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FT Pop N' Lock

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FT Pop N' Lock
FT Pop N' Lock
FT Pop N' Lock
FT Pop N' Lock
FT Pop N' Lock
FT Pop N' Lock
FT Pop N' Lock
FT Pop N' Lock
FT Pop N' Lock


Get that tongue-waggin’ feeling of having your hole plugged. Meanwhile, your cock ‘n balls stay gripped. The Grunts love poppin’ silicone balls in our holes…it’s a killer spinchter ride ALL DAY. Feel each smooth facet of our ballistic geometric design…we’re callin’ it the Pop ‘N Lock.

Push it IN ‘n pull it OUT for some warm-up assplay…then lock your cock ‘n balls in the loop and wear it ALL DAY. Every time you SIT, take a STEP, or stroke your junk…you feel the tug on the ball in your ass.

This plug is made of soft, body-safe silicone. It moves and bends with you. It’s also SUPER discrete…so you can wear it anywhere.

DIMENSIONS: Ball is 4.5 inches in circumference at its widest point. Interior diameter of cock ring is 2 inches, which of course stretches.

CARE ‘N CLEAN: Wipe clean with mild soap and water…or with our FT Mean Clean toy cleaner. Store separately from other silicone toys.


[4.9 stars based on 12 reviews]
November 7 2017

its a great toy, i find the ring too tight. great feeling in the ass when jacking

— ckleis
September 28 2017

IAM a male homosexual is thought this is a needful toy for getting off and doing anal masturbation with

— shane
August 3 2017

arrived today (3/8/17). got it home and put it on straight away and been wearing it since. fits perfectly, easy to get on and off, feels great

— Aj
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May 31 2017

In-fucking-credible! As soon as I received it, cracked it out, cleaned it up put the ring on and inserted the faceted ball up my hole. Fantastic sensation for the past hour and a half that I've had it in so far and I plan on keeping in all day! Fucking LOVE it!!!

— Biman
March 21 2017

FUCK YEAH!! Totally hot grinding on this ass lock.

— Djl
March 8 2017

Loved when it arrived and love the feel, but for us that like a little bit bigger "bang" for the buck, possibly a ball twice the size ? would make for a Total Day of enjoyment ! Hopt to see it happen

— JockMuscle
November 22 2016

Amazing. I just pop it in an hour after I wake up, take it out 10 minutes before bed. Each bump on the road is a bliss. Each step you take is a smile on your face. While sitting gently grins your ass on the chair for a euphoric sensation. Best part when you tug on your meat, it rubs inside your ass walls you feel like you are riding a dick. When you jizz, you feel like the orgasm lasting forever (well maybe this one is an exaggeration ha). But seriously, Did I say Amazing? It is fucking amazing. Price is right. Feeling is awesome. Well worth it.

— Kev
October 11 2016

I was really interested to see how well it works and I was not disappointed! Great when you need a C-ring with a little extra.

— PJ
October 10 2016

This is awesome. When it arrived I was already rock hard and precum. I was so tight that it was a little hard to get in but it went in and after a little play I shot the biggest load ever.

— greg
October 8 2016

I really enjoy wearing this product! It's really great giving me constant pleasure. I would recommend this one for a friend.

— Dan
September 19 2016

Rikk sold me on it !!!!

— Neal
September 15 2016

I gotta have it.

— 久书
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