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FT ELECTRO >>> Max Pulse KIT

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FT ELECTRO >>> Max Pulse KIT
FT ELECTRO >>> Max Pulse KIT
FT ELECTRO >>> Max Pulse KIT
FT ELECTRO >>> Max Pulse KIT
FT ELECTRO >>> Max Pulse KIT
FT ELECTRO >>> Max Pulse KIT
FT ELECTRO >>> Max Pulse KIT
FT ELECTRO >>> Max Pulse KIT
FT ELECTRO >>> Max Pulse KIT


If you’re ready to AMP it UP…this is the HI-TEK toy you NEED to put in your hands.

The FT MAX Pulse KIT is the SUPER-CHARGED deluxe version of our wildly popular FT Electro-KIT. Designed to pump out MORE Juice… MORE Stimulation…and MORE Cum. It’s designed for Intermediate and Advanced E-Stim players.

This pocket-size POWER PAK is the perfect mix of POWER and PERFORMANCE. This is a 2-Channel Power Box with 7 highly-adjustable stimulation modes. You get a range that’s UNMATCHED by other similar priced units. Take it from an EZ-sleazy tingling all the way up to an intense ASS-THUMPIN’ workout that’ll leave you drenched in jizz!

The FT MAX Power Pulse has everything you need to get started right away having shock fetish fun. You get the SUPER-SLEEK Control Box… one that fits squarely in the palm of your hand… ONE electro pure SILICONE Butt Plug… TWO silicone E-Bands for use around your cock and balls… and FOUR Sticky Pads for even MORE fun!

Wrap E-Stim Loops around your cock and balls… slap an electro-Plug up your hole… then adjust the setting to alternate between channels for ONE CRAZY-ASS RIDE!

2 channels also means DOUBLE the FUN. Up for a lil’ competition? Grab a bud, lube up 2 E-Plugs… switch to SYNCHRONOUS MODE… then slowly EDGE UP that dial and see which GRUNT’s more HARDCORE! The possibilities are endless.

CLEAN N CARE: Made of durable silicone, you can use both Silicone and Water-based lubes. To clean, wash with mild soap and water...or better yet, use our FT Mean Clean toy cleaner.Carefully clean the control box/unit using a cloth lightly moistened with alcohol to avoid damaging the circuitry.

DIMENSIONS: The small cock ring has a diameter of 1.5 inches. The large cock ring has a diameter of 2 inches. The butt plug has an insertable length of 3 inches and maximum circumference of 5.25 inches. The FT MAX Power Pulse is powered by a 9 Volt battery.

ELECTRIC PLAY SAFETY TIPS: While E-STIM can be powerfully fun and orgasmic, there are precautions you should know! As with any electrical device, AVOID using near water or pools of sweat or piss (this may damage the device and cause an unintentional SHOCK). Keep ALL play BELOW the waistline…especially if you are NEW to electro-play. (There are specially designed “Bi-Polar” nipple clamps that run current through each nipple, NEVER nipple-to-nipple across the heart.) Doing so, may cause the heart to STOP and DEATH to occur. Again, use only BELOW the waistline. START in the OFF position. Turn ON. Beginning at the LOWEST setting, gradually increase the setting...resting at incremental intervals. (Doing so, allows the body to adjust to each level of stimulation… building the “tolerance threshold” and eventually attain your ultimate goal). PAY ATTENTION to your sub’s reactions and proceed accordingly. If it seems too painful… STOP. Remember: Knowledge is the KEY to experience. A good “Top” learns on himself FIRST before using this or any other device on another.

WARNING: You should consult a medical professional before using this product to make sure this product will not cause harm related to any medical condition you may have. For example, if you have any heart-related problem, you use a pacemaker, or you are prone to seizures of any kind, you should not use this product without close consultation with your doctor. FT is not responsible for any problems that may occur as a result of any medical condition you may have. Only you and your doctor can confirm this product is safe for use by you.


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March 19 2017

Just wanted to let you know I love the estem and it feels so good on my dick and ass I’m just getting use to the setting I want to thank everyone involved for your prompt and courteous service and will be tell my friends that you’re the place I recommend for their needs Again thank you very much

— Thomas
December 20 2016

OMG what an amazing little box. This thing really pack a punch. As soon as I got it I just had to give it a try and all I can say is can I just keep that plug and never take it out again?

— D
September 28 2016

This box is incredible and comes with so many accessories. I have a hard time setting it down as I just want to play all the time now.

— Conor
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August 5 2016

I've been using Electro Play for about 5 years and am a experience player in this field. Dont be fooled with the small box and it packs a LARGE PUNCH!! This feels incredible and the boys at the Fort really know what they are doing.

— TheShocker
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