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Freeballer Cock Ring

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Freeballer Cock Ring
Freeballer Cock Ring
Freeballer Cock Ring
Freeballer Cock Ring


The natural fit Freeballer gently tugs your cock ‘n balls AWAY for a hot, free-swingin’ FEEL.

You’ll see the extended lip design, bigger than standard cock rings that fits your junk RIGHT. It pushes your cock and balls out, swingin’ for a HOT, freeballing feeling.

Freeballer is made of premium, velvet-smooth SILICONE so it won't pull hair or irritate skin. Please understand, this is a FIRM silicone cock ring with minimal stretch. It’s made to fit SNUG for maximum performance. If your cock is fucking massive, you may find it too tight.

CARE N'CLEAN: Use any damn lube you want, just remember to wash it off when you’re done. Silicone is dishwasher safe, place on the top rack. Wash with antibacterial soap and warm water or better yet, with our Mean Clean toy cleaner.

DIMENSIONS: Un-stretched inner diameter is 1.6 inches. Full cock ring is 5 inches long.


[4.75 stars based on 37 reviews]
July 30 2018

I’ve been searching for a cock ring that really worked for around 3 years now. I’ve struck out at every corner cuz my dick is big (8-8.5) but my balls aren’t lol. This cock ring works perfectly for me. Plus, hitting his ass with my balls, since they’re pushed out with this ring, feels great and really gets me off good.

— Todd B
July 24 2018


— Anthony
July 12 2018

When I arrived home I immediately opened the package and tried on the FT Freeballer Cock Ring. WOW!! Immediately hard and within a few minutes produced an intense orgasm. Wearing the Freeballer now, PERFECT!! A nice addition to the many heavier metal and leather rings I wear and enjoy. Cock jewelry done right!!

— David
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June 26 2018

I love the Freeballer!

— David
May 29 2018

Love the discrete label BUT with a touch of camo tape. Well done. I solo test drove the silicone ring and Cum Lube Grenade with excellent results. Cannot wait to try with a special friend.. Well done troops.

— Richard
May 8 2018

The Freeballer cock ring is GREAT! LOVE IT.

— Cameron
January 31 2018

Fits well and is durable. Feels good when it's on. Highly recommended.

— MB
January 2 2018

Well, I was excited to get it don’t get me wrong. Looked great and couldn’t wait to slap it on, I emmidiately realized that it was an extremely tight fit for me. Mind you I’m only 7 3/4 in length, and 6 in girth. Well I managed to snug it on after a few minutes of hassle. Felt great although there is always a mass of tightness leaving my balls pin red and mind you it’s all tan down there. But I’ve been wearing it more and more to then only realize it takes some getting used to.

— Paul
December 18 2017

I love that free balling feeling and highly recommend it. Very comfortable!!!

— T.B.
December 17 2017

This is a great cocking. It lifts up your assets and makes you package show nicely under your pants. I wear it out and I do get looks at my package. It's comfortable enough to wear all day and night.

— Kerry
December 16 2017

Love the way this pushes my balls out and makes my cock throb! A little awkward to put on at times, but always feels good whether I am fucking or just playing!

— Zachary
December 14 2017

I love this cockring . . . It's very comfortable . . . I leave it on all night, many nights. I like the piece that extends under and beyond the balls . . . Lifts me right up and out. Great job guys!

— Canuck Swimmer
December 13 2017

First... I use cock rings of all types almost always when playing. Second... I am not well endowed and consider my 7.5 " x 6" cock medium sized . I was excited about trying this when it arrived. Goes on easy enough considering and while I was soft it was fine. It does what it says. I stroked up a good hard-on which the ring then made extra hard! My fiance and I enjoyed a fun fuck, and I came inside her. I noticed this ring prevents a little depth while fucking, which given the new look and feel was not a serious issue. I did however have a struggle getting this off after I came. It was so tight that I got that tingle in my balls from not enough circulation. Enjoyable ring, but will not replace my other silicone bands... would be nice if it was offered in a larger size.

— Matt
October 29 2017

This thing is great!! Got it within a few days of ordering, put it on that day...super comfy with no pull whatsoever. Went to an amusement park a few days ago, wore it all day with no problems. A bit tricky to put on, but once there, it’s fantastic! Holds the junk nicely. Highly recommended :)

— Ray
October 23 2017

The best rig in my trunk-o-dick toys. I was skeptical when I bought it - I have the similar tear-drop design in chrome and don't like it. This is awesome, snugs perfectly and stays comfortable in or out of clothes for hours. Outrageous performance for both fucking or wearing under clothes. I'm buying a back-up.

— Mark
September 25 2017

I'm a straight man in his 40s with saggy balls, but no matter - I love this cock ring! It's a little tricky to get all my junk through, but once it is, the ring is very comfortable for hours at a time. It keeps my sack front and center and enhances my bulge, especially with pouch-type underwear. I love wearing it out in public under my clothes. I think it looks hot, with or without clothes, so its a bit of a confidence booster. The taint stimulator feels pretty good most of the time and isn't overly stimulating. I've seen a few other similar cock rings online with similar designs, but this has got to be the best. Great, thick material and quality construction. My only suggestions would be to reduce the width of the taint stimulator just a hair, and offer more colors and sizes.

— FR
September 17 2017

Love this! Great for free balling, great for helping your package naturally fill out high end underwear brands and pouches without adding unnatural bulk. Comfortable fit- could wear it an entire day and not notice!

