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Ass Pop 2.0 >>> LARGE



Ass Pop 2.0 >>> LARGE
Ass Pop 2.0 >>> LARGE
Ass Pop 2.0 >>> LARGE


It's pure pleasure on a STICK...the aluminum Ass POP, metal anal sex toy, is the BEST damn metal ass probin' toy we've ever popped up our chutes!

Whaddya mean you've never explored HEAVY METAL up your hole? It's a crazy hot ride. Something about a big slick metal ball workin' and probin' your pucker that gets us OFF. The Ass POP is slick, cool machined fun, with a nice big handle that lets you control every...PROBE...THRUST...POP...PUNCH...and SLOW FUCK.

We fuckin' LOVE having the ball just barely in, and then teasing our hungry holes with back-n-forth motion. It feels like the best rim job and fuck all at once! Because it is so smooth, every twist, every move rubs your hole with cool slick wetness. And just TAP on the handle will be felt all the way to the ball...fuckin' HOT.

CARE’ N CLEAN: The Ass POP is a really SOLID premium toy. The shaft is thick-machined aluminum pipe and the ball is cut from a solid chunk of Aircraft Aluminum. Safe with ALL lubes.Clean with detergent and hot water. Made in USA...designed by Oxballs.

DIMENSIONS: Total length is 14 inches. Circumference of the ball at the widest point is 7.8 inches.