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Xpander X4+

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Xpander X4+
Xpander X4+
Xpander X4+


We are STOKED to launch the first ever EXPANDING prostate stimulators. FT Xpanders COMPRESS as they slide in your hole for EZ insertion. Once in, they expand to hit your P-spot…HARD.

Get ready for the most INTENSE orgasms of your life. And don’t worry, once you’ve blown your load, they compress AGAIN for EASY ass removal.

Doesn’t matter if you’re a bottom or top, there are tons of nut-busting nerve endings in your ass…along with one INTENSE P-Spot. Hit this spot right and you’re gonna have cum shots on STEROIDS. No other P-Spot toy boosts your orgasms to 200%…and we’re the first to carry them in the U.S. Get ‘em here FIRST and get OFF.

Here is the Xpander X4+…aka the Brute Buzzer. It’s packed with a removable buzz bullet. You get FIVE settings, ranging from a steady vibe to fast delicious THROBBING…to send your P-Spot into BLISS. And not just your P-Spot…the hot “come hither” buzzing base hits your taint AND your P-Spot.

DIMENSIONS: The Xpander X4 has a 4 inch circumference (which compresses) and an insertable length of 4.5 inches.

CARE ‘N CLEAN: The Xpander X4 is made of a silicone blend and is safe with ANY lube you want. Wipe it clean with our FT Mean Clean or any household cleaner. Keep it separate from other toys, we include a nice storage bag. We also include a P-Spot play guide.


[5 stars based on 3 reviews]
February 1 2017

I bought this for a gift for someone and the recipient said the power unit would not work after a few uses. I figured it was like all dildo batteries where they only last awhile and then quit and chalked it off as a waste of money. Then, FortTroff emailed me to ask how everything was and I thought I should tell them. They said it may have gotten wet. Either way, they rushed me a brand new set up. Not the power unit alone, an entire new package. WOW, that was so nice. I didn't give it to my friend as he gave me the unit back that I gave him, but I did show it to him and he went and ordered his own. LOL Anyway, it works great. I didn't think it would work for me due to having the power jam6 in me but, It does work. I am rather endowed so it doesn't take a lot of stimulation on my prostate gland. You can stimulate my prostate on the outside of me lol. I can also cum many times in a night. The battery is good for about 2 hours. I wore it to work once. After the battery died, I still used it and ,well, it works without it if you rock it just right.

— Christopher Robbin
December 30 2016

Totally agree! Best toy I have ever played with! Enjoyed every setting!

— EO
August 24 2016

Great P-SPot toy!!! Have tried many p-spot toys from this site and this one is my favorite. It slides in easily and then expands once you get it situated in the right spot. After that, wiggle away until you nut. Probably spent an hour on this one. Awesome!