Suck A Set of Low Hangers 

"Placed my order at 5:30 PM and had the item the next morning before 12:00 noon… from GA all the way to California! Amazing! Your company truly has its act together! Very impressive. The product is just what I wanted… great to deal with a company that does what it says!! Thank you!"

— Jason from Honolulu, HI

"Where do I begin my praises of my experience with your service? I have to say that through the multiple orders I've placed with you, you have been the best experience of Internet purchasing that I have ever had!!! The fast processing and delivery of the products have on all occasions have been really surprising to me, and greatly appreciated. And of course, your products are absolutely AWESOME. You guys, just keep on doing what you're doing, continue finding such great new products, and I'll keep on ordering with you, so that I can be an always happier little pig!!! "

— Rex from Fort Worth, TX

"My special request was handled perfectly. All items arrived in good order and about 4 days ahead of the original shipping ETA. I can't say enough good things about my experience shopping at Fort Troff. First rate experience every step of the way. You have made FT one of my favorite suppliers and you can be sure that I will be back for more in the future!"

— Yonathon from West Hollywood, CA

"Everything is spot on, as always. We are more than thrilled every time we receive a PACKAGE from FT. Processing and ship times are always great. Thank you for helping me to maintain my dirty, filthy, raunchy, sexy lifestyle. All the products are made well and are a lot of fun! "

— Sergio from Washington, DC

"I really appreciate the good work and attention to detail I receive from you and the staff at FT. I don't think I've run across an operation that is superior to yours in any way and very few that come close to the customer service that you offer. Your operation is truly a customer service model from which other vendors should examine and adopt. As always, many thanks to you and the others at FT!"

— Charles B. from Orlando, FL

"I am VERY impressed with the service. I appreciate how quickly it got here and the quality of the product. The harness fit really well and I will definitely consider buying from FT again in the future. It was reassuring to know that you work with customers to get the right fit, even if that requires exchanges. Thanks so much!"

— Jesse P. from Chicago, IL

"I can't say enough good things about my experience shopping at Fort Troff. My special request was handled perfectly. All items arrived in good order and about 4 days ahead of the original shipping ETA. First rate experience every step of the way. You have made FT one of my favorite suppliers and you can be sure that I will be back for more in the future!"

— Chris M. from Pittsburgh, PA

"I'm definitely one happy sub bottom after my shipment from the Fort. The day my package arrived, I installed my new Bed Bondage Kit, laid out my new FT waterproof Play Sheet, stuffed my ass with my new Raw Pup and waited for my boyfriend to get home for playtime!"

— Delvin from Boston, MA

"I just wanted to thank Fort Troff for yet another satisfying shopping experience. I received my order 2 days after I placed it online. UNPRECEDENTED delivery service! The product itself was worth every penny as soon I used it for the first time. Shopping at your store is like being a kid in a candy store. I'm always checking out your new products and debating endlessly on what to buy without breaking my wallet. Thank you again for the BEST customer service around."

— Matthew from Denver, CO

"Everything is awesome. Seems like lately I've got something of yours on my dick or nuts every time I get off. In fact, your stuff is on my dick now! Almost like I can't cum without you. The Magno Trainer feels INCREDIBLE on my dick! Love how it pulls my nuts as well."

— B.R. from Fort Lauderdale, FL

"When you mean 'overnight' delivery (when that option is selected)… you REALLY mean it! My order was on my front doorstep 16 hours after placing the order online! That is probably the absolute most thorough customer service I've ever received! I was very pleased with my package and am still VERY pleased with my products. So pleased, I was happy to share a little photoset with FT on Twitter today."

— Brandon from Nashville, TN

"Everything is FANTASTIC!!! I couldn't respond to you sooner because me and my boyfriend were enjoying the new gear too much. I know he certainly had a smile on his face when I used that Raw Pup on him HAHA. There are no complaints at all Sergeant. If anything there are only compliments. The way you and your crew conduct yourselves is an inspiring business model. The fact that you send out an email asking if everything is okay is outstanding. I'm a returning customer and rest assured that I plan to come back for even more. Thanks for being AWESOME!""

— Q.M. from Dallas, TX

"I am absolutely happy with my new product! I ordered the Pop N Lock after a friend had told me how incredible they were. When it arrived, I ripped into the box and quickly got it in my hungry hole. I assumed that the cock ring was more about just keeping the device in place rather than keeping me hard. I don't know if it was the excitement of waiting for it, the pressure on my prostate from the ball or the cock ring itself but holy hell, my cock was rock hard like I haven't seen it in a long time. I walked around for a while with the device in and loved every step. I probably sat on every surface around my home that I could find to see which made it feel best in my ass. They all did! I couldn't get enough. Finally I settled in to a cozy chair and focused on my cock and before long was pumping out an earth moving orgasm like I haven't felt in a very long time. The pressure that the ball put on my prostate during that was pure bliss. I'm absolutely amazed at how incredible it all felt from such a simple tool. Well done!"

— P.J. from Miami, FL

"I want to take the time to tell you that I think your organization appears to run very effectively and your staff is AMAZING. I always find you helpful and patient. Your processes for conducting business are superior. I try as hard as I can to teach effective organizational management to my clients. I am good at it too. Sometimes the client does not see the value. Sad thing too. Your company clearly knows this value. Thanks for all your fine work and a pleasant customer relationship."

— G.H. from New York City

"This was my first order with Fort Troff, and have to say that i was very impressed with the ease of placing my order, the response on keeping me updated with the tracking and delivery of my order, the packaging of my order as well as being totally satisfied with the products i ordered. You guys couldn't have done more impressive job of customer service. Overall you guys did a total gang bang of a job!! "

— T.C. from South Carolina

"Thank you so much for checking in with me again about my order. I received my package and I'm so happy with all the hot stuff I ordered. I'm looking forward to buying more products that's for sure!! You guys are my new favorite place to purchase toys and essentials. Thank you again Fort Troff , I’m glad to be a loyal customer. I'll be talking to you soon! Feel free to send me a model anytime."

— M.T from SF

"I just wanted to let you know that I received my package yesterday and although I haven't yet had a chance to test out my products, I did have a quick look at everything and I am, as ALWAYS, quite pleased with the quality of the products. I always appreciate the free lube samples as well. This is my 5th order with FT and I must say that, without question, FT is my hands-down FAVORITE place to shop for sex paraphernalia. The quality of the products is always top-notch, the customer service is outstanding, and the packaging of the products is such that I never have to worry about receiving damaged products or products rolling around in a shipping package. You guys are fantastic and thanks once again for an excellent online shopping experience!"

— C.E from Atlanta

"Once again, your customer service exceeds anything I have encountered elsewhere from any other online store, and you guys go above and beyond in ensuring a happy and very satisfied customer. (Well, I suppose you could exceed your service levels if I somehow managed to put myself in your dungeon and let you guys try out all of your hot and nasty play things on me, but I can't elaborate on that in this email). The products I ordered last time took my bitch bottom BF and me to another level of all night romping, groaning, yelling, ejaculating, and so forth. The products turned him into something that I wanted more of, more often. So it goes without saying that I am eagerly looking forward to breaking in the new toys from the pleasure chest of this week's timely shipment. Thanks again for instinctively knowing what guys like us need and want, and for pulling out all the stops to make sure we can get out piggy paws on them, Sir!"

— Jay from Atlanta

"I received my order a few days ago. Sorry I haven't replied until now because my BF and I have been busy using our new stuff. LOVE IT!!! The Sling is one of the best products I have purchased from you so far! When I saw this in my FT email ad, I knew I had to have it! It works GREAT!!! Love how it's adjustable depending on how high up you want your legs. Once I pull those straps and get in a good position, I can relax and it holds me so comfortably and I can sit back and enjoy!! BEST PRODUCT EVER!!!"

— Cody from NYC

"Perfect, fast shipping, terrific gear! Your business model is fascinating, and it is CLEARLY based customer service and satisfaction, and design. Really innovative! I think the site, the videos and product descriptions can de-mystify many aspects of the scene, and for lack of a term "make it okay" to explore. I might be a "new recruit" but assure you I will be back for more!"

— JT from San Fran, CA

"Thank you for the quick service and shipping. All the goods arrived as requested; saw the UPS notice emailed to me while at work. Got home as quick as possible and tried out the new stuff. I can report that my hole was more than satisfied, the Cyborg plug was just what I needed to finally get warmed up enough to fit the Cyborg Exploration 8.0 up my greedy hole. Holy fuck, now I get what some of your other customers meant by "tug and pop". I came IMMEDIATELY after that big boy popped in, fuckin A what a ride! Thanks again to your team, good work gents!"

— Alex from NYC

"Better than A-OK. Everything arrived as shown /described and much earlier than quoted. Very happy with my purchases and extremely impressed with your shipping department and customer service. Your company is the standard upon which all other companies should model theirs. Thank you for a pleasant and hassle free shopping experience. I will definitely be shopping on your site again and would absolutely recommend you to my friends. Keep up the fantastic work!"

— Anonymous from Atlanta

"I believe that I have a total of 3 recent orders and all 3 of them arrived without incident, Sir. I am blown away actually, by your team's prompt service and customer service for your accounts. Like many who have heralded your CS the products - so far, that is - have been a higher quality than those found at most stores!"

— Alex from DC

"Perfect. As ALWAYS! I work in retail as a district manager and trainer…and if I get my teams to be as focused and engaged in customer satisfaction as you are……let's just say I'd be making more bonuses to spend at Fort Troff."

— Tom from San Francisco

"UNBELIEVABLE how Fort Troff can make the US Postal service work. ALWAYS my order arrives on time or a day early. Place an order within 3 days it is at my door. Other supply houses may take up to two weeks. I have NEVER encountered customer service like you guys provide in any online shopping experience anywhere in the world. Absolute first class job guys!"

— R.Y. from Washington D.C.

