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FT Magno Bull Balls

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FT Magno Bull Balls
FT Magno Bull Balls
FT Magno Bull Balls
FT Magno Bull Balls
FT Magno Bull Balls


PRO ball players, your time has CUM! The FT MAGNO Bull Balls is the XL version of our Magno Ballstretcher…with an XTRA half-inch of S-T-R-E-T-C-H swingin’ from your goods.

Our basic Magno Ballstretcher weighs 12 oz, while this little beast weighs in at damn 1.5 lbs…of rock-solid metal. Get ready to feel your nuts swingin’ like BULL balls.

OLD-SKOOL ballstretchers make you use a damn hex wrench to get ‘em on your nuts. Fuck that. Our Magno design means you get it on and feel the nut tug NOW…thanx to the magnetic piece that pops ON ‘n OFF in seconds.

Once you get the hang of it...no more pinching, or endless screwing. And no worries, the magnet is damn strong, so once it's in place, it's not going anywhere.

CARE N'CLEAN: To clean use rubbing alcohol, as water will WEAKEN the strength of the magnets.

DIMENSIONS: 1.5 inches in height. The outer circumference is 8.5 inches. Inner diameter is 1.25 inches.

Please understand that the magnet is STRONG. Please use caution when putting this ball stretcher on. Go slow…and get ready to PLAY BALL.


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November 25 2017

This is one of the best purchases I’ve made from the Fort! I’ve used metal weights/stretchers in the past, but they’ve been the screw types, which I find super annoying to get on. This one fixes that issue. There is a bit of a learning curve in how to beat get it on, without pinching skin, but the more you wear it, the easier it gets. I do agree with the previous reviewer that the edges get to be a bit rough on my sack after a while, but I found that by adding an additional rubber ring at the base of the weight will keep it from digging into my balls. Overall, it’s well worth the money!!! Pick one up!!!

— Pup Lakota
September 2 2017

Wow. Forttroff always makes quality products and this is one of the best products I bought from them.

— Damien
August 4 2017

Great weight. It's not as hard to get on as you might at first think. The weight and look and magnets do look intimidating at first, but not too tricky. Definitely use lube to get it on though. This is my first metal stretcher. Love it. The only thing keeping me from giving it a perfect 5 stars is that the weight of it tight on my nuts does pinch the skin on the bottom my sack. I thought maybe if the stretcher was more smooth on the ends instead of edged that might be alleviated. I can only wear it for 40 to 55 minutes because of this (which sucks because I'd like to wear it for hours, it feels so fucking good) and then it gets too uncomfortable. Still, a great time. Looks and feels great.

— Pat
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July 30 2017

WOW !!! Heavier than I expected. Love it. One thing on this one and the others, some of us need a wider inside diameter. I can get it all in there but it's quite a challenge and ends up rubbing a bit because it's tight.

— David
July 16 2017

Wow, I finally have an all around ball stretcher (weight and length) that does the job and doesn't need hex bolts. Can't say enough about this magnetic design other than it's the easiest stretcher I now own. Thanks FT

— Daniel S.
February 14 2017

Received this ball stretcher the other day. And dam this thing. Is great I have the old hex nut onto. That was literally a pain in the balls to get on . I recommend this to anyone who loves to play with their balls . And. The customer service is amazing. The only problem I have is deciding what to get next believe. E u won't be disappointed with anything u get here

— Gary
November 3 2016

I've been looking for a replacement to my old hex screw ball stretcher for years now, and when this one came along, I figured I would give it a try. I was a fan of the solid feeling of my original stretcher, so I was hesitant that this magnetic version could hold its own against it. Needless to say, I shouldn't have worried. Between the solid weight of the metal and the easiness of getting it placed around my balls, I can't imagine going back to the old screw version again! My old version would turn me into a contortionist to get it closed with the hex wrench and not pinch any skin in the process. With this version, I pull back my balls and my skin from the magnetic catches, and it's on within seconds. Plus, after it's on, I don't worry about it slipping off, even with lots of lube and some wild fucking. It's VERY comfortable and the weight is perfect! I can't recommend this highly enough! If you're unsure of switching from your current screw model stretcher, don't hesitate any longer! Click on "Buy Now!" You'll be glad you did, and your balls will thank you!!!!

— Sheldon
September 29 2016

Never tied this before and looked super hot. Got this and must say wow it weighs a good amount and felt great tugging my balls but only problem is that the interior diameter could’ve been a bit bigger as it was super hard to fit all my skin into. Second problem it the edges inside and around the all stretcher was super sharp and cut my balls and left them sore. Just needs some rethinking but otherwise love it.

— Calvin
September 8 2016

I have been ball stretching using leather stretchers for 3 years and am up to a 4" stretcher . By all accounts I see that to really get a permanent stretch further metal stretchers are required! Well I quickly looked to the best toy company in the world Fortroff :-) y'all did not disappoint!! It arrived today and I am wearing it as I type and it's AMAZING !!! Once again outstanding quality - very easy to put on and not coming off for a long time ! Y'all are the best !! John from Lewisville Texas

— John Williams
September 8 2016

I first got the Magno Ball Stretcher (one size down) about a year ago and loved it. I was hoping they would come out with something a little heavier---and the Magno Bull Balls really fits the bill. That is some serious weight hanging from your balls-feels great. I've found it is easier to put on after I've been in the hot tub-or after a hot shower so my balls hang lower. It is a "keeper" for sure!

— Will
August 27 2016

I was so excited ordering this. When I got the box I was mortified by how heavy it was. Going slow putting it on, it gives the perfect tug. I didn't know how well it would fit, my balls are pretty big. We are now inseparable, fits like a glove

— Chris W
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