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FT NEO Cock Ring

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FT NEO Cock Ring
FT NEO Cock Ring
FT NEO Cock Ring
FT NEO Cock Ring
FT NEO Cock Ring
FT NEO Cock Ring
FT NEO Cock Ring


Our FT NEO Cock Ring has just gotten a major REBOOT…with improved quality and comfort. There is NO finer neoprene cock ring around…we guarantee it!

Don’t confuse it with old-skool leather, our NEO cock ring feels so DAMN good…it warms instantly to your skin temp. It flexes and bends with every THRUST….and still delivers SUPPORT where you need it.

FT NEO Cock Ring has 3 snaps so you can go from go from all-day comfort to TIGHT n RIGHT in a flash. The quality of our snaps is unbeatable…smooth and precise…made of high tech plastic that will NEVER rust.

Here is the SINGLE FT Neo Cock Ring…but why not grab our 2-PACK…so you can strap your cock AND balls. Either way, we guarantee your complete hard n’ drippin’ satisfaction.

CARE’ N CLEAN: The FT NEO Cock ring is safe with ALL lubes…silicone…water based…oil based…you name it! Cleaning is EZ….Hand wash with a mild soap and warm water and allow to air dry.

DIMENSIONS: The FT NEO Cock ring is 1 inch wide. It has 3 Snaps that so you can choose between 6.75 inches long, 7.25 inches long, and 8.0 inches long.


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August 1 2016

Very comfortable. Just the right amount of tightness, with enough give and cushion to make it wearable for long periods of time. It's my go-to cockring.

— AO
July 24 2016

My balls slip through very easily. It is easy to put on, it does well when engaging in W/S play. It is very comfortable

— Jerry
July 18 2016

I have no real complaints about this particular product.I love the adjustable snaps that allow you to control your level of comfort and tightness. It is very comfortable to wear depending on which snap you have it set at.

— Hib
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July 2 2016

The durability of the material used is top quality.

— Abel
June 30 2016

Very comfortable. Doesn't pull on my pubes. I love the way my cock looks in it.

— Doug
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Fits snugly. The silicone is soft and feels good on my cock.Very comfortable.

— Mozz
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