"I would like to take a moment and comment on how wonderful the service is with FT. This is my second order and every email and note sent sounds like an actual person and not a generic prompt. There is another site that had a sling a little bit cheaper, but I decided I wanted the FT one instead based on the service I have received. I have over 5 years of customer service and have never been wowed like this before. Between the service and the quality products I will be ordering a lot more from FT as time goes on. Thank you so much for being amazing :)"

— C.V. from New York City

"I am very happy with my new products. I did want to give you some feedback and say that I am absolutely flabbergasted by y'alls customer service and focus on the customer experience. The following things really made me an advocate of your products and guarantee that I will be returning for more goodies soon: 1) Easy website navigation (and great videos :)) 2) Simple checkout process 3) Very quick delivery 4) A handwritten thank you on the invoice 5) A free sample of the cum lube and to top it all of…6) This email to make sure not only I got the product, but that I like it. I am willing to say that this was the best online shopping experience I have ever had from ANY online retailer, so thank you for raising my expectations of online shopping. THANK YOU!"

— W.J. from Chicago

"Your customer service is phenomenal with every purchase that I make. My new toy arrived earlier than expected. NO ONE beats your customer service! The instructions were thorough, and I just hope that I don't break it with how much I am playing with it! Thanks again for an awesome purchasing experience. And keep doing what you are doing!"

— M.S. from Memphis

"This was my first order and all I can say is WOW! Sergeant Steel was kind enough to walk me through the ordering process and answer some questions I had about the electro kit. I’m a newbie to this kind of thing and I was a little nervous to call, but your staff was so friendly that I was comfortable from the moment they said hello. If only other companies took the time to speak with their customers that you did. I look forward to many more orders from you guys and will not hesitate to call with my questions next time. You men keep up the good work."

— H.F. from Chicago

"Saying that everything is perfect with my two orders is an understatement! Needless to say all that I've heard from friends far and wide was absolutely true! I placed my order, I was kept up to date on it's status through regular emails, and it arrived super quick. I was so pleased in fact that the very day I received my order I placed another! This is by far the best service I have received from any online purchase, including mainstream purchases. Fort Troff rocks!”"

— M.H. from Orlando

"For many months I debated with myself whether or not to purchase anything from Fort Troff having been 'burned' by other such suppliers. Finally I said I had to give you guys a chance. On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest I would have to give you a 20. All of the guys with whom I have had contact at Fort Troff have not only been super--great communication - honest appraisals - respect and courtesy setting the standards. I can also attest to the fact that your absolutely stand behind your guarantees without question and with immediate handling of the issue. Your merchandise is of the gold standard quality as well. In addition your handling of orders is not only same day processing but quick delivery and follow up. You have one satisfied customer here who will be back time and again."

— D.C. from Baltimore

"Your service is IMPECCABLE. Awesome delivery time & this product is perfect. Thank you for the excellent service and products. I also wish to applaud you and all of Fort Troff for standing behind your return policy. Thank you very much for your products, website and especially your service department."

— J.P. from Portland

"WOW!! Now this is what you call customer service! Your company is known for it's customer satisfaction, exceptional products and lightning fast service...you have EXCEEDED my expectations on all three counts...yet another reason why your company is No.1. Thanks so much for this unprecedented solution. Signed me up for "Happy Fuckers of the YEAR"

— J.K. from Kansas City

"You guys rock - so hard. Wayne's World-style, even; it's awesome how much you care for your clients, and aren't condescending, pompous dicks when the call-to-action surfaces …you all have capitalized on dealing with how much of a pain-in-the-ass, I am. It does not go unnoticed, and I tell EVERYONE, how curiously awesome, and professional (each of) you are. I've never encountered such versatility between qualities, exhibited by the customer service focus area of ANY BUSINESS I've encountered: client or vendor…EVER! You guys are all humble, down-to-earth, and eloquent with Pig-terms and profanity (I never knew such a paradox existed)…when discussing your products with customers like myself! The best example of open-mindedness, I've ever heard of!"

— T.I. from Detroit

"YOU MEN are the fucking best. i had to write to express my gratitude. i am phalate and latex sensitive. and your silicone products have allowed me to open up more and train my hole. my MAN thanks YOU and i thank YOU. YOU MEN have created a brand i trust more than any other on the web. i WISH other websites had YOUR attention to detail, product quality and customer service. i have had two product issues, in the many years i have been ordering from YOU, and both times they were resolved immediately, in a thoughtful and personal manner. YOU are the first place i shop for anything sex related and i have never been disappointed"

— I.B. from New York City

"You guys have the single best customer service in the business. And by business I mean every other online merchant, Amazon, BestBuy, Walmart. You are responsive to your customers with world class customer service. I had an issue with a product and you immediately credited me with no further questions. I just don't get that from any other company. So thanks for offering top notch products and responding to your customers when they have even the littlest issue with one of them. I will come back to the Fort often. Probably more often than I cum!"

— M.L. from Los Angeles

"As always, thank you so much for getting both of my orders out to me so quickly…it has been greatly appreciated! I have ordered from your site for the last five or six years and it's your dedication to your customers and their happiness that has been keeping me coming back as well as recommending your site to your friends. Thank you for your persistence with making sure I get the full picture. Not only do you guys sell unique products, you also make sure we get the right and accurate information about them which I highly value. So you can expect me to stay a loyal customer and yes, please keep me in the loop for new toys!"

— A.M. from San Francisco

"I am blown away - literally and figuratively. Your company is the finest in customer service and with having top quality and easy to use products. I am really impressed with how you treat your customers with a sensitive, comfortable and personal touch. I received the sling stand much sooner than expected, which was a special treat in itself! It was meticulously packed. It is perfect - everything about it. Easy assembly, good quality hardware, easy to maneuver and to adjust. We played with it this past Tuesday and that was an astounding erotic experience. I'm still excited about it. In the near future, I want to buy the springs and the mirror. Thank you so much, I'll keep coming back for more!"

— D.N. from Philadelphia

"Damn guys, I was expecting my order to arrive on Friday as you warned me. This is Mutha Fucken Wednesday MORNING! WOW that was fast. You emailed my 'Outta Here' notice Monday night at 548pm and it arrived this morning at 945am! 3 minutes shy of 40 hours later. If the rest of the world worked on a time schedule like you do — we could solve so many problems! Awesome customer attention! Awesome customer affection! I will never order from anyone else!"

— R.D. from Dallas

"I wanted to let you know this was my first purchase from F.T. and I was a bit skeptical as to what I was going to receive. I got home from work on the day of delivery to find my package had arrived intact and was waiting for me at the door step. I was so excited and nervous to open the package to see what I would find! As I searched though the boxing foam I found some Cum Lube, a collectable card insert, and my new Armour Up Tug! I was so thrilled that I ran straight to the restroom with the lube to try it on! Once I had it on, which fit like a glove and went in so smoothly thanks to the complimentary Cum Lube, I had no choice but to climax and explode right then and there! Suddenly, thick ropes of cum were uncontrollably spewing out of my throbbing rod. It was like an explosion of heaven between my legs! I lost myself in utter bliss while feeling my prostate pulsating with outstanding force! I lost complete control of myself and I loved every second of that moment and the moments of anticipation preceding it. My goodness I've never had a more exhilarating experience with such a toy. I guarantee if F.T. can continue to provide this type of product and service, from this moment on you have a dedicated customer for years to cum!"

— R.J. from Seattle

"OMG I truly cannot thank you enough! When I saw you'd first just cancelled the order and not even mentioned the reason I was trying to order another I just began to think you were like any other company out there in today's economy. I truly cannot thank you enough! I not only will continue to be a loyal customer but will continue to tell my friends who I use some of the things I purchase off of your store with that you truly care for the customer. Truly you've not only changed my mind about continuing to buy from your store today. No matter if I find a lower price anywhere, I will purchase from your store as I know I will be taken care of and that loyalty means something to you. Thank you so very much!"

— G.W. from Dallas

"This is my first time giving you feedback and believe me, the praise you are about to receive is well overdue! First off, your website fuckin' rocks! So many pics and vids for so many of your products that sometimes while I am perusing your plethora of products, I sometimes get off in the process! Haha! So I have placed probably a dozen or so orders with you, and this most recent once, like many of the others, easily was in the couple hundred dollar range. Once I hesitantly clicked the 'Place Order' button, I breathed a sigh of relief and now it's all about playing the waiting game. BUT NOT FOR LONG, because as usual I picked 2nd day delivery because I'm an impatient pig and I want my stuff soon! When my phone rings and shows it's the front gate calling I answer anxiously and I hear 'UPS, I HAVE A PACKAGE FOR YOU'…I anxiously buzz him in. I wasn't at home so they kindly left it at my front door *As per my request* and as my work day comes to an end, I make a mad dash all the way from Oakland, across the bay bridge and into downtown San Francisco. I run to my apartment and there at the foot of my door is a beautiful brown box with your Signature Camouflage Packing Tape. From this point forward it's like Christmas. Every order I have placed has been 100% correct, on time and always includes a little 'bonus' which is always greatly appreciated. You and your team should be proud of what you guys do, how well you run your business and acknowledge that you've satisfied A LOT of hungry piggies out there! I couldn't be happier to have found such an awesome site to indulge all of my nasties and Sir, you have earned a customer for life!"

— B.C. from San Francisco

"Wow — again your attention to detail at Fort Troff amazes me. I can see why people deal with you on a regular basis, and to be honest it is why I return because 'that is the way it is' is not your first response. It makes the customer actually believe that the company cares. Again thanks and the refund was truly magnanimous. Keep up this business philosophy…it is what, to me, is the mark of a GREAT company."

— D.B. from London

"I received an email saying that I should be getting my order only by Monday, which made total sense to me, once I had placed the order just the night before, on a Thursday. It was Friday, I so needed the order here, as I was just crazy horny, and more than ready to use the product…but I knew I would just have to content myself with the normal date of its arrival. Well, at about 11am on Friday the driver came with the package from you guys!!! I just could not believe my eyes!!! 3 days earlier, and at my door in no time!!! You guys BLEW my mind away, that's why I keep 'cumming' back to shop with you. THANK YOU from the bottom of my Horny Heart…because of you guys who make this company the best one EVER, I was able to have a fun-freaking-tastic weekend!!! XXXX"

— M.O. from Georgia

"Wow! Honestly, not at all what I was expecting from my email. I really just wanted to make FT aware of the issues I encountered but I am very impressed with this level of customer service. You really went well above and beyond to make me a very happy customer. I received my replacement already (wow again). Thank you so much and I will definitely be returning to FT for more gear."

