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Fort Troff, a ten-year veteran of the edgiest gay kink, is the most trusted online source for quality merchandise, superb customer service, and fast delivery of products you won't find anywhere else. All products with the official Fort Troff seal of approval have been thoroughly researched, reviewed, and abused by our testers to protect the safety and comfort of our customers. We'll be there when no other company will - down in the trenches of your wildest fantasies.

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Benefits and Cash Rewards

Our Affiliate Rewards scale with Sale Volume:
- 15% of monthly gross sales up to $3,500
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How Does it Work?

One of your site visitors clicks on our banner or your link, leading them to FortTroff.com. There, they can shop from hundreds of top-quality edgeplay devices and explore their dirtiest kink in our online superstore. For every purchase they complete, you earn 10%-20%.

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We handle everything; we place the products, we provide the shopping cart, checkout, and merchant services. We ship the orders, provide customer support, and manage any returns. We'll even provide you with internet links and custom banners for your website. Everything is handled by our friendly and experienced team. All you have to do is send them our way.

At the end of every month, we'll send you a check (minimum $100).

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