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FT Magno Ballstretcher

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FT Magno Ballstretcher
FT Magno Ballstretcher
FT Magno Ballstretcher
FT Magno Ballstretcher
FT Magno Ballstretcher


OLD-SKOOL ballstretchers make you use a damn hex wrench to get ‘em on your nuts. Fuck that. Our Magno design means you get it on and feel the nut tug NOW…thanx to the magnetic piece that pops ON ‘n OFF in seconds.

Once you get the hang of it...no more pinching, or endless screwing. And no worries, the magnet is damn strong, so once it's in place, it's not going anywhere.

The smooth stainless steel will feel great on your sack, with the hefty 12 ounce weight swingin' from your balls are gonna be on CLOUD 9 and your cock is gonna be DRIPPIN.

CARE N'CLEAN: To clean use rubbing alcohol, as water will WEAKEN the strength of the magnets.

DIMENSIONS: The height is 1 inch. The inside circumference is 2 and 1/4 inches, with an internal diameter of 32mm.

Please understand that the magnet is STRONG. Please use caution when putting this ball stretcher on.


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June 15 2016

AWESOME WICKED FUN!!!!!!! I wear it all day at work or out and about!!!!! Going order another for more fun!!!!!! Love how when my BF does me from behind my balls really get some good swinging action going!!!! This is a MUST HAVE if you love some weight added to ur sack!!!

— spawn
June 8 2016

As always, the Fort does not disappoint. Easy ordering, quick shipping, and awesome products. I received my FT Magno ball stretcher a few days ago and haven't taken it off since. It's perfect! Easy to put on, comfortable to wear all day, and applies just the right amount of tug to my balls. I absolutely love it! Thanks for the excellent customer service and the excellent products!

— Rob
May 18 2016

First, it’s surprisingly comfortable. I can wear it the better part of the day, and it’s the perfect weight. Enough so I know it’s there, but not so much that it gets uncomfortable. It has quickly become my favorite ballstretcher (and I have a few… )

— Dg
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January 23 2016

I love this thing once I get it on, but boy is it a challenge to get there. I'm not a big guy, 5'8", 150lbs, with and average size set of equipment. That being said, getting this around my scrotum is WORK. The edges are SHARP, and there will be pinching. Like the previous reviewer said, the magnets are strong, and they will snap together over skin and hair...not a good time. The measurement stated in the description is also not quite right. The diameter of my unit is 1 3/8 inches, not 1 1/2. I really think that extra 1/8 of an inch would help. I've determined that wrapping a strip of cloth or plastic around first, so I can get a good cinch, then sliding the Magno on over works best for me. All of that being said, once I get it on, I love it. The weight is great. Heavy balls swinging between my legs; at home, out for dinner, at the grocery store, buying paint from the hot guy at the hardware store.... I'm wearing it now, and I can't keep my hands off. If Fort Troff can come up with more sizes, I think this could be a big hit with anyone who loves their balls.

— e
January 22 2016

It can be a little difficult to get it on just when the magnet attaches. Sometimes it can catch the skin if not careful but that's more down to learning how to put it on. Personally, I find it super comfortable. I can (and have) worn it for hours.The weight feels great and it looks bass ass.If your serious about training and like a heavy weight tug, this is the way to go.

— Christopher
January 19 2016

It's fairly easy to get on. Not harder than a regular ball stretcher in terms of trying not to get pinched. Nice that you don't need tools. Easy to take off. Great price.

— Greg
January 18 2016

I really enjoy this nut toy! my nuts are low hangers to start with, so with a little pull I can get my sack narrowed down and in the stretcher. you gotta be careful with that magnet it is strong and will snap in place with some quick force. I don't recommend trying with lubed hands. lol but the weight is dynamite! once it is on, it is secure, and comfy. the magnet holds on through some pretty forceful stroking so far! four stars for the stretcher and one for excellent customer service!

— William
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