Cum Play In FT Ballistic Camo 
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Get WRECKED! FT Ass Wrecker KIT is the ultimate hole trainer for guys seeking to go BIG. These plugs are made to spread WIDE. Squeeze ‘em and slide ‘em in. They open inside your ass, giving you that hot XTRA-stuffed feeling.

Pull ‘em back out slowly...and feel your hole DILATE as they spread on the way out. We love to keep ‘em here, gently tugging them halfway out, then back in...feeling our holes STRETCH. This KIT is a killer training set for anyone looking to loosen up. Train your ass for cocks, XL toys...even fisting.

CARE ‘N CLEAN: Made of velvet-smooth premium SILICONE. Wash with warm water and gentle antibacterial soap. For a tough clean, spray ‘em down with our FT Mean Clean Toy Cleaner.

DIMENSIONS: The smallest plug is 4 inches of insertable length and 5.5 inches in circumference at the widest point when closed. The medium plug is 5 inches of insertable length and 7 inches in circumference at the widest point when closed. The large plug is 5.5 inches of insertable length and 7.5 inches in circumference at the widest point when closed.


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July 11 2017

Very Satisfied. To get a good range of stretching while also doubling as plugs. Would recommend.

— C.
July 6 2017

Helps prepare me for more and bigger things. Loved the way they looked. 5

— Nicholas
July 5 2017

love the overall design of the ass wrecker kit, but I found the set to be slightly smaller than I expected. If you could buy an extra large set, or just the large one that would be great. FT always has great quality products and fast shipping. The design of the kit was unique and haven't saw it on other websites.

— Snake
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July 4 2017

I like that there were 3 different options in sizes but While you've got lube on your hands it's hard to handle, some way to close it for insertion.

— Matt
July 1 2017

I was really excited about this because I'm usually very tight and need to warm up a lot before I get fucked. I usually use a plug, and I saw this item as something that might be more efficient or give me a better stretch. However, once you lube it up it becomes very difficult to work with. It also takes a lot of strength to keep it clamped together, which makes insertion difficult. I actually was unable to get the product all the way in because when it went too far for me to hold it together the tips separated and the tips felt like they were scratching me on the inside. I'm really sad about this product.

— DC
June 28 2017

First off, these are appropriately named Ass Wrecker! The smallest size will certainly accommodate the new and average as play pigs needs. It folds up nicely, inserts easily, and gives enough tug once it opens inside your ass for an incredible sensation. It is easily removed with minimal discomfort. The next size up is definitely for the more advanced ass play pig. The silicone is extremely firm and once again insertion is fairly simple and comfortable. Once it opens within the sensation is incredible and intense. However, as stated the silicone is firm and does not easily compressed for removal. This is where the true asshole wreckage takes place! Your hole will know it's been worked once it comes out! The largest size is definitely for the most experience ass play/masochist experts out there. Looks are deceiving, as for an experience ass pig insertion should be relatively easy. However once it's in there is going to be a hell of a tug-of-war to get it back out. This is not for the faint of heart, or someone with minimal as play experience. I am sure there will be plenty of loud screams and cries of pain and ecstasy heard around the universe as these are removed from pigs holes! Just don't let your eyes write checks your asshole can't cash. They are an evil and exciting design, well-made, and belong in every true pigs bag of toys.

— Owned Locked Boy
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