— L.C. from Tennessee

"I just wanted to respond and let you know that we received the anal beads three days before delivery date. Whoever the dungeon master is at your company, I always seem to get him (I recognize his voice) and he has been one of the most pleasant and humorous telephone order placement people I've had the pleasure to deal with. We've ordered at least five of your products, have always been completely satisfied with them and will order from Fort Troff again. Our goal is a portable sling and someday will order that from you. Once again just wanted to let you know about your exemplary products, service and prompt delivery. Thanks again!"

— D.S. from Dallas

"I have had nothing but the best luck with your site, and your customer service has been absolutely exceptional. I look forward to seeing the new gear. I don't go to any other site. Your prices are great and I know you take great care to take care of us."

— D.R. from California

"I can't even begin to explain to you how AWESOME the Fort is! I stumbled upon it a few years ago and made my first purchase.... a year later I am still a loyal costumer and keep referring others to this awesome service to our little community. When I show others the quality of both the products sold and the quality of the customer service many are eager to start shopping at the fort. Long story short, the fort is AWESOME and will keep my business for years to come"

— T.D. from Kentucky

"I just wanted to take this moment to let you know what SUPERIOR customer service Fort Troff provides. I cannot recall ordering from a company who was willing to go the extra mile for their customers. You were able to get me a product that was removed from the website even though it was still in stock. You and your staff should be PROUD of the quality of your customer service and I intend to continue to order from Fort Troff in the future."

— D.T. from North Carolina

"Order arrived earlier than expected, which is par for the course with you there at the Fort. Tremendous thanks for amazing products that never fail to please, and please, and please! Can’t wait for my little piggy bottom to check his stocking this year for all sorts of dirty fun well into the new year. I really appreciate your amazing customer service, it definitely sets you apart. I have purchased online from many websites. And your customer service is superior. Keep up the good work. I will definitely use your site again. I can't wait to use. Thanks so much."

— D.M. from Denver

"The folks at F.T. always come through. As a point of comparison, I placed the order with F.T. nearly a week after I made an order with a similar vendor. The other vendor is geographically closer and the order still hasn't arrived. More importantly, the other vendor, despite the inordinate amount of time it takes them to fill an order, doesn't send updates to keep the customer informed about the order. We could list all the reasons for their delay but at the end of the day they all come down to poor planning and mismanagement. And thusly all negatives in terms of customer service! You guys have always handled my orders in a timely, professional manner. Many thanks to you and the staff at F.T.!"

— L.S. from San Francisco

"I just wanted to express my thanks to you for you, and your company services. It has been amazing to find you guys, and to be able to find this awesome gear in which express this part of myself with. I am totally happy, and hard with my purchases. Thanks!"

— B.G. from Minnesota

"I have been BLOWN AWAY by my experience with Fort Troff. From the detailed descriptions and wide variety of the website right down to the amazingly reassuring check in emails, everything has been stellar. Not to mention the products themselves and complimentary gift. The FT "Cum lube" will forever be in my arsenal. All in all, I'm beyond satisfied and will definitely recommend others use this site in addition to using it again. Thanks for the wonderful service!"

— O.C. from Florida

"You guys fucking rock. Love my latest shipment. Thanks for following my special orders. Everything was perfect. Fast, as described, and discrete. You make it easy, can't wait to order again. I'd recommend anyone to order from you guys. Actually a few buds already asked to help pick out a few new items, and ill be sending them your way."

— M.C. from Michigan

"OMG I truly cannot thank you enough! When I saw you'd first just cancelled the order and not even mentioned the reason I was trying to order another I just began to think you were like any other company out there in today's economy. I truly cannot thank you enough! I not only will continue to be a loyal customer but will continue to tell my friends who I use some of the things I purchase off of your store with that you truly care for the customer. Truly you've not only changed my mind about continuing to buy from your store today. No matter if I find a lower price anywhere, I will purchase from your store as I know I will be taken care of and that loyalty means something to you. Thank you so very much!"

— G.W. from South Carolina

"Your service is IMPECCABLE. Awesome delivery time & this product is perfect. Thank you for the excellent service and products. I also wish to applaud you and all of Fort Troff for standing behind your return policy. Thank you very much for your products, website and especially your service department!"

— K.G. from Colorado

"This is my third order from FT, and I gotta say yours has to be one of the BESTonline retail experiences, regardless of product, ever! Everything has been first rate; from the marketing (well designed site, easy to navigate, with some freaking AWESOME video demonstrations), the toys (made for boys…of all ages), to the personal communication and follow-up, nobody does it better. My ass is full, my cock is happy, and I am genuinely satisfied. Thanks."

— M.W. from Pennsylvania

"Everything about my order is definitely A-OK! Ya'll run a class outfit. More companies should be run like Fort Troff. Excellent products that come well packaged (and what man doesn't like a great looking package?!) plus superb customer service.This is one repeat customer that will heartily recommend your company whenever conversations steer towards sex toys, lubes, and hot things to wear."

— F.F. from TX

"I just received my first order from you guys and I am incredibly pleased with it. Your Pig Oil lube will now be my standard; it is excellent. The cock sling was…well let's just say I was a very happy sub. My Sir has your sling and we've both thoroughly enjoyed that, and the ergo douche is the most efficient I have ever used. I am impressed with the quality and speed of delivery and will definitely be ordering more from you. New and satisfied customer!"

— E.H. from OH

"Thank you for following up, Sarge! Everything is phenomenal - the jockstraps fit like a glove (especially the blue FT Grunt w matching socks). Couldn't be happier. I was going to rock those yellow/black shorts solely to the gym, but thinking they'd be a better suited as an undergarment. That Slam Dunk lube?? Holy shit…almost had to call outta work the next day :) that stuff is epic and had me rockin two of your toys easily. Also, the cloves smell great! And the ass tunnel?? Getting the hairy hole prepped for playtime has never been easier. Thanks again - can't wait to place a follow up order in a couple weeks! Thinking I'll snatch up that 'raw' plug (a new item of yours) and another ass-stretchin buddy. Thanks for all you and your company do. You set the bar high in product, selection and (unquestionably the best) customer service."

— ZF from CT

"OMG… Lieutenant Stone..I needed some great news for a change. THANK YOU so very much for replacing the Raw Dawg for me. You have no idea how this has put faith into shopping on-line. Thank you for impacting such good faith in a loyal customer. This should be an example to the rest of those arseholes out there on how to go and beyond. Have passed on your Website to sooo many people who are now also enjoying your products. If I may say 'there are some very happy arses out there.'"

— A.M. from Australia

"Wow I did not expect that response! I am very impressed with your customer service. You have won a loyal customer! Thank You for going ABOVE and BEYOND what any other place would have done. I will be ordering from you for all my future needs. Again Thank You!"

— J.M. from Oregon

"You guys fucking rock. Love my latest shipment. Thanks for following my special orders. Everything was perfect. Fast, as described, and discrete. You make it easy, can't wait to order again. I'd recommend anyone to order from you guys. Actually a few buds already asked to help pick out a few new items, and I'll be sending them your way."

— M.C. from Michigan

"Sarge, You and your troops NEVER cease to amaze me!! When I placed the order I was hoping for the next day delivery. One of your men called me to inform me that one of the products ordered was out of stock but to make it up to me the second item would be sent under free shipping AND when the first item came back into stock, it too would be shipped free of charge. That FAR exceeds what one would expect from any company, but it is standard operating procedures at FT. Even more incredible, the two shipments arrived within one week of my ordering. The products are superior to any product I could have purchased on any other site. I am pleased (as are the tops using me with your products) more than words can say. I am a customer for life. Hoo Rah, Sarge! THANK YOU!!!"

— J.D. from MD

"Really appreciate you taking care of this so fast and with no hassles. I really love all of your hot gear and great service. I look forward to getting more and will tell my friends about your site too.Thank you very much."

— T.B. from CA

"I just wanted to say thank you and send an honorable OINK to you once again. I received everything that you sent to me and just in time for this pigs birthday party today. This pig actually turned 37 today. I also love the lube that you included in the shipment so much that I am getting more of it. And as promised, I am proudly displaying your logo on my jeep so the whole world knows that I am a loyal FT. TROFF pig for life and it's all thanks to you and your staff."

— S.C. from PA

"Your help in this matter has been outstanding. Not only did you offer to send a replacement which is fantastic but s gift as well for the mistake witch you didn't have to offer. What impressed me the most is your quick response. That's what I am pleased about. It would be wonderful if you sent a replacement to me. I only wish more companies were like yours. I placed an order with SIU in New York three weeks ago and to this day…no product and no response to the three emails I sent them. I think you have made a lifelong customer of me. I placed another order with you yesterday of two more sticky bombs, fist powder and the stick bomb handle and received it this morning. That's what I call great customer service in my book. Keep up the great work and know that I will ONLY order my pig gear from you from here on out. I plan to make another significant purchase here with in the next two days."

— S.C. from PA

"I have been blown away by m experience with Fort Troff. From the detailed descriptions and wide variety of the website right down to the amazingly reassuring check in emails, everything has been stellar. Not to mention the products themselves and complimentary gift. The FT 'Cum lube' will forever be in my arsenal. All in all, I'm beyond satisfied and will definitely recommend others use this site in addition to using it again. Thanks for the wonderful service!"

— O.C. from FL

"WOW…What a sweet surprise. A full refund for my shipping fee? And you were honest upfront about your mistake?? Thank you so much for being so honest and forward, a truly satisfied customer here. Thank you so much for being so honest and upfront, this is what true customer service should be like everywhere. You have just made a repeat customer and a definite future customer. Thank You!"

