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P-Spot Buzz 3.8 30 % OFF

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P-Spot Buzz 3.8 30 % OFF
P-Spot Buzz 3.8 30 % OFF
P-Spot Buzz 3.8 30 % OFF
P-Spot Buzz 3.8 30 % OFF
P-Spot Buzz 3.8 30 % OFF


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Stroke your cock and deliver a crazy hot BUZZ to your P-Spot. End result? A mind blowin’ orgasm. Perfect for guys who want stimulation…without feeling overstuffed.

Here is our SMALLEST P-Spot toy…so you can drop it in with ease…but don’t let the size fool you. It’s got 7 ASS BUSTIN’ vibes. Alternate your buzz from a deep slow RUMBLE and ramp up to a LOAD SHOOTIN’ pulse. You gotta ride it to believe it…furiously strokin’ your cock and feeling the VIBES inside and out. Your COMPLETE nut bustin’ satisfaction is our guarantee.

Part of our premium FT Silicone Series, the P-Spot Buzz can be used with ANY lube you choose. Nothing is more durable and easier to clean.

The motor packs a powerful BUZZ…and best of all NO BATTERIES…it is USB rechargeable. We love the easy-to-grip hole so you can postion it just right…or THRUST.

CARE 'N CLEAN: To clean, use a light anti-bacterial soap and warm water…or better yet use our FT Mean Clean. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry with a towel. Store separately.

DIMENSIONS: At 3.8 inches in circumference at its widest point…like a decent size thumb up your hole. But WAY better. The ergonomic design is CURVED to massage your prostate just right! Total insertable length is 4 inches.


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June 10 2016

New Fort Troff order came in the mail today with the usual very fast shipping. I has a small issue with ordering and customer service was able to help make it right on a Sunday! Why can’t I have customer service like that everywhere on a weekend! I ordered along with the P-Spot Buzz some Raw Grunt cock rings. Shot a big load with the rings and for the second decided to use the P-Spot. Not normally a bottom so I was slightly concerned about size. This fits perfect. Slid in my extra tight hole easy and found the p-spot fast! Damn you Fort Troff you may have turned me into a greedy bottom now! Next stop Buzz Bullet or another plug. Love that the P-Spot was already charged and ready to go with samples of Cum Lube and Grunt Oil! Great adjustable setting for earth shattering (good thing I was gas masked or the neighbors would have heard me) orgasms! Thanks again FT!!

— Josh
May 9 2016

All I can say is WOW! I normally don't like things in my butt other than a tongue. I only ordered it because I am working way too much to meet up with my boyfriend and have sex. Jerking off and fucking the fleshlight while watching porn is getting old. The description says it is about the size of a thumb. Well hell I can take that I think. My only complaint is that it is difficult to hit the button just so to change the vib speed. But once I found the right speed, I came in just a couple minutes, HANDS FREE! 10 stars!

— Iv Nic
March 4 2016

Simply amazing. Who knew something so small could pack such a punch. Absolutely love it!

— kylr79
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January 31 2016

Best prostate massager EVER!! And I've tried several. At first it seemed a bit small but it fits perfectly and hits the right spot so the product is well designed. It's rechargable so no power cord or remote to deal with while using this little wonder. It's got 7 or 8 fantastic and different settings and speeds. It's amazing how different each one feels inside against your P-spot. It's totally washable. Just be sure to use water based lube so the silicone doesn't get ruined. Highly recommend this to anyone looking for a fun toy that'll be sure to keep you cumming.

— HaydnJ
October 21 2015

Perfect size for a beginner like me, easy to insert and it delivers a powerful buzz. Precum started flowing almost immediately and the cumshot was the biggest I've had in a long time, best purchase I've ever made.

— Stuart
September 27 2015

It's very comfortable. I'd wear it all around if I thought nobody could hear it humming.

— Rion
September 25 2015

The p spot 3.8 is superior.The battery strength is awesome.The pleasure is amazing and intense.

— Pat
September 21 2015

Thanks to its smaller size it's very comfortable. It's given me some of the most powerful climaxes in years.

— Dva
September 20 2015

One of the best vibrator types I've used.It's small in size but big on sensations.

— Shawn
August 31 2015

Love it. Firstly, its great just against the asshole on the highest setting. But inside? Just one long, low growl of pleasure.

— NanMan
August 31 2015

The P-Spot Buzz 3.8 starts me out on a pleasure ride that lasts a long fuckin time and winds me up for a cum-spewing, porn photo finish.

— IrishBear
August 30 2015

This one is a great size. I don't have to prepare myself for something bigger. If I'm in a hurry and want to get things done quick, FT P-SPOT BUZZ 3.8 will allow for that to happen.

— MB
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