WATCH: The Gay Comic Geek Has Wired Nips

By Beastly | @BadAlexCheves

Paul Charles, known online as The Gay Comic Geek, is a queer super-nerd with a widely popular blog where he reviews comics, gay porn, and gay porn comics. What’s not to like? He loves cosplay and isn’t shy about his big kink streak.

We reached out to Paul for a product review. Pick any item we have that looks fun, we said. The winner: Fort Troff Magno Nip Tuggers. The Comic Geek loves TT (tit torture) and nipple play. These are our top-selling nipple items. Fans love their simplicity and their undeniable pinch. Note: not for the inexperienced, as these things really bite. Your nipple gets pinched between two high-powered metal magnetic balls. If you love a good bite and have wired nips, these are perfect. We even have a bigger, stronger size for guys with massive, trained, pumped nipples who really love to have them tortured.

Watch the Comic Geek’s video review and visit his blog,

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