— D.M. from NY

"Believe me I shop online a lot. Very few maybe not even at all , you see other sites so attentive to their customers as you guys are. A pleasure to deal with professionals. My shipping was super-fast, again I was surprised almost shocked when I saw it at my door. Not to mention the products are amazing , and you can be sure I'm advertising you to everyone I know. And finally at last but not the least another big surprise and again a proof of class and professionalism all the way to the end and around the corner. :) -> this email where you wanted to make ABSOLUTELY certain that everything went great , well that is the obvious example of why you're sticking out, what makes the difference between a good service and an EXCELLENT service , is ..TO GO THAT EXTRA MILE .. ;)"

— E.S. from NYC

"I have had issues with just about every site I've ever paid for anything over the web, from wrong items to completely stealing my money to being attached to a never ending snail mail list. This is the only thing that has ever come up from the Fort, and it's nothing y'all did, but you made it more than right (btw arrived today and thank you for the extra gift). I'm going to be a LONG TIME customer as well as a brand advocate!"

— J.L. from Georgia

"Thanks for the note. Everything arrived on time (in fact, the shipping was cheaper via two-day air than standard ground). In fact, I used one of the items on a guy about an hour after I opened the box and it was awesome! Thanks for the consistently great service. There should be a class at Harvard Business School titled, 'The Fort Troff Model of Service and Customer Retention' because you all do it MUCH better than most."

— R.S. from Virginia

"I just wanted to give F.T. A big thank you for getting my order to me at exactly the right time. After my email with concerns about my order being shipped you guys made sure to get it to me when I needed it! Amazing customer service. You've got a fan for life!"

— A.P. from California

"Thanks for the great customer service! My new portable, FT 'mini' sling stand arrived and I love it. My boy had fun setting it up in our backyard. This is so much easier than the 'traditional' portable sling stands out there on the market. Very portable, light weight, easy to setup and simple to stow away when you are done. Spring is here, so its a great time for outdoor play and checkouting my boy's rosebud"

— S.L. from Florida

"Omg! If I win the lottery… I want to buy your company only to make sure that you NEVER CHANGE your level of excellence! The level of satisfaction. Not sure if I purchased an ass toy or a Mercedes Benz. Thank You."

— C.H. from Texas

"I am very pleased with my first experience with your company. I am more than satisfied with the tenga deep throat cup. Wow, it had me finish quicker than I have with other toys. And the h2o lube is really nice but I recieved a cum lube gift from yall and I like it better. So… Guess what I will ne ordering next time. Thank you sir."

— A.W. from California

"My package from Fort Troff arrived this afternoon! Everything is fantastic! There is nothing I can say to help you improve your goods and service! Everything arrived here super-fast and I am pleased! Thank you so much for providing such a great website for unusual items!"

— O.D. from New York

"Hey. Thanks for checking up on my order. I really appreciate how dedicated your company is about customer satisfaction! I'm really impressed by it. Probably why I keep coming back to your site rather than going to another or my local priape store. Everything arrived great. Loving my new toy. The jock fits perfectly and the lube……amazing. just as advertised . Thanks again for your great service. After my first order, a few friends took my advice and ordered some stuff as well. Keep up the great work team."

— M.E. from Canada

"You have another satisfied customer. Thanks for inquiring. I must say that service is terrific. I ordered on one day and it arrived on the next day. I was not expecting this because of the week end. So I immediate opened the lube, and shot a nice load in your honor. Keep it up!"

— J.M from South Carolina

"Wow! Honestly, not at all what I was expecting from my email. I really just wanted to make FT aware of the issues I encountered but I am very impressed with this level of customer service. You really went well above and beyond to make me a very happy customer. I received my replacement already (wow again). Thank you so much and I will definitely be returning to FT for more gear."

— L.C. from Tennessee

"Well, I gotta tell you, I about fell out of my jock strap when the UPS man rang my doorbell this afternoon and delivered the sling! Last I knew, I had suggested that you all wait until April 25th or so to ship this to me, since I will be out of the country until April 27th, and due to overwhelming orders from other customers of Fort Troff. You people are so well organized and so customer-driven, it's very much appreciated. Some of our better known business establishments in this country could take several lessons from your organization!!! Now, all I have to do is figure out how to put this thing together and find some man to come and play with me!! Again, many MANY thanks for your assistance and concern!"

— R.S. from California

"Thanks for the update. Your customer service is the best I've received from all my online shopping. And just the fact you sent me a $10 coupon speaks highly of this company respect for your customers. Your products are out of this world but the only thing holding me back is the cost. So the coupon was well received. Thanks for putting out there great products and exceptional service. This loyal customer is continuously impressed by your brand. Thanks again."

— M.D. from Colorado

"Hello and thank you for your excellent customer service. I have had only great experiences with your company and plan on ordering more fun toys from you in the future. Thank you again for being such a stellar example of what customer service should be."

— R.L. from Oklahoma

"Everything is fantastic, I couldn't respond to you sooner because me and my boyfriend were enjoying the new gear too much. I know he certainly had a smile on his face when I used that fat boy on him haha. There are no complaints at all Sergeant. If anything there are only compliments. The way you and your crew conduct yourselves is an inspiring business model. The fact that you send out an email asking if everything is okay is outstanding. I'm a returning customer and rest assured that I plan to come back for even more. Thanks for being awesome."

— A.L. from Minnesota

"Another triumph for FORT TROFF,my package arrived on Tuesday 9th April @ 9:24 a.m., I am impressed by the speed of your delivery service, 5 days from the East Coast of the U.S.A. to the West Coast of Australia, you Fort Troff Pigs Rock! I hurriedly ripped open the package to root out the much acclaimed COCK ARMOUR, stretched it around my cock and balls, and bingo it felt great, fits well and I wore it all day, it does definitely mold to my body. Have wanked with it on, the bulb feels great massaging my taint. The next adventure is to FUCK with it on………will keep you posted! The FORT TROFF PIG LUBE H2o is a great lube for wanking, has a nice slippery feel, but grippy, two greasy thumbs up! The FORT TROFF CUM LUBE, is fuckin' awesome, the way to start is with a small amount, then gradually add a bit more until you reach the screaming JIZZ exploding cum load! Please extend to all of the FELLAS in your team, my absolute 100% satisfaction and THANKS for selecting , packaging , and shipping my PIG PRODUCTS! One very happy PIG , wallowing in Cum Lube!"

— B.D. from Perth, Australia

"Hey sgt. luger, as always your delivery was ahead of schedule and perfect in all regards. I haven't had a chance to try the ball stretch kit out on my big dicked, married bud yet but i'm excited about that night soon when he'll be able to slip away long enough to head over to my house for a couple of hours of good, old-fashioned pig sex. It'll be hot as fuck and i can't wait! I've ordered several fun items for him from fort troff in the past. He loves stuffing his fuckhole while he's at work with the red slick plugger i got him for christmas. Thanks to all at fort troff for offering the best products and customer service available anywhere!"

— M.F. from North Carolina

"Thank you! That is probably the absolute most thorough customer service I've ever received! I was very pleased with my package and am still VERY pleased with my products. So pleased, I was happy to share a little photoset with F.T. on Twitter today. Again, thank you for checking up on the shipment!"

— K.W. from Houston

"As always, you guys ROCK…so excited to get my parcel so quickly. Appreciate your help. Did I tell you your customer service is friggin' awesome? : )"

— G.W. from Canada

"Thank you so much for everything you guys are doing, I'm honestly shocked by how helpful and understanding you've been. Your kindness is restoring my trust in online sex-toy shopping! I will absolutely be ordering from you in the future, thank you again!"

— J.P. from Massachusetts

"Wow, thank you very much! I was expecting to have to pay for replacements but of course I'm ecstatic with the complimentary replacements. Your customer service continues to be exceptional and is one of the reasons why I'm a repeat customer."

— L.G. from Maryland

"I have ordered a few times from Fort Troff and my experience has always been amazing. My order today arrived at 9:30am. The order was accurate, discreet and perfect. It is a pleasure to order from your company. Have a great weekend. I know I know I will with all my new toys. :-)!!"

— L.C. from Minnesota

"Thank you so much for the gift I can't wait to see it. You know, FT is the only company that I trust at this point in my life - for real. In a time of uncertainty and feeling the pain of the recession personally -I can honestly FT and your amazing fuck toys 69'ing with your unparalleled service is keeping my hope alive! Well that and some people in my life too! Ha ha ha."

— B.R. from New York

"I wasn't sure who to write with regards to this… but I have to compliment you fast and efficient service that you provide. I placed and order today around 11am (as I recall). I received my order confirmation shortly thereafter (which is kind of the norm these days). But what I wasn't expecting was an email later that day telling me that my order was shipped and should arrive by the end of the week. Fort Troff… I congratulate you on your superior customer service and lightning speed of the processing of my order. Thank you thank you thank you!"

— D.S. from California

"Just wanted to say thanks for an amazing level of service, all the way from my original enquiry to me receiving the products. The products are all fantastic, especially the Neo shorts, I will be wearing them a lot !! and think they would look HOT in a porn scene which I will be filming in the near future. I will also make sure the football shorts will be making an appearance somewhere. Love your products and think your site is fantastic and have done for many years, as do my friends. Only complaint is you are not in the UK, good thing really as ALL my hard earned cash would be spent on your products. Once again thank you."

— S.W. from London

"You guys rock at Fort Troff. Your products and customer service are always top-notch. That's why we pigs like you so much. My bottom buddy and I are getting worked over tonight by two tops so I wanted to make sure we had enough party favors for our fuck-fest."

— C.P. from Washington, DC

"Wow. People weren't lying when they said you have the best customer service! I'm definitely going to be a loyal customer from now on! You guys are fantastic!"

— J.B. from Pennsylvania

"Received my recent order and again you have exceeded my expectations! Products are always of the highest quality and competitive pricing. Delivery is the best in the industry. Thanks again for superior service! Your loyal pig!!"

— R.B. from Nashville

"When I looked online today it did say weather conditions were a problem. I was not expecting any credit as I know you got it out the door as soon as possible. I do appreciate your professionalism in keeping with your shipping promise even though it was not your fault. This is what I call GREAT customer service and is the reason I keep coming back for more at the Troff."

— G.J. from Arizona

"Perfect, you guys are the best, most reliable providers of the most sophisticated naughty boy stuff on the planet!! Many Thanks for making my pleasure your business!!"