— Caleb
August 18 2017

Just received mine in the mail yesterday morning and I can honestly say , it is pretty big but once you get the boys in there and then the pipe but when you do it feels amazing definitely perfect for free balling makes your cock nice and semi while pushed forward siting on your balls ive been wearing mine for about 9 hours still free balling caught many eyes checkin out the package area . Would recommend to all the guys

— CJ
August 10 2017

Great product! Little big if you aren't as well endowed that the guy in the pictures but it definitely works well.

— John
July 2 2017

I love it however it could be a little smaller in circumference

— Jake
July 2 2017

I bought one of these a few weeks ago and absolutely love it. It super comfortable and have worn it for over 16 hours. It's great free balling or with underwear of any style. I have briefs, boxer briefs, Boxers, and even jocks. Yeah I love it all. Anyhow I'm 8x6 and can put this on hard or soft and it stays in place either way and remains comfy just wearing it and even while pounding my partners ass. It also does not dig into your pelvis bone while having sex like the hard material types.

— Andrew
June 20 2017

I like this one a lot. The fit is fine and the taint tickler feels good all the time I have it on. It looks good under my jeans too. Thus there are two ways I'm always aware that I'm wearing it. (I don't understand the comments such as "I forget that I have it on"--that's a good thing? Not to me.) Anyhow, I find that this is the ring that I grab out of all the others I've got when I'm getting dressed in the morning. 5 stars indeed.

— Rudd
June 12 2017

Was excited to get think but i can't keep my cock in it when it's soft. I thought I would enjoyed it

— Colby
May 31 2017

Great cockring. I can use it everyday and you even forget that you are wearing it. Lift great and make your bulge bigger.

— Brunomxmx
May 27 2017

Best cock ring I've ever worn. Incredibly comfortable. Large balls keep me from going commando. Now I can... And my package looks great!

— Mitch
May 25 2017

At first, I thought the whole thing was too big. Then I picked it up (extremely lightweight). Once I got it on, there was no way I was going to take it off. Very comfortable, and hits just the right spots. Wore it for a few hours then went out .... major bulge city!

— Randon
May 22 2017

Seriously the one cock ring to rule them all. I've tried many but never found one that felt this good on and supports my balls up and out from between my legs. as a dude with a larger pair of balls, it's fucking awesome finally having a cock ring that supports and pushes my jewels out and front. It holds so comfortably i often wear it to work... having a more pronounced bulge in the office hasn't been a bad side effect either. It led me to catching one guy in the office being obvious about staring. I can thank you guys for getting me that piece of side action.

— David
May 21 2017

At first, I was a little put off by the "taint tickler" at the bottom but once I put it on it was a WRAP! I go commando all the time anyway, but with this ring in amplifies the bulge factor and I'm half all day! It's ridiculous. I'm a big guy already but this ups the ante 10 fold. I would recommend this to every guy looking to enhance his package in and out of the bedroom.

— C.P.R.
May 21 2017

This is the best ring ever. However, if you are a bit bigger than normal, you may have a little difficulty getting all your package to fit the first time. To fit at first, I put the boys in first and then I was able to get the pipe to fit in easily. Once you get it all to fit, it is the most comfortable fit ever. I have been wearing mine for about 3 hours now, and there is no discomfort only the feeling of constant horniness (all the way to your nipples). I would recommend this 100%. Great Product.

— Anthony
May 13 2017

The looks is amazing. This fit isn't. If you have a larger shaft and balls, this won't work. Unless you like pain. It doesn't stretch at all, so trying to get it on or off is impossible

— Josh
April 29 2017

Pretty badass but I think it should come in different sizes.

— Filiberto
April 7 2017

Wow!!!, firm snug fit and awesome feel. Probably could be worn all day, pure awesome cock and ball sac fun.

— nonstop
April 5 2017

Everything is fantastic. Your organization has the best products and service to match. The Freeballer puts an end to that uptight feeling you get in winter

— Bruce
March 28 2017

The pros: Significant bulge created. Surprisingly comfortable-once you're able to get it on (see cons) The cons: Even with some preliminary stretching of the cockring, this thing was really difficult to put on, for me. Kind of painful to take off (since my balls are large). Also, being significantly less endowed than the model, I found that with everything pushed up and forward it actually reduced my total available flaccid size. Overall, I like it, it feels pretty damn sexy once it's on.

— Homoerotique
March 1 2017

This is the best cock ring I have ever used! Firm and gentle. I love the free-balling feeling it gives. Highly recommended!

— DG
February 24 2017

THE BEST cockring around! I've tried dozens and this perfect product is what I was always seeking. It fits great and feels great... def no hard tugging or too tight. Really lets my junk and balls swing and sway under my work pants giving them total freedom all day long! I've never found anything like this before. Especially, for guys that are larger than average, the comfort of the Freeballer lives up to its name!

— Basco
January 20 2017

This cockring is everything! I have had mine for a few weeks now it is so comfortable I wear it all day with no problems. I have really sensitive skin I have to be really careful with what I put on my skin and I have had no problem with this silicon! This silicon is crazy soft, the fit is perfect for me, and it doesn't pull on hair or skin. I think this is a great buy especial for the price point. Plus most importantly makes my cock look great.

— The Pervy Sage
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