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FT SILICONE >>> Pop 4.4

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FT SILICONE >>> Pop 4.4
FT SILICONE >>> Pop 4.4
FT SILICONE >>> Pop 4.4


Our FT SILICONE series is Grunt tested and approved…for fuckers who demand the BEST up their holes! And the Pop is a great tool for stretchin’ probin’ and hitting your P-spot!

Nothing beats premium SILICONE. It's firm, yet flexible, non-porous, and nearly INDESTRUCTIBLE. The Pop gives you 3 small balls to conquer…and we love the dual-texture finish…for xtra stimulation on the way in and out. The base is flat, so you can comfortably SIT and SMILE.

CARE’ N CLEAN: The Pop is premium silicone, it means it is DISHWASHER safe on the top rack. And you can use ANY damn lube you want. That’s why we LOVE silicone toys! And it’s hypoallergenic and phthalate-free.

DIMENSIONS: Circumference at widest point is 4.4 inches. Insertable length is 4.4 inches.


[5 stars based on 6 reviews]
August 7 2015

Although this butt plug is considered small by "gay standards", it is remarkably well-suited for prostate stimulation. The craftsmanship and premium silicone make it quite comfortable for extended use. The three balls feel amazing as each one pops in. Once in to the base, you can immediately feel it against the prostate. I can walk and sit comfortably without any irritation, all the while enjoying the stimulation. Pulling each ball out and pushing it back in feels amazing. I was leaking precum like crazy. This is, without doubt, one of the best butt plugs that I've ever used. If, like me, you're not into huge toys, this is the one to get. This is an excellent product and it will leave you feeling completely satisfied.

— Darrell
September 27 2015

Great plug, comfortable for a longtime wearing.... it's been about 5 hrs I plugged my ass with it and nothings bothering me while doing all king of stuff!! And as of the size, unless you are a beginner..... there's nothing to fear about with The PUP.....

October 7 2015

wow what a nice plug , it filled my hole and when i sat down and it hit my g spot all i could say is wow .. you guys did it again what a great inexpensive plug

— lickitslow66
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November 13 2015

I've been using Aneros for some time. Found this plug to be a great addition to my toy box. Pressure is gentle but firm. Be careful as small base could be lost if you're too loose.

— Bubba
June 13 2016

Again, another great butt plug from fort troff. this one is great for extended wear. I wore irt out rfor an evening and loved the feeling, fullness, and areas it hit as i moved around

— Nkdtravler
July 1 2016

If you are looking for prostate stimulation, this is the plug. Excellent for use during fire play or extended self gratification.

— Phillip
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