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FT RAW >>> Grunt Ring 3-PACK

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FT RAW >>> Grunt Ring 3-PACK
FT RAW >>> Grunt Ring 3-PACK
FT RAW >>> Grunt Ring 3-PACK
FT RAW >>> Grunt Ring 3-PACK
FT RAW >>> Grunt Ring 3-PACK
FT RAW >>> Grunt Ring 3-PACK
FT RAW >>> Grunt Ring 3-PACK


Our FT RAW Grunt Ring 2.0 was engineered to be STRONGER than the original, with reinforced grip. And it’s CLEAR…so you can SEE your cock throbbing.

The RAW Grunt Ring is the perfect POCKET Cock Ring. It’s made out of our FT RAW material, the same ultra-stretch gel as our Raw Pup. Forget those harsh pube-eating jelly cock rings of the past. Nothing feels smoother or more NATURAL on your skin. You forget you’re wearing it…while your meat stays hard and swingin’.

The RAW Grunt Ring cums in a 3-PACK...so you always have a backup. Wrap one around your nuts for a gentle tug…use another as a cock ring. DOUBLE ‘em up for a tighter fit.

CARE N’ CLEAN: Safe with any water-based lube. The RAW Grunt is made of super stretchy TPE. Clean up with our FT Mean Clean Toy Cleaner…soap and water…or bleach solution. Rinse with water and allow to dry completely before storing. Store separately from other toys.

DIMENSIONS: While it stretches over 300 PCT, the FT RAW Grunt Ring has an inner diameter is .3 inches. Total diameter is 1.75 inches.


[4.9 stars based on 16 reviews]
December 3 2017

I never write reviews haha but- Wow! I immediate threw out my old cock ring. No comparison. These made me realize I was living a lie. Super comfortable. Put some albolene on them and no hair pulling or discomfort at all. Quality. They're not hard, they're kinda squishy which I like. I edge, and I honestly came after just a few minutes, felt amazing! WOOF.

September 21 2017

These are easily the best rings out there. I have tried many all ranging from being too tight to pulling when they shouldn't. And these are perfect in every way, super soft and feel great on the skin. They don't mess with hair and they can easily be worn all day. They aren't too tight but aren't loose either. They perfectly go with your skin and movements and they feel super hot to keep on all day.

— Jay
September 20 2017

These are the most durable rings I have ever worn on my cock and on my balls, I have 2 of these 3 packs and I am able to wear all of them comfortably at the same time. The possibilities are endless, this was my first purchase and Fort Troff has a new loyal customer.

— Jose
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September 12 2017

Comfortable as hell, strong and well made. And with a buy 1 pack, get one free, you can't beat it. Well you CAN beat it with these on, but I would hate to see all that energy go to waste. And thanks for the free Cum lube. Great customer service as always, Thanks again

— Al
September 8 2017

Good ring very comfortable and stretch you balls very well , I love it thank you forttroff.

— Muayad
July 26 2017

I'm so use to cock rings where you need to tighten, like shoe laces used to do. My body issue are my balks are sized small & I like to wear around my dick ; around my ballz.. these are the most comfortable I've ever used.. they may seem a bit bulky but they stretch and really comfortable .. I'm ordering more

May 19 2017

This is THE best cock ring - not too tight and not too loose - and most importantly is comfortable enough to wear all day. I didn't think it was possible to improve on the original version, but Fort Troff did it!

— J.
April 19 2017

The reviews on the grunt rings were spot on too...no need to be shaving everything in order to wear rings all day. I'll be back for more. Keep doing what you guys obviously do best!

— C.
April 14 2017

Everything's perfect... love my new item..., but I especially love the 3 grunt' cock rings I ordered a month ago. They are 'the bomb'. My friends want to borrow them when they cum over to play.... planning on ordering some more for my foursome and group fun...everyone will want to wear one... 😜😜😜 Thanks guys.... also thanks for the awesome customer service...

— Nathan
April 7 2017

My order arrived right when you guys said it would! I love my Grunt Cock rings, they give me just the right amount of snugness without constricting my junk too much. I have the Snug fit for my sack, love the feeling of all three hugging me down there all day! Next up, Metal ball stretcher!

— Jeff
April 3 2017

You guys are THE BEST. Your care package arrived, and wow you sent great stuff. The three clear rings are comfortable around my whole package, or just the balls, or even just my shaft

— Rudd
March 19 2017

Ordered the three pack of the grunt cock rings, got them very quickly, opened it up and stretched them out and the first ripped right through! The second and third were just fine, and they feel awesome, love the bulge! I got hold of FT customer service, just to let them know the one cock ring broke, not worried about a replacement or refund or anything, the next thing I know, a brand new three pack is on it's way! Every other item ordered from FT has been awesome, one bad ring, and they send three...love these guys, love their products and love their commitment to making sure the customer get what he wants! I only wish I could go higher than 5 stars.

— Joe
March 14 2017

Got my order much faster than I thought. I ripped open my package and put my new Cock rings on. All as I can say is wow! I put all three rings around my balls. It felt so good. Really pushes my balls out and the stretch feels so good, I just had to jack my cock off till I shot my load. Then rubbed the cum all over my stretched out balls. I wear just one ring around my balls when I work.i get to horny. Keep up the good work

— Gregory
February 6 2017

Love the feel and stretch these have. Use all 3 and the combos are endless! Comfortable and doesn't pull on your hairs. Buy these!

— Benjamin
January 3 2017

Fucking love my Grunts. They feel great and can wear them for days. Recommending them to all my playmates.

— Phillip
December 2 2016

Love the material and feel as it doesnt pull on any hair and is my new favorite cockring!

— Xaviar
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