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We ask you to confirm that you are 21 or older to order products from our website. We do not sell our products to minors.

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We ship all of our packages in nondescript brown cardboard boxes that are sealed with reinforced camouflage tape. The return address on the label is listed as F.T., and there is no indication of the contents of the package. Your privacy is our utmost concern.

Any charge from Fort Troff will appear as "F.T." on your bank/credit card statement to protect your privacy.

When you make a purchase with Fort Troff, you are required to provide your email address. This allows us to contact you with order updates and confirmations, online shipping confirmations, and customer service inquiries. On the order form you will notice the option to be added to the pig army email list is automatically selected. The Fort Troff emails provide you with information on sales, special offers, weekly promotional events, exclusive email discounts, and new products for sale. To opt-out of the Fort Troff email list, simply uncheck the box. If you do elect to subscribe to our email list, please know that it is 100% US CAN-Spam compliant and you may unsubscribe or change your subscription preferences at any time. The Fort Troff email list only uses your email address and does not store your name or any of your other personal information.

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About Us

It all started with a sex party. A dark, warehouse-style sex party where anything could happen. To better serve the men who came back every month to play hard, our founder opened a shop inside selling the basics — quality cock rings, dildos, and lube. Today, our team still road-tests every single product, ensuring unparalleled quality and performance. We are 100% committed to you, our loyal customers, and have been since day one. Come play at the Fort.