— C.W. from NYC

"Everything is perfect! I thought you were sending a sample of the water based lube, not a full bottle. And the replacement cocktail rings are great. As for the original order, the sling, I'm in heaven! Thanks again for going way above and beyond to help me out! Trust me, I've been telling my buds what you have done. I see no reason to order from anyone else. Looking forward to more great pig purchases in the future."

— S. W. from New Jersey

"Everything is fantastic. As always, the items I ordered were delivered quickly and there are of exceptionally high quality. When I ordered I realized I had made a mistake, I immediately shot you all an email, and my mistake was quickly corrected. It cannot be said enough: the customer service at Fort Troff is incomparable. I will always come to you all first for my piggy needs. Thank you so much!"

— G.C. from Virginia

"I am more than happy with my order! The product is fantastic, just what I wanted. And the support was excellent. You may sell nasty products, but your service is spotless."

— B.P. from Boston

"I'm a huge fan of the Fort ever since my first purchase what is now about 5 years ago. I've ordered quite a number of items from the Fort during that time. Given the number of items I've ordered, there are bound to be a few issues that come up. Of the few times that's happened, the solution has always been in my favor. Also, no matter what the issue, question or problem, the support I've received from your team is unparalleled. Even when I screwed up a shipping address, your team had it accurately corrected and done so the expected delivery date was still met…that was MY error. What really earned your team my respect and gratitude, was when they contacted me about an item I purchased and used for nearly a year, instructed me to stop using it, throw it away and issued a full price credit towards a future Fort purchase. Now tell me, how can I not support a merchant that sells quality items that has phenomenal customer service to backup each purchase? I'm a lifer."

— J.S. from North Carolina

"Thank you for responding so readily to my message, as well as checking to ensure that product descriptions are as accurate as possible. I did not, however, intend that you should provide a 'credit' to me. That was very generous and considerate on your part. One reason I continue to shop at F.T. -- notwithstanding that your products are unique, intriguing, stimulating, and generally very good -- is that you DO appear to treat your customers with respect and importance. That attitude is fast becoming rare. In business myself, one thing ALL my custmers say about me is that I treat them with respect, importance, and never make any feel that they are a nuissance. The rewards, therefore, are meaningful -- and I get lots of references. And I have often referred F.T. to friends and the like."

— D.R. from Virginia

"You guys are awesome, as always. Amazing selection, fast shipment, competitive prices, top-notch service. You probably get tired of hearing that day-in and day-out. I think I'm going to create a rule on my email client that automatically responds positively to these emails from you guys, because in 5+ years I've never had anything but outstanding experiences when ordering from you guys."

— J.C. from Alabama

"SIR, the order has arrived and the shorts are great! my MASTER was very pleased w/ HIS shorts as well as the shorts on HIS slave, SIR! SIR, look forward to being a regular customer of Fort Troff."

— P.C. from Washington

"I wanted to send you an email this morning to let you know that I'm a very happy customer! Your company's products and customer service are exceptional :-) Your company is amazing and I'm so lucky that you came highly recommended and I'm passing along the recommendation to all my fellow pigs!"

— J.W. from Texas

"Everything is great! Your previous email about the item not arriving and taking off the shipping and handling, was a great surprise. You truly live up to your mission in customer service. I didn't message y'all or complain about not receiving it. Figured it was stuck in the mail or something and it'll come when it did. I had to post your first email on Facebook, Instagram, and Path; to show what a great company you have and to also prove that though customer service is a dying breed it's found in the most unexpected places."

— A.A. from Charlotte

"I apologize, this response is long overdue. I want to thank you for making absolutely certain that I was pleased with my purchase. I am consistently in awe of your attention to detail and follow through when it comes to customer satisfaction. I am very satisfied with my purchase now thanks ! I know trying to please everyone all the time is a full time job, and from my perspective mission accomplished. So many companies could learn from your business model. Again, thank you."

— M.B. from Texas

"I couldn't be happier with FT Troff. Easy shopping and great videos that actually show product use ! I have made multiple purchases and couldn't believe that when I made you aware of an issue with a product bought that a full refund was issued no questions asked. I have recommended FT Troff to friends who I'm sure will be just as impressed! Keep up the good work !"

— J.R. from Akron

"I just received my F.T. order which was delivered on time and with all of the items in perfect condition. Thanks for the Cum Lube sample and for your personal attention with my order. I've got to tell you that dealing with you and Fort Troff is a pleasure. Not only will I place other orders, but I will recommend F.T. to my playmates. Thanks again for your personal attention, now if you'll excuse me I need to play with my new toys…lol."

— M.F. from New York

"Everything arrived quite quickly and my order was perfect..as it has been for all of my orders. Thank you for your commitment to customer service! (Now I wish other companies would look to you to learn what customer service is and use a model similar to yours…:/))"

— M.T. from Austin

"Yes everything arrived. Thank you for the wonderful communication and smooth transaction. I have never received such excellent customer service and fast delivery as I have with your company. I truly enjoy my new toy and how it feels. I will definitely be back for future purchases."

— G.M. from Alabama

"Again, thank you. The hallmark of extraordinary customer service is not how a company handles regular operations. It is how they handle challenges. I have been in high-end customer service for many years including training, implementing and hiring. FT is truly extraordinary. I only wish that every company/vendor that I deal with operated as you do. Many thanks from a loyal customer."

— R.S. from Las Vegas

"Wow! You guys sure know how to look after your customers. I received my order 3 days in advance of the estimated shipment receive date. I order a lot of items online and have never experienced the level of customer service I have experienced with you guys at the Fort. Many, many thanks. And I haven't even started talking about the great products you provide on your site -- woof, oink, and all that!!! I will definitely be ordering more items as soon as I can figure out which ones I want to try before the others -- a very, very difficult decision."

— S.U. from Canada

"After doing our due diligence, we decided on the FT Basic Sling Stand, with springs, play sheet and carrying bag. FT sent everything quickly and just in time for a NY's sex party. Numerous pigs were plowed and played in the sling -- it was perfect to ring in the New Year. There are a lot of slings out there but the quality of FT's product, their pricing and customer service were commendable. We'll be back for additional supplies. Thanks to the men in the Troff for all your help."

— C.F. from Atlanta

"As usual, you guys are fantastic! My shipment arrived today, way before the 11th. I actually got the package before I checked this email! Now I can't wait to dig in and try them all out. I will certainly be ordering more items from you in the future. I don't think there is site out there that offers wide variety of products you provide, let alone the great service. Thank you guys so much for your wonderful service."

— T.N. from Phoenix

"Oh jeez, thanks! I didn't expect that, but thank you so much! This was my first FT order and I hear only good stuff about you guys; I'll be glad to pass on the word, and to get more stuff in the future. Thanks again for everything!"

— S.B. from Virginia

"Simply put… You guys rock! Everything was great. I love the creative stuff you carry for those moments when I need to express my wicked self. Thanks for making it possible. I'll definitely order from you again."

— J.B. from Canada

"Everything was absolutely perfect. I have a passion for providing superior customer service and find few that can keep up. Job well done. You could school a few companies and then some. I'll be back and often too! I'm in the market for a sling ::WOOF:: told my guy that it would be our housewarming gift for when we move in together. Don't worry. I'm sure to buy it from you."

— R.S. from Nashville

"It is totally AWESOME!!!! Thanks you soooooo much!!!!! They other one was a little too stiff and tight. Your customer service is 100% bar none the best. I will do lots more shopping through you guys in the future!!!"

— B.J. from San Diego

"Your response times…order processing, shipping…email responses…ARE SECOND TO NONE!!!!!!! I would recommend your site to anyone interested in your content - heck …based on Customer Service alone!!!!"

— D.R. from Maryland

"Thank you so much!! You guys are the best! I have never had this level of customer support online before. Consider me a new loyal customer and I look forward to purchasing more of your phenomenal products."

— R.C. from Florida

"I'm very happy with the replacement product! It's just right. And the hassle-free nature of the transaction will guarantee I use Fort Troff to find whatever else I need. Thanks again. You guys really are the best."

— J.B. from Washington, DC

"Just wanted to say a massive "Thank you" from 2 very happy, satisfied and now very horny pigs from across the pond! We visit your site frequently and see the Happy pig of the week and always wonder if you can really be that good. Well the answer is a massive "YES"! From the moment I placed my order, I seemed to enter into this amazing world of customer service which the rest of the world seems to have forgotten about! From placing my order to receiving my items took less than a week and I was kept informed at every stage."

— S.Y. from England

"I have had a chance to try the items I've ordered and I must say, OMG what a party I've had in my ass! The colon snake has me tingling and popping my nut everytime I slide it in and out. The ass tunnel is fun and the luber gets the lube in deep where I need it for the snake. The extra strong magnets have me seeing how long I can take the squeeze on my nipples and makes my dick drip love juice from the nipple play. I get excited looking for what new products you're going to come out with. You all are the absolute best in products and customer service."

— S.J. from Pennsylvania

"Wow — again your attention to detail at Fort Troff amazes me. I can see why people deal with you on a regular basis, and to be honest it is why I return because 'that is the way it is' is not your first response. It makes the customer actually believe that the company cares about this sale and him or her…Again thanks and the refund was truly magnanimous. Keep up this business philosopy…it is what, to me, is the mark of a great company."

— D.B. from London

"I've got to say, you guys have got the best customer service anywhere! I was really just sending you an FYI about the Fattie cock rings, but if every company I dealt with offered anything close to the service that you men offer, people would be much happier with their on-line shopping experience(s). On top of that, you have a wide variety of products with great competitive pricing, and the environmentally friendly corn starch popcorn you use for shipping is a welcome change from the styrofoam popcorn or plastic air pockets most places use. I'm sure I'll be placing another order soon. Thanks much from a very happy Fort Troff pig!"

