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FT Fuck Machine 2.0

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FT Fuck Machine 2.0
FT Fuck Machine 2.0
FT Fuck Machine 2.0
FT Fuck Machine 2.0
FT Fuck Machine 2.0


We are PUMPED to announce Version 2.0 of the FT Fuck Machine. Based on your feedback, it’s now equipped with a bigger motor that delivers over 20 PCT more TORQUE. We seriously ramped up the PUSH…for when you need it most.

NOBODY delivers the ass crammin’ power, ease of adjustment, and KILLER price that we do.

Superior power is just the beginning. Most fuck machines have controls that are too damn sensitive...not ours. Our big grippy dial has a good range...far less sensitive than ANY we've ever tested. The idea is to go SLOW...carefully increasing the speed of the thrusts...and that's what our Control does. Our Machine delivers a good "basic" 2 inch back-and-forth stroke.

And there's more...talk about dong options! Our machine will work with ANY of our FT Sticky Bomb dongs...over 25 to choose from. From our Realistics to our Cyborg range...NOBODY gives you the variety of pounding cocks that we do.

Mounting and adjustability are also important. Our FT Fuck Machine is anchored by 4 oversized suction pads. Any SLICK surface will give you a STABLE ride. Shower walls...slick table tops...hood of your car!

The shaft that holds the dongs is designed for ease of adjustability. While you can’t do a full-on vertical mount…you get a good range of horizontal options...for insane doggy style fun.

Durability was another concern...so we CRASH TESTED our FT Fuck Machine. The industrial plastic casing will survive REPEATED hard drops to the floor. Industrial plastic also has the added benefit of keeping the Machine lightweight...only 5 pounds.

The FT Fuck Machine delivers. Power. Ease of Control. Choice of Dongs. Adjustability. Strength. We fully guarantee One Year of ass- pounding satisfaction!

DETAILS: Please note that our Sticky Bomb Dildos are NOT included. The FT Fuck Machine uses a standard 2-prong 100 volt plug. A converter is required for international use. The motor delivers a 2 inch stroke and a maximum rate of 200 times per minute. The FT Fuck Machine is 23 inches long, 8 inches wide, and 7.5 inches Tall. It weighs 5 Pounds. It comes securely packed in a box that has 2 custom-formed Styrofoam pieces that keep it stable and protected. This packaging can be re-used multiple times…provided you open and store it carefully.


[5 stars based on 16 reviews]
March 9 2017

Excellent machine it does the job better than most guys I know LOL doesn't get tired is always in the mood.... seriously it's the best I've tried I told all my friends and they're very curious about it. Thank you FortTroff

— Hector Andrade
February 19 2017

I waited several years to purchase this item because I was skeptical that it would be worth it. Now my only regret is I waited so long. Reveived it next day after ordering. Watched my husband edge himself for a couple hours with the jack you back feature. It was very hot to watch him roll his eyes back and see his muscles tense and relax over and over. He left out quit the moan as he came! It was my turn next as he watched me take a fucking from the machine. Precum began to almost pour from my cock as the cyborg dildo I attatched pounded my prostate. My husband loved watching me take it from slow speed to full power. I spewed like a fountain hands free! This is a very impressive machine. I highly recommend it!

— Bonegardener
December 5 2016

By far the best design ever made. Very easy to use in several different positions and super easy to adjust. Works with most and Ft toys in many sizes. Suction cups base are very effective for securing in one place. This is a powerful machine with great ajuatable speeds to satisfy your hungy hole. Super light weight but oh so strong. Worth the money i spent every time i turn to on

— Ginger boy
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September 30 2016

BUY THIS NOW! This fuck machine is awesome. My partner and I both love it. It's great for a nice slow stroke or a rough pounding that doesn't quit. Great product guys.

— George
September 27 2016

I bought this machine several months ago and finally got around to using it. Once it's set up it truly delivers, and I was completely satisfied with its performance. The adjustment knobs are a bit small and difficult to reach (and a little bit difficult to manipulate with lube-slicked fingers) but once it's set, it's great. There is the issue of where to set it up. As the product description says, it needs a slick surface. It would not stick to my hardwood laminate floors. I purchased the bed mount kit, but it really wasn't suitable for my situation. My solution was to purchase a 4' X2' X 1/4" sheet of plexiglass. Perfect! Mount the machine at the bottom, pad the top half with a blanket and pillow or two for comfort, and you're set to go anywhere; bed, floor, any room in the house, and the plexi sheet slides under the bed for storage. Thanks for making a machine available at this great price, FT!

— michael
March 21 2016

Just set up the FT Fuck Machine 2.0 stabilized with the 4 point anchor kit. I'm a bottom dad who loves getting fucked missionary style. Once I got the machine's height adjustments tweaked, I was able to get fucked just the way I like it. The thrust was excellent, and the realistic dong slammed against my P spot leading to a massive load. This machine is damned well worth the money. Almost as good as the real thing!

— Bottom Daddy
March 20 2016

Love this!!!

— Pup Muin
March 5 2016

100% pleased and satisfied with my new fuck machine. Works great and feels the same. Good job FT.

— Steven
March 3 2016

TRULY AMAZING! Arrived yesterday. Spent hours getting plowed today. Get this fucking machine. You’ll never search the internet for a date again.

— Geoff
February 5 2016

It feels so fantastic, like a real fuck, and it's variable speed.

— Tom
February 1 2016

Very good! Can't complain. It was hard to spend over $300 on a toy that only my husband could use, but the attachment was a great choice. Now we both can use it.Husband has used it to get fucked, said it felt like a real man fucking his hole. I used the attachment to get my dick stroked. AMAZING.

— Josh
January 25 2016

This really delivers! Took my 1st of many rides tonight. Good power and trust. Best money I have spent in a long time...

— jay
January 19 2016

Guys, this is one smoking machine!! It is a powerhouse!! I fucked myself twice the day I got it and had intense orgasms both times! I did it on the floor, on the vanity, which it is so powerful it almost knocked me down face first!! I took it to bed with me last night and WOW did I cum !!!!! It's worth every penny, and mine arrived 4 days after I ordered it! Great job at the Fort!!

— Bryan
January 10 2016

All in all a great piece of equipment to have in your toybag. Can take some tinkering with to get the correct angle and anchor points, but once its set up to your liking its smooth sailing. Perfect for the times when you need a little more and your top(s) have passed out well spent ;)

— Joe
January 5 2016

I can't count the ways I love to enjoy this machine. I love that it almost goes to a full 90 when I'm in the mood to squat down on it and ride. It's great how I can adjust it to fuk me doggie style and then of course all the way down to take it lying on my back. Very versatile and incredible value!!!

— BBbrian
October 12 2015

I wondered before purchasing the machine if 2" thrust was enough force but have found it's perfect combined with my own movement... I luv riding it without even turning the machine on.

— Gary
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