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Forge Fucker Cock Ring

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Forge Fucker Cock Ring
Forge Fucker Cock Ring
Forge Fucker Cock Ring
Forge Fucker Cock Ring
Forge Fucker Cock Ring
Forge Fucker Cock Ring
Forge Fucker Cock Ring
Forge Fucker Cock Ring


This is the most comfortable metal cock ring you’ve EVER worn. Not kidding. Our Forge Fucker is curved to matched the natural shape of your body, not like basic, old-school, metal cock rings.

The oval shape feels EASY and NATURAL around your junk. The shape gives your balls generous room to breathe and flop around just the way we like ‘em.

It’s comfortable enough to wear ALL DAY without digging into your skin. And the shape keeps those annoying ball slip-outs to a minimum. Not like basic circular cock rings.

You get a FAT, juicy bone and can pack a semi all day for extended wear. Forge Fucker comes in TWO sizes, Snug and Regular. See the dimensions below.

Snug: 40mm diameter
Regular: 45mm diameter


[5 stars based on 22 reviews]
August 29 2018


— Thomas
August 20 2018

I love my new cock ring! It fits amazing...

— Jason
July 27 2018

Love it!!! I love the feel of wearing a cock ring. I prefer steel rings because I like having the weight of the ring giving me a gentle pull. By design, most rings really give a bulge boost, but this can be a problem under clothes. The shape of this ring solves that problem! The conformal shape gives the boost without going overboard. The shape makes it very comfortable and discrete under clothes. It is perfect for all-day wear! The ring is fairly thick too (8mm, or 5/16"), so it still has some weight to it. This shape can even allow you to size down without discomfort. If you are looking for a 24-7 ring, this is the one for you!

— dvnt1
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July 26 2018

First of all holy shit that got to me really fast I have never in my life order the product from a company and get it in less than 48 fucking hours dude that's fucking freaky as hell but I love it secondly the product itself man it's about time somebody got that shit right so once again thank you for very fast service and even faster and better for your product than I even imagined thank you

— Howard
July 25 2018

BEST cock ring ever!!!

— Reinhold
July 24 2018

I'm totally satisfied with my Forge Fucker metal cock ring purchase. The curved shape of this cock ring is perfect for me. It's so comfortable I can wear it all day if I choose to. The curved shape made it easier for me to put it on.

— Andre
July 23 2018

This metal ring is incredible. I find it more comfortable than the silicone rings and a bigger turn in. Love it!

— Dw
July 22 2018

The fit on the Forge Fucker is awesome and I can wear them all day comfortably!

— Bruce
July 21 2018

Recieved it put it on right away ... Stayed semi all day ..but no pinching or pulling or even ball breaking when you bend or squat ...awesome

— Marshall
July 20 2018

I agree, this is the most comfortable metal cock ring I've ever worn! I'm wearing it right now and enjoying it!

— Clark
July 19 2018

I can’t say enough about this cock ring!! Just arrived and I slapped it on!!! It’s the most comfortable well fitting ring my cock and myself have ever enjoyed BAR NONE!!! The weight and the shape has me semi hard at all times and a smile on my face!!! Fort Troff I cannot thank you enough....

— Barnrat
June 30 2018

I'm going to start by saying this is the best cockring ever made. Love the weight and did I say the most comfortable ever worn? I love the way it feels and you can truly walk around all day with it. I was visiting NYC and literally walked the whole city with a smile on knowing that my junk was being looked at with envy.

— Matt
June 19 2018

It fits perfectly!

— huge
June 12 2018

Been wearing the Forge Fucker for three days now and it's super comfortable. Just enough weight to remind you it's there- and NO Pinching!

— Hg
June 11 2018

The Forge ring is simply the best ever, wear it 24/7!

— Phil
June 10 2018

I had to have that cock ring with the curved shape to fit your body that you claimed would be so comfortable that I could wear it everyday………. well…. you were RIGHT. I’ve had it for two weeks and have not taken it off once. Awesome!

— Jay
June 9 2018

I love the new Forge Fucker ring!

— Chris
June 8 2018

Just wanted let you know I love that Forge cock ring! It fits so wonderful I didn't even know it was there when I try it on this weekend.

— David
June 7 2018

The new Forger Ring style really is as comfortable as advertised.

— Mark
June 1 2018

The Forge Fucker is awesome. Best cock ring I have ever had. Period. It truly can be worn for a long time without discomfort.

— Erik
May 30 2018

All is great. That contoured steel cock ring is the most comfortable one I’ve ever worn. My new favorite!!!

— Michael
May 28 2018

Not only did I receive my order, but it is fucking amazing! Finally someone made a cock ring like it should be made! The product is great! The service is fast! The customer service is “always” willing to help!

— Bob
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