VIDEO: How To Ride A Hairy Daddy

By Beastly | @BadAlexCheves

There comes a point when you’re getting fucked, a point some people never reach, when the feeling of his cock sliding in and out of your open, wrecked little cunt feels so good that you forget you ever had a dick. And who needs one? That, my friend, takes practice.

Xtuber Toyfucked87 has practiced with our Hairy Daddy 7.0 cock, and we’re honored. After scouring tube sites for amateur vids featuring our products, and after clicking through countless videos we filmed ourselves at FT Studios (yes, we know you pull them from our site and upload them everywhere), I stumbled across Toyfucked87’s video below. It’s a pleasure watching this lean, furry, doe-eyed otter hungrily ride every inch. Like all our Hairy Daddy cocks, this one has big furry nuts at the bottom. He takes it to the balls.

His cock is caged in chastity, which leads me to believe some real daddy out there has locked his junk to better train him for, well, this. We give him an A+!

Fort Troff’s “Hairy Daddy 7.0” powered by XTube

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