— G.S. from Denver

"I don't know why I am still surprised at you guys! Yet again you come up tops - as it were :) - with an unparalleled level of customer service! Thank you so much Sergeant and I am sorry if I caused any trouble or hassle sorting out those extremely useful photo explanations. Really handy for a bugger like me who doesn't always work out which end is which. Seriously though, thank you again for taking the trouble and time to send that - you have been a great help and maybe once I get a chance to try on my gear for the camera, I'll send you some pix to prove that I worked it out ok ;)"

— C.B. from London

"Wow, I in no way intended for u to send me new magnetic nip tuggers in regular strength. I am the one who was cocky and thought I could handle the strong ones…My nips are so wired and I love all of your nip products. The new ones arrived yesterday and I had them on my nip in no time…thank you very much for your above and beyond customer service. Look forward to my next order…love when those packages arrive…I will be happy to return the strong ones if you want me to. Thanks again for keeping me so damn happy…"

— M.S. from Florida

"Thank you Thank you Thank you! I love Fort Troff and the customer service. I've shopped other sites before and never had the awesome personal attention before. I love FT and will continue to buy everything from y'all. I've even recommended your site to my friends and they've also made purchases. Thank you again for an amazing shopping experience."

— J.B. from Dallas

"As always, everything arrived as scheduled, and all products were present and accounted for. Every item was exactly as described, and I'm looking forward to giving everything a thorough evaluation. Rarely does customer service nearly eclipse the products themselves, but that's the Fort Troff way. Absolutely the best!"

— W.H. from Texas

"I just wanted to say that I am so very impressed with the level of customer service you and the Fort provide. A+! Being in the warehouse industry for 20 years, you just don't see this kind of attention any longer. I stress to my teams that communication is key, send a quick email stating what's going on, say thanks for the business, etc. Amazing what a little thank you will do for return business. Keep up the great work, love your stuff!"

— M.R. from North Dakota.

"Everything is freaking FANTASTIC !!!!!!! When I advised you of the problem I had with the ass lock vibrator, I was making sure you knew one of your products had a possible defect. You certainly don't want poorly manufactured products to taint your offerings. I was truly FLOORED when I came home from work and saw another Fort Troff shipment (love the camo tape!) on the porch!!! Thank you for replacing the product! No reallly……… thank you! I mean it! I have been ordering on the internet since 1993 or so (a looooong time), and in that time, I have NEVER received a replacement or return, sent to me, much less, sent without any charge whatsoever."

— T.P. from Oklahoma.

"Everything is great! You went way above and beyond to send me the replacement. I really wasn't expecting anything. The item was on sale and not even hardly worth the postage. Thank you very much. I most certainly will be ordering again from you. It's refreshing to know there are companies that really care about their customers. Thank you."

— R.C. from Wisconsin

"Yes… my order arrived perfectly packaged and even ahead of the scheduled delivery date. I must say that the customer service at Fort Troff is exceptional. You answered my pre-order questions promptly making sure I had the information I requested. The order process is easy and efficient. Once my order was placed the estimated date of arrival and tracking information arrived promptly in my email. Your follow up to make sure my order arrived and that I am happy with my purchase is also very much appreciated. If Fort Troff is every looking for an additional business venture I would suggest you take up training other companies in customer service as you truly are the gold standard of service and support!"

— A.L. from Massachusetts

"Thank you so very much. I greatly appreciate your spectacular customer service. There is no online retailer who offers a better customer experience. I try never to have to return anything I buy, whether at a brick and mortar store or online, but this time I just could not use the merchandise, so I decided to write to you. Thank you for providing the store credit to me so quickly and for making the process so simple. I will certainly continue regularly ordering from Fort Troff."

— S.C. from Florida

"I'm definitely one happy sub bottom after my shipment from the Fort. The day my package arrived, I installed my new F.T. Ass Blaster Shower Shot and Bed Bondage System, laid out my new F.T Waterproof Play Sheet, stuffed my ass with my new Bullpup butt plug and waited for my boyfriend to get home for playtime! The customer service I received from you guys has been exceptional — shipping was quick and the one toy that didn't work quite right was refunded immediately, no questions asked. I look forward to the next time I find a package from the Fort at my door — I know I'm going to love what's inside (especially if it hurts a bit)."

— J.H. from Canada

"That, perhaps, is one of the best customer service responses that I have ever received. Thanks for the store credit, and I will be back. You have some of the best items on the web."

— D.M. from Illinois

"Wow! Thank you! Y'all have the best customer service of any company I've ever dealt with, I must say. The sole impetus for the email was simply because a week without hearing about the order was quite an anomaly compared to the fair number of transactions I've had before. And that's why I'll be doing a little shopping on your site again tonight! Nobody keeps me prepared for rockin' out a good pounding like you guys."

— D.L. from Minnesota

"Everything is more than "A-OK". You guys at Fort Troff are awesome, and your products superb! The service you provided was not only quick, easy and professional, it was also thorough and a relief. Despite a conflict in my mailing info on my credit card and the mailing info I supplied, I was extremely happy to see how quickly the problem was resolved especially because it was the weekend and even more happy that I received my toy within 72 hrs."

— R.R. from Florida

"I am sitting here cracking up as I read this message from you guys… I don't even know where to start to express how OKAY I am and also how CERTAIN I am that F.T. is the SHIT, the BOMB, the BEST! Where should I start?!? Being a LOGICAL pig leads me to start with HOW FAST I received my orders… your shipping/processing team is off the hook! Next, your products ROCK! You guys have some of the BEST, most KINKY gear, toys, accessories etc… Last, I am IN LOVE with your sales. NOTHING makes me a happier PIG than getting your AMAZING products at an even more AMAZING price! To bring this return message to a well rounded conclusion and to go back to where I started… I am sitting here RIGHT now beating off to some hot PIG porn while wearing the new cock rings that I received TWO days after ordering! I can't thank you guys enough for getting your products into your clients hands so fast and for having the most amazing customer service on the PLANET!"

— A.D. from New Jersey

"OINK !!! That's a squeel of satisfaction! You guys are awesome. There's no one in this market better at customer service than you. Really incredible! I'm a repeat customer and it's this kind of world class service that keeps me coming back to the Troff for more. THANK YOU!!!"

— G.F. from Minneapolis

"It was not your fault the box was lost, that was totally UPS's fault. I want to thank you so much for the fast assistance and for getting this resolved! Despite the setback, the excellent service and resolution has made me a dedicated customer! Thank you!!"

— B.B. from California

"I cannot thank you enough - what amazing customer service. I wasn't expecting a complete replacement, and in fact, I just wanted to be sure you knew that it happened so it wouldn't happen again for someone else. Thrilled with your products, your customer service, and you follow-through. This pig will be back for more…"

— R.B. from Portland

"Everything is totally OK. Your customer service, has to be the best of ANY business that I have ever run into and I mean EVER. I am a business man and have never known anyone like your company. Thank you for being the best."

— R.M. from Maryland

"You guys are the greatest! I've read it from the other guys and now I know it first hand! I always check you guys first for my "stuff" and now you'll be the only place I buy. Thanks for the great service!"

— J.H. from Tennessee

"I really just wanted to say that the attention you show to your customers in addressing problems that in most instances the customer would notice but pretty much shrug off. I imagine customer service is a part of your business model and if it is, you succeed 100%. It's really this kind of stuff that defines a company because it defines what is most important to you. A returning customer. You have my vote."

— D.G. from Texas

"I have to say… I've referred a number of friends to your website and everyone has said what AMAZING customer service they have received. Thank you for such a prompt reply."

— S.B. from NYC

"You guys were absolutely great in replacing my defective item. I was surprised and very happy with how accommodating you were in fixing the problem. It was a great way to start our relationship, and I will definitely be doing more business with you in the near future. Thanks for everything"

— K.S. from Connecticut

"Thanks for checking to see if all was ok with the recent order. Typical of Fort Troff, everything was fine! I recommend your site to others I meet in the leather and kink community."

— R.M. from Portland

"I really appreciate it.. really I was just looking for the amount to ship those red plugs so this credit is way above and beyond. Thank you so much.. you guys continue to surpass my expectations, even when there's something wrong."

— D.B. from Chicago

""As always, I am completely satisfied with my order (in more ways than just the shipping speed if you know what I mean.) You guys really set the bar for others in this industry. Shit, if I ever find myself in Tucker I am totally stopping by to pay my homage to the best fucking pig supply house in the world."

— B.B. from New Orleans

"Everything is PRRRrrrr-fect !!!!! Have to admit that I've made some inquiries about products at another site prior to ordering and it took them 4 days to respond. Then when they did respond they didn't answer the questions that I asked. The pigs at the FORT respond the same day answering my question. I'm gonna forget about them and do my ordering from the SARGE at Ft. Troff !!"

— M.L. from Arizona

"The fact that you & your company have taken the time to personally notify us of the delay in shipping is amazing. To top it off, offering a $100 courtesy refund for something that is completely out of your hands is something that is unheard of these days. It is something that shows that you guys really care for your customers. For that, we thank you and will be sure to recommend you guys to all of our friends. Again, thanks for letting us know and I look forward to the arrival of our newest addition to the play room."

— J.Y. from Chicago

"Yes, my order arrived VERY quickly and everything is just right. I gave the Oxballs cocksling a try and WOW! I really like the way it wraps around your cock and balls and gives you that little extra sensation. It was great. I'm gonna recommend them to all of my pig buddies! And to think I almost forgot to order it. Thanks for adding it to the order. From a Happy Tugging Pig."

— T.W. from Delaware

"You have got to be kidding me…right? This is some kind of joke? Fuck man, damn I gotta say FT just went above and beyond for customer service-WOW. That's just awesome-I've got my eye on some paddles and other gear so I'll be ordering soon…and you have just earned yourself a customer who will always speak of FT with the highest regard and a loyal one as well. Thank you."

— G.L. from Palm Springs.

"Yes! Yes! And Yes!! I received my order and like always I was extremely pleased by the service provided by both my order ;) and from FortTroff itself!! I have been a shopping member for about two years now and am very pleased with the products and company itself!! Hot gear, great lubes, and amazing flesh lights!! As long as you guys keep it up on your end, I will be a valued customer for years to cum!! Thank You!!"

— LT from NY

"Thank you so much for checking. Everything is perfect. I was so surprised to receive my order so quickly. I placed my order Saturday night and was so excited to see myi tems would be delivered on Tuesday. The packaging was unassuming as promised and the products are great… I have used them all to astonishing pleasure. I have already planned my next purchase and cannot thank you enough for your great site and compelling products!"

