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Style# 03002-BLU

Breedwell GLOW Armband >>> BLUE

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Breedwell GLOW Armband >>> BLUE
Breedwell GLOW Armband >>> BLUE
Breedwell GLOW Armband >>> BLUE
Breedwell GLOW Armband >>> BLUE


Breedwell GLOW Armband is the SAME tough construction as our FT Breedwell GLOW Harness. Fuckers everywhere are stumbling onto the badass circuit look of Breedwell...usually in a dark ‘n sweaty backroom.

The Breedwell GLOW Armband is made of sweat-resistant, 100% waterproof NYLON. Built-in, long-lasting LEDs glow for 12 hours on solid mode or 26 hours on flash mode.

Each armband charges with one micro USB cable.

Keep in mind that this is ONE band. You will need to purchase two if you want to wear on both arms. They look badass solo or as a set.

Wanna cumplete the look? Grab our Breedwell GLOW Harness, which is sold separately.

CARE ‘N CLEAN: Do NOT launder. Wipe clean with a gentle all-purpose cleaner.

SIZING: Breedwell GLOW Bands will fit most with an adjustable nylon lock strap.


[4.9 stars based on 7 reviews]
July 27 2017

Looks sexy as fuck lit up in a dark room or while in a sling. I love it..

— Jamie
July 26 2017

Very satisfied with my Blue Breedwell Glow armband. Got it for a costume and like the quality. Although it could be a little smaller I would recommend.

— Scott
July 25 2017

Very Happy with my Blue Breedwell Glow Armband and was like how easy it is to fit and the fact that it is rechargeable. Greater Quality and would recommend but the harness and the armbands do not light up the same brightness.

— R.G.
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July 24 2017

Very Satisfied. Good quality and looks cool.

— Jason
July 24 2017

day or night wear, it is completely versatile. Don't really care for the chunkiness of the battery, but it is necessary for the glow.

— Andy
July 23 2017

I love the ability to stand out with my selected color. Blue Breedwell Glow Armband. The sizing should be able to be adjusted bigger especially for larger armed guys.

— Shane
July 23 2017

The glow! I haven't gotten the opportunity to wear it out to a bar yet but I'm looking forward to it. A fun twist on the leather look. I have large arms so it is barely big enough. There could be a larger size option.

— M.
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