enema-bag, the comparison doesn't even come close! Everything about this lil' guy is compact, convenient, and expedient! I suggest a small drip of lube on the tip to get started. Totally changed my cleaning routine for the better!

— NotSoBadDragon
January 16 2016

This surprised me and it was a pleasant one. I keep it in my messenger bag incase I need to clean up when I'm not at home. It's simple to use, easier to clean than expected and it gets in there deeper than expected. Great product!

— Nick C.
December 16 2015

I had never used anything like this before, and I always had hang-ups with being clean, but this provided such a great experience after use that I was surprised at how well it worked. The flat bottom of the bulb made it easy to use and set down, the tip was easy to insert, and this is the perfect size to bring with me wherever I need it. I would suggest this to any of my friends who like some fun involving ass play!

— J H
October 3 2015

I love the compact and discreetness of it. It gets the job done. Especially for a quick touch up.

— Jeff
October 2 2015

The bum blaster mini is easy to use and hassle free! It cleans deep. It took me less time to clean than normal.

October 2 2015

It flows effectively.The thinness of the nozzle makes it easy to get up my bum.10 times better, fast deep clean time, and far less trouble

— Alan
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