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FT Ammo Ball Stretcher

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FT Ammo Ball Stretcher
FT Ammo Ball Stretcher
FT Ammo Ball Stretcher
FT Ammo Ball Stretcher
FT Ammo Ball Stretcher
FT Ammo Ball Stretcher
FT Ammo Ball Stretcher


FT Ammo Ball Stretcher was made for both newbies and pros alike...ANYONE hungry for a nice nut STRETCH. The snap closures make it great for training. With three snap closures, it’s as TIGHT as you need. Fort Troff’s premium, velvet-smooth silicone feels smooth and gentle against your skin without pinching or irritation.

Why silicone? So many snap cock ‘n ball bansd cum in leather or neoprene. These are great, but they aren’t the easiest to clean...OR the best for extended wear. Silicone feels GOOD against your skin...that’s why so many sex toys are made of it. Nothing is slicker, particularly not when you add some LUBE.

Start on the loosest snap to give your nuts a nice initial stretch, then try the tighter snap. When you’re at pro level, work up to the tightest snap. Feel those bad boys SWING.

CARE ‘N CLEAN: Wipe clean with ANY mild household cleaner or with our FT Mean Clean Toy Cleaner. Store in a cool place out of direct sunlight and AWAY from all other toys.

DIMENSIONS: Max length is 6.5 inches long with standard 1.5 inches of stretch. This is meant to be worn with 2 straps secured. Measurements on the lowest setting is 1.4 inches in diameter. Measurements on the larger setting is 1.6 inches in diameter.


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August 30 2017

Very Satisfied. Comfortable. Perfect for tight nuts that don't usually hang. Low. Better than I expected!

— Martin
August 29 2017

I am very satisfied and love the fit. Its perfect.

— M
August 23 2017

Comfortable and snug fit. Better than expected. Used it with The cock ring and cum lube

— Meny
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August 22 2017

I love everything about this. Comfortable and better quality than expected.

— Mr
August 21 2017

Fit is good, snaps are a bit difficult. The quality was Better than expected

— B
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