— K.M. from Charlotte, N.C.

"Dear Sir, I have been searching for the perfect words to express my past, current and presumed future satisfaction with your company, its products and customer service. I recently came across the following entry in an online Business Dictionary. I believe this definition has FortTroff written all over it. INTEGRITY. Quality characterized by honesty, reliability, and fairness, developed in a relationship over time. Customers and clients have much more confidence when dealing with a business when they can rely on the representations made."

— B.S. from Minneapolis

"Not a question, but a statement. I just want to say that I was totally blown away when my order I just placed last Saturday was shipped on Monday and arrived on Wednesday. This kind of service is almost unheard of. I placed an order with another vendor more than a week ago and I still have not been advised of a shipping date. My last order with them took more than a month. Also wanted to tell you that I have already tried the new F.T. Silicone Nip Suckers and they are incredible. After wearing them for a half hour I could not believe how hard my nipples had gotten and how much they stood out. They are ready for a pig top to torture and put the nipple clamps on. Thanks Fort Troff for once again coming through as promised to your many pig fans. You have a loyal customer from now on."

— R.K. from Saint Louis

"ATTENTION FELLOW PIGS — if you have ordered from Sarge and his team at Fort Troff you KNOW the service and quality are amazing. But what happens when something goes wrong? I will tell you — even BETTER service! My problem was solved within an hour and to my complete satisfaction. And THAT is the difference between good customer service and GREAT customer service. Above and beyond the call of duty and an iron-clad guarantee that my pig money will continue to be spent at Troff! Thanks again."

— J.G. from London

"Your Customer Service rocks! Not only did my order get processed and sent the same day, but arrived well ahead of schedule and was put to immediate use! This pig is one VERY HAPPY and SATISFIED customer! In fact, every order I've ever placed with you has been met with the same incredible satisfaction. YOU are the best!"

— J.H. from Sacramento, CA

"OH Yeah Sergeant Luger, everything is A-OK. Been busy fuckin' a lot more thanx to your wonderful products! You guys really rock. You are cheaper and so very fucking fast. Nothing compares to you guys. Even in sleazy ol' Frisco, there's no comparison. I only wish I could be out east to cum to your sleazy club in Atlanta, to fuck my brains out! Maybe one day. THANX AGAIN GUYS!"

— S.W. from San Francisco

"Thanks for the follow-up email regarding my satisfaction. I have only recently had one other company do the same after a purchase. I've been buying products online since 1992 and have never before this year, 2010, been treated with this level of service. It's a great idea and I hope that you continue to solicit feedback from your customers. Your products arrived in stellar condition. Love the 'camo' tape on the box. Clever. I haven't used everything that I purchased yet. But, I am completely satisfied with FortTroff.com. I'll be returning in the future as a repeat customer."

— B.F. from Santa Rosa, CA

"You rock! You really do. Not only you manage to have great toys and play stuff, but you also ship the orders quickly. I have made some lately and they have all been delivered fast and without mistakes. Nothing makes me more happy than finding one of your boxes with the camouflage-print box tape on the top waiting for me at the door. I know where it is from and I know what to do with its content. Need I say more?"

— L.M. from Washington, DC

"Yes sir! The order arrived in 2 days and everything is great…and you shipped another order to me today. Love your site and the products ordered. Especially like the personal comments about the items…and vid demo clips. I can tell you won't sell something that doesn't meet your approval and you search high and low for quality products. Keep up the good work. You've got a loyal customer here and I'll pass the word along to my friends."

— T.H. from Illinois

"Ditto on what everybody else said. Amazing service, quality items, and every single promise met or exceeded. (Shit! I got my items 36 hours after ordering!) Broke in the F.T. jelly fatties last night. Had two rubbered pigs in bondage, good fat cocks, and began loading the ball stretchers on them. With riding crop in hand, the ball slapping began. Both pigs loved these little stretchers and I loved how easy it was to load them on. No more pinched skin from snapping on the leather stretchers! Thanks!"

— D.P. from Atlanta

"I must say that you guys have 1 flipping awesome business! I've purchased quite a few things over the past months, and I've always been pleased with the price and quality. But your customer service is beyond belief! The great products and prices along with the outstanding customer service is the biggest reason why I keep returning! You guys should be role models for other businesses! Keep up the great work!"

— A.W. from St. Louis

"My order arrived today in New Zealand (Friday morning local time) 48 hours after you shipped from the US. Unbelieveable delivery and service. The products are as always of excellent quality. Once again FT has exceeded my expectations and your team is truely awesome from a Customer perspective. Outstanding products and service. Thank you for continuing to exceed your already very high customer service expectations."

— M.R. from New Zealand

"Hey Sarge! You know what? You guys are the BOMB! You are by far the fastest in processing orders, and they have arrived in record time. Having been in customer service for over 30 years, I appreciate the level of service you guys provide. Even on a return I had to make, it was dealt with professionally and without incident. Like no other web site I have dealt with. They need to take lessons from you, Sir, making the purchase and subsequent follow-up issues as seamless as possible. I have spoken very highly of your site and products, and you have a loyal Pig-Daddy customer in me! My Boy and I thank you!"

— B.B. from Colorado

"Your products fucking ROCK!!! Even as a fan of naturopathic alternatives to medicinals, I was skeptical bout the hard-on herbals, and then they made me harder than I've been in a helluva long time - and with no adverse side effects!! They arrived way faster than I expected which was awesome. The ball stretcher and cock ring are also great, and your customer service is outstanding. Thanks for multiple pre-drippin, ball-stretching, dick-throbbing good times!"

— S.H. from Kansas.

"Everything is great, the order arrived quicker than expected and was packed great…I feel that Fort Troff provided everything that I ordered at an exceptional value, and you will most definitely be getting more orders from me, I am truly pleased with the products and becoming more and more impressed with the level of customer service. Other online stores could definitely take a few lessons from you!! I must also add that the "Pig Oil" has to be one of the best lubes that I have ever used, I definitely want more of that!!"

— B.C. from Illinois

"The order was received in fine condition SIR! As always, the follow-up and support from Ft. Troff was above and beyond the expectations. You have one very satisfied customer here! In fact, here in Peoria we always hear the old saying "Does it play in Peoria?" which always meant that if it played in Peoria, it would play anywhere … referring to the old vaudeville and movie era. I would like to shout out that Fort Troff does play in Peoria! Thanks for the great products, outstanding customer service and the best value in the industry!"

— R.M. from Peoria, IL

"Thanks for the email… All I can say is that I wish every company in every industry had customer service that was half as good as that which I have received from Fort Troff. My order arrived in perfect condition and only 2 days after I placed the order. I am extremely satisfied with both your products and service and you can count me among your loyal customers now and I will certainly recommend Fort Troff to my buddies. BTW… thanks for the Thank you gift that was included with my order."

— M.C. from Pennsylvania

"A-OK is a very weak word to describe how I feel after receiving my last order. My hole has never been so happy and worked out, and thanks to your amazing customer service, it did not have to wait very long to experience those great new toys. With every order I am amazed at the quality of your products, your responsiveness and your customer service overall. So many companies could learn a thing or two from you about customer satisfaction and retention, for sure!!! I am a true fan, and will remain a loyal customer for a long, long time."

— G.B. from Montreal

"My magnetic nipple clamps were tried IMMEDIATELY out of the box. They're wonderful! I'm looking forward to hours of wearing them, being used in them and having others tweak my nipples in them. Wonderfully, delightfully, deliciously painful and pleasurable. Thank you again and again for your prompt service and follow up. I've become one of the happiest pigs on the planet for my man and you've helped make me proudly so."

— J.S. from Glendale, CA

"I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that my most recent order arrived early (as usual) and attractively packaged in your signature camouflage taped box. I even got a comment from the postal employee who said that the package must have been from someone important. She couldn't have been more on target. Fort Troff is the ONLY place where I order my pig gear. You guys have your shit together and you truly know how to run a smooth operation. Your company's focus on excellent customer service, quality (tested) products, and value is superior to anyone I've ever had the pleasure to do business with. For these reasons I have decided to mention your company various times on my blog which is read by hundreds of readers a day. I will continue to tout your companies excellence and will continue my patronage of your company. If there is anything I can do for you, please let me know."

— J.G. from Key West

"Thank you for asking if I was happy with my order. First off, thank you for adding stickers to my order and responding to my questions (I timed it) in less than one minute! Every time I have placed an order with Fort Troff I have always been impressed with the packing materials used. No company I have ever ordered products from online have arrived like yours, camo tape, and at one time red crinkle paper which has now evolved into earth friendly packing material. To be honest it is those little touches that make me want to order from you again and again. To me it shows that you care about what you are selling and whom you selling it to…thank you once again for proudly serving the pig community. Your forever loyal pig."

— M.T. from Oklahoma

"Is everything OK? wot? WOT?? I get hard every time I see that pig-x logo of yours now! DAMMIT ALL TO HELL! (Got one right now at work.) Immediate responses to email. Great prices. Order fulfilled EXACTLY as requested. Expeditious service in getting merchandise. What more could a man want? (Besides any of your models!) Save on gift wrapping and bow. J ust send him naked in a big puffy coat. It's cold up here. Thanks again. (Your service is better than the last fuck I had!)"

— D.N. from Bronx, NY

"Men—This is not a question at all. It's a statement. You did it again. You guys are the best in the business. Actually…you're the best in any business. We have never had such incredible customer service…attention to detail…genuine concern…and absolute perfection time after time. We just used our King Size Flat Play Sheet. It got abused to say the least. The only thing that got more abused was the hot submissive boy that was taking…or trying to take…everything coming his way. It probably wasn't the sheet at all…but damn, we had the most incredible hot raw action we've ever had. If we had to place the credit somewhere…we thought we might as well give credit to the sheet. We don't want to swell the boy's head. Seriously…you men are amazing. We've told everyone you're the only game in town."

