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Fuck Machine 3.0

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Fuck Machine 3.0
Fuck Machine 3.0
Fuck Machine 3.0
Fuck Machine 3.0
Fuck Machine 3.0
Fuck Machine 3.0


Fuck Machine 3.0 will drill you ANY way you need. Keep it locked down in its stand and angle it to ANY height. You can even stand it up 90 degrees, stand up and feel it pump straight into your hole. Detach it and you have a rough, turbo-charged cock gun. It’s the most versatile fuck machine we’ve seen, and it’s engineered to fuck seamlessly with ANY Fort Troff cock.

Based on your feedback, it’s now equipped with a bigger motor that delivers over 20 PCT more TORQUE. We seriously ramped up the PUSH for when you need it most.

Superior power is just the beginning. Most fuck machines have controls that are too damn sensitive, not ours. Our big grippy dial has a good range, far less sensitive than ANY we've ever tested. The idea is to go SLOW carefully increasing the speed of the thrusts and that's what our Control does. Our Machine delivers a standard 2 inch thrust.

Dimensions: Please note that our Real Deal Dildos are NOT included.
The Fuck Machine uses a standard 2-prong 100 volt plug. A converter is required for international use. The motor delivers a 2 inch stroke and a maximum rate of 200 times per minute. The Fuck Machine is 26 inches long, 8.5 inches wide, and 11.5 inches tall. It weighs 6 pounds.


[4.9 stars based on 17 reviews]
September 5 2018

I'm enjoying the fuck machine! The dongs are also incredible.

— Mike
August 20 2018

I really am enjoying this machine!

— Ryan
March 19 2018

This little machine is awesome! It is so light and easy to set up. The base suction cups really stick well to any flat surface, although I wish it would stick better to wooden laminate floors. I use it with a Cyborg 7.5 to open my hole up and then move up to a real deal 8.5. It pounds my fuckhole with some real power I can tell you that! The controller is easy to use and not sensitive. And this thing is whisper quiet as well. The knob to adjust the fuck-angle is a little too small, it would be better if it was a quarter-turn lever rather than a little knob which gets slippery with all the lube. All in all an amazing little machine and one I use as much as I can!

— Davey
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March 16 2018

I got it...and a free tool to put on it. Well...too big. So...I did plug it in and it seems to work. I just ordered a smaller "tool"...and I am hopeful when that 6.5 shows up...I can use the machine...and work up to the bigger tool it started with. ..4for quality and drunk post...will re rate after I can use.

— Andy
February 20 2018

this machine is awesome.. i got it very quickly last week... i already have the original machine.. my buddy came over.. we set up both machines. the old one with the milking attachment. and new one with the new dong. we then took turns using both at the same time... we would play with each others nips while this was going on.. was like a 4way with 2 people

— PoconoBear
February 1 2018

My fuck machine and real deal 7.5 arrived today right on schedule. I immediately set it up and went for a half hour ride mostly on top speed. I had a cheaper brand several years ago but this one is a thousand times better!!! I hadn’t bottomed for about a year but had no problem getting right back into it. Taking a break right now but I’ll be back on it before long. My only regret is not getting the real deal 8.0.

— Jim
January 23 2018

I just received my fuck machine and WOW... expectations were exceeded. I've never owned a toy like this before so I don't really have much to compare it to but damn did this gives my hole a good workout. In a monogamous relationship with a female and this gives me that good fucking that I crave but that is off limits LoL. 5 stars so far!

— Nathan
January 22 2018

Worth Every Penny. Love The versatility

— Jose
January 20 2018

I came hands free for the first time in my life the other day. It was amazing.

— Patrick
January 17 2018

It's very easy to adjust. It's light and compact. Worth Every Penny

— SF
January 15 2018

Satisfied, not overly. Consider that you have to have a FT dong to use this machine. I didn't have any, and I was happy to buy a couple, but 2 dongs took my price up an extra $120 (and then shopping costs), so plan accordingly. I hoped that the vertical angle of this machine would reach my butt when I stand up (I am 5'10") but I have to sumo squat to be able to use it vertically. Good for working out on leg day, but not optimal for orgasming. Don't expect this machine to force anything into you that you wouldn't be able to insert with your hands with ease. The motor is consistent, but it's not a miracle worker, the motor just stalls when its met with too much sphincter resistance. I can still gonk out and get pervy on this machine, and I enjoy it. Just remember that even machines have a breaking point, and something that weighs less than 10 pounds, and the actuall device has a plastic frame. Plaatics may eventually have a breaking point under the weight of a grown adult.

— Anthony
January 1 2018

I love my f-machine. It's maneuverability is an asset if I want to take it with me. I also like the size and easy assermbly aspect of the machine.

— Stormy
December 18 2017

Design is great, though I wish the stand was able to be used on a softer flooring like carpet. All good we improvised. I controlled the Fuck Machine as it was pounding my husband and he sucked me off. Using the controller to pound him as fast and slow as I wanted to. Very happy with the my purchase. Thanks for always cumming through! ;)

— J
December 17 2017

Very Satisfied. It does a great job of satisfying your needs. I set it up and let it go to town while I rode a cyborg. It really opened my hole.

— Derik
December 15 2017

I love my machine. It's easier to maneuver, lighter in weight, and small enough to tuck away when I'm finished with it. . Excellent item.

— Customer
December 14 2017

I recently purchased one of these and I love it. The light weight of the machine is perfect for easy mobility and use. Even when my hands hurt, the machine is easy to grip and move.

— Stormy
December 9 2017

Better Than The Last Model So far, I like that it is quieter than the older model & has good thrust power at slow speeds

— Jon
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