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2-Second Ball Gag

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2-Second Ball Gag
2-Second Ball Gag
2-Second Ball Gag
2-Second Ball Gag
2-Second Ball Gag
2-Second Ball Gag
2-Second Ball Gag
2-Second Ball Gag
2-Second Ball Gag


Designed by the Grunts here at the Fort, we think this is the BEST Gag you will find at ANY price. Shut the little fucker up and do it with EASE, while he chomps on our anatomically correct ball.

Yeah, we love gags but hate fumbling with buckles to get JUST the right fit around his scum-sucking mouth. It takes all the fun out and kills the mood. Now there is a BETTER way to gag him. The secret to our 2-SECOND Gag is the stretchy back you just PULL to exactly the right level of tightness, BAM!, he's gagged.

And that's only half the story as to why our 2-SECOND Gag rules. We're stoked to offer an "anatomically correct" ball gag. The soft ball is made of premium silicone and has flexible FINS that FIT the teeth. The fins provide a comfortable space for the bottom to sink his teeth into and bite. The result is a SNUG fit and LESS fatigue.

The 2-SECOND Gag has a circumference of 2 inches. To clean, use soap and water or toy cleaner.

Our 2-SECOND Gag delivers like no other, straps on securely in SECONDS and provides the ultimate in COMFORT for the bottom. Get it ONLY at the Fort. Your complete scum suckin' satisfaction is our guarantee!


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February 19 2018

Easily the BEST ball gag available at any price. Can't be spat out of the mouth and is very filling. I sometimes combine this with a head harness muzzle for peace and quiet.

— Don
June 13 2017

Very satisfied, Easy to use and very nice quality. Better than what I expected.

— Ed
June 6 2017

Very satisfied. favorite things is that it is light weight. Comfortable and would recommend. Would love to see this in other colors and more sizes.

— G.J
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June 1 2017

Very satisfied with the Ball Gag. Greater quality and very comfortable very easy to tighten but takes a little effort to let out. Was able to use this with the FT Ankle and Wrist cuffs. Other colors would be great (RED).

— WY
May 31 2017

It's easier to bite down on compared to other gags I've used in the past. The clip took a while to get the hang of. I would like to see other colors (blue)

— Kevin
October 25 2016

Have laminates and this is the first gag that could wear withou being concerned about chipping teeth. Super comfortable and really easy to put on.

— urg
September 9 2016

This was my second purchase from here and it turned out great. My order arrived several days earlier than expected. The gag looks great aesthetically, it is comfortable and it is an overall great product.

January 17 2016

My 1st gag. It's great fun. Wore it over an hour. Easy on the jaw since you can move it around as needed without removing it.

— LRKnki
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