— J.L. and S.H. from New York

"In all my years of catalog, online and mail order shopping, you are the only ones to EVER confirm my delivery instructions prior to shipment. It is exactly that kind of customer service that keeps me cumming back for more. Nearly every business online today could learn a great deal about quality business and customer satisfaction from Ft Troff. As always you guys make me feel like a Five Star General, and from this real life veteran, that is a major compliment. I'm happy to do business with you, and a proud member of your pig army. Squealing, grunting, and snorting daily with thank to the awesome toys and gear you sell."

— M.O. from Arizona

"Got the package today. You men really rock. Yours is probably the best site we've ever dealt with…for anything. We just had to let you know…although you probably already do. Folks tend to bitch and complain when things don't go as expected…but often forget to give a well deserved compliment when everything is perfect. Thanks again."

— J.L. and S.H. from New York

"You guys are absolutely THE best when it comes to service/price and I faithfully send every pig I encounter to your site. You are not just better than any other site in your category, but you match or beat the level of service I've received at brick and mortar leather stores. And you are better than most high-end department and specialty stores. You have good quality merchandise and your prices beat everyone else. Your web site always works and is easy to use. Best of all, there is never any BS or attitude—period. Keep on treating your people well so they can treat me well!! OINK!"

— J.H. from Austin, TX

"Hello, Sir! Yes, my latest order arrived yesterday right on schedule, and I am very pleased. The two Nasty Pig black jocks that I ordered are great. When I got home yesterday, I opened the package, opened one of the jocks, put it on and immediately pissed it. The jock is totally comfortable. I especially love the fact that the waistband is narrower than most jocks, and it is low-rise. So, It fits great under my beer belly. Sir, thank you for your time and attention to my order. As always, it is a pleasure doing business with you. Respectfully from a happy, smelly piss pig."

— P.H. from Endicott, NY

"What can I say? I already knew you guys were amazing, but this experience has gone above and beyond any customer satisfaction I've ever experienced. When I first placed my order I was quoted a delivery date of 2 business days. I watched the tracking number eagerly and as excited to see 'Delivered'. I got home to find sadly that some delinquent had gone around the neighborhood that day stealing packages. And while the idea of said person opening my neighbors QVC package alongside my FT Troff package was amusing, I was angry and sad. I said nothing, thinking I was shit out of luck. A few days later Sgt. Luger sends me an email asking if I had received my package and if I was pleased. Again thinking nothing could be done, I related my story thinking Luger would get a laugh. Instead I was told my package would be resent at no cost to me. Why? Because Fort Troff genuinely cares about their customers. This experience assured me that Fort Troff is where I go from now on for my piggish needs. Thank you, very much. You've made a pig and his boy very happy."

— M.M. from Kansas

"This is a new record. I placed the order on Monday and it was delivered on Friday. That isn't even four days from your place to my place. Considering that your place is in the USA and my place is in New Zealand, which is half the world and a whole hemisphere away, that's pretty good going. As usual the order was perfectly packed and arrived here in immaculate condition. I can assure you that the goods won't be in immaculate condition for long because I'm going to use them tonight. Over the years I've bought man stuff from places all over the world. No one but no one gives as good quality products, reasonable prices and impressive service as the men at the Troff. After impeccable service and follow through after order placement with every order that I've placed with you, I'm going nowhere else in future. You guys rock."

— K.M. from New Zealand

"Damn…awesome service. I must say this has to be about the best experience I have had with an online purchase. I had one defective bottle of head cleaner, yet you took matters into your own hands and decided to reship the full order. I'm very appreciative of your awesome efforts in making me a satisfied customer. I will definitely keep coming back to you guys for all my piggish needs. Once agains, thanks for the great customer service."

— I.L. from Illinois

"Could not have asked for a better online shopping experience! Well-packaged, quick ship. All items arrived in first quality condition. Can re-use the shipping box for storage. A free gift to boot! And, for those of us environmentally friendly—NO Popcorn foam—we thank you. In closing, I generally buy from Extreme, JT and Mr. S —BUT, with your excellent customer service, I'll be looking at Your site FIRST. Again, thanks for raising the benchmark in customer service."

— S.C. from Charleston, SC

"I had such an easy and stress free shopping experience and want to say thank you for the impeccable customer service. My order was delivered a day early, which was nice because I was home to personally receive it. I was already eager to take my new goodies for a test drive but when I saw a free little thank you gift included in my package you managed to raise my excitement level even more. That was totally unexpected. Thanks again! You can be sure that I'll be ordering more from Fort Troff in the future."

— J.P. from Chicago

"Where to begin? Your customer service, products, and prices should serve as a model to other companies! As if great products don't sell themselves, you offer low prices and peedy shipping. Still begging for more? Check out is speedy and easy. I could not ask for anything more from any organization. You have mastered pleasing your customers and left us begging for more. I sing your praise to all of my friends and when they are skeptical I bet them the price of your purchase. I've won everytime!"

— D.A. from New Haven, CT

"Happy? HAPPY? WHAT? are you fuckin' kidding me? I think the word is AMAZED! Though that doesn't quite sum it up. Not only did my products arrive super fast, the very discrete packaging makes me want to have the stuff delivered to my job. Not sure that would be a good idea because I'd be walking around with a raging wet pre-cum boner trying to figure out how to open the box so I can start using whatever I bought. But seriously, I wish that all things ran as efficiently, and expeditiously as you operated your business. Thanks for the exemplary service. I'll be recommending and ordering more."

— DN from Bronx, NY

"May I take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent service. Your customer service skills are very good, keeping me informed of everything that's going on. A lot of British companies could learn a thing or 2 about that. When I received your e-mail about an expected delivery date of the 2nd September I was quite happy with that. This morning out of curiosity I logged onto UPS to track the parcel. Imagine my surprise when I saw it was on its way and expected delivery date today. And funny enough as I was doing this, there was the UPS man on my doorstep. I am completely satisfied with the stuff I have ordered from you, in fact as I type this I am wearing the rubber outfit. Incidentally it was still cheaper to buy from you and pay for delivery than buying at my local fetish store. So once again thanks for everything. I will have no hesitation in recommending your site to whoever will listen. From one satisfied customer!"

— T.G. from Kent, England

"Wow! I am impressed! Your site is GREAT. Your pictures are the BEST. And your DEMO clips are TOPS. I live within walking distance of several leather stores, but love to visit your site and thought it was about time to start ordering from you. Maybe bootcamp is next…! Hail to the Chief!"

— JM from Santa Monica, CA

"I can't say enough good things about my experience shopping at Fort Troff. My special request was handled perfectly. All items arrived in good order and about 4 days ahead of the original shipping ETA. First rate experience every step of the way. You have made F.T. one of my favorite suppliers and you can be sure that I will be back for more Pig Gear in the future."

— DC from Vista, CA

"Where do I begin my praises of my experience with your service? I have to say that through the 3 orders I've placed with you, you have been the best experience of Internet purchasing that I have ever had over the past 10 years!! The fast processing and delivery of the products have on both occasions been really surprising to me, and greatly appreciated. And of course, your products are absolutely AWESOME. You guys, just keep on doing what you're doing, continue finding such great new products, and I'll keep on ordering with you, so that I can be an always happier little pig!!! You positively rock!"

— G.B. from Montreal, Canada

"Wow, Wow, Wow!!! You are really great to stand behind your product like that. I so Just sending an E-mail to tell you how much I love all of your products! You're the only site I'll but my toys from and I love the creative, unique twists and toys you have! Very satisfied! Keep up the good work!! "

— C.B. from WIsconsin

"Just sending an E-mail to tell you how much I love all of your products! You're the only site I'll but my toys from and I love the creative, unique twists and toys you have! Very satisfied! Keep up the good work!! "

— D.B. from Arkansas

"I'm a huge fan of the Fort with regard to the quality products you sell but it's the EXCEPTIONAL customer service that keeps me coming back. In my career I've been quite frugal giving an exceptional rating to members of my team. To me, an exceptional rating is recognition for something truly special the individual has accomplished. The Fort's customer service is EXCEPTIONAL and I salute you and your team for that accomplishment."

— J.S. from North Carolina

"THANK YOU! Customer Service at Fort Troff goes FAR beyond my wildest dreams! Fort Troff has two new customers for life."

— R.G. from Phoenix

"Everything is absolutely fantastic! I tried out my new toys and supplies as soon as I closed the door to my apartment. As always my order arrived early, in its entirety, and intact. I'm always amazed with the speed and efficiency that Fort Troff handles orders which is one reason why I enjoy shopping there. The large selection is another reason why I always come back. Plus your website is also really easy to use and is sexy as fuck it turns me on whenever I visit. Every time I place an order I feel like I'm your best customer. I kind of want to go down to Atlanta and show Sargent Luger how much I appreciate the attention with my own bit of superior customer service. You've earned yourself a lifetime customer!"

— G.C. from Virginia

"You guys ROCK as always. I'm old enough (lol) to remember when good customer service was an industry norm across the board. It's not like that anymore!! -- which really makes Fort Troff stand out in my humble but very accurate opinion I love the way you package merchandise, include a 'thank you' envelope, and I particularly appreciate your quick and personal response to all communications."

— R.M. from Virginia

"I definitely didn't want to let your email go by if only because I will never tire of giving thanks where it's due. And there is no-one more deserving than you guys at FortTroff! You ask if everything is A-OK …A can stand for many things - including the obvious thing that we all love so much But in my book, you are truly amazing, awesome and indeed ass-stounding!! From the moment I click checkout to the moment that a package of deviant delights arrives on my doorstep, I am blown away in a way more deeply than the hottest of hunks could ever blow me!! You guys rock and rule the world of kink. Combined with an amazing level of customer service, I am continuously impressed by what I discover. I kneel before you with thanks and amazement! :))"

— C.B. from London

"Just wanted to let u know I received my order and 'freebies'. I'm ABSOLUTELY impressed with your customer service and loyalty module. Impressive! I can't say enough good things about you guys and the experience. I will certainly share it online without 'giving away the bank'. Unfortunately there are plenty of people who would be dishonest just to benefit by your outstanding service. Thanks a million, you guys ROCK! I'm def a loyal customer!"

— J.M. from New York City