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FT Buzz Bomb Fury

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FT Buzz Bomb Fury
FT Buzz Bomb Fury
FT Buzz Bomb Fury
FT Buzz Bomb Fury


We’ve taken loads of butt bullets and balls on a string...and we’ve NEVER taken one with this much vibe power. Our Buzz Bomb FURY isn’t your OLD-SKOOL, battery-run ass bullet. This Fort Troff ORIGINAL is a high-powered, MEGAmotor soft probe with 8 intensity settings...from a steady buildup to a FAST, heavy throb.

Plant the FURY’s turbo-charged ball against your prostate and you’ll be moaning and busting EVERYWHERE. Push it DEEPER for vibe in places you never thought possible. Pull it IN and OUT on repeat...and give your sphincter a hot, toe-curling massage.

Our FURY is encased in seamless premium silicone, with a thicker, xtra-long retrieval chord so you can pump it in ‘n out FAST. The controls for power and settings are in the handle….for quick n’ EZ gear changes.

The FURY is USB rechargeable. NO more fumbling around for batteries. Plug it in to the side of your laptop...or in your car’s center console...and twenty minutes later you’ll be ready to play.

DIMENSIONS: Buzz ball is 4.5 inches circumference and 3 inches long. Total insertable length is 9 inches. Handle is 2.7 inches long. Total length is 11.5 inches.

CARE ‘N CLEAN: CARE ‘N CLEAN: To clean, use a light anti-bacterial soap and warm water…or better yet, use our FT Mean clean toy cleaner. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry with a towel. Store separately. Keep individually packaged and avoid contact with other toys. Made of 100% Silicone. Because of the high-end nature of its silicone body, the FT Buzz Bomb Fury is NOT compatible for use with silicone lubes. Plug and remote are waterproof. Run time on full charge, approximately 30 minutes.


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March 31 2017

If I could give this more stars I would. I used this on my top buddy and I swear he couldn't get enough. I have found my new favorite toy. Lets just say that once its charged I just have like a few days before I have to charge it again

— subbttm4u
March 9 2017

I love this SO much! Its so amazing on my yoga days, when im calm and super relaxed and then i take 10mins to slowly slip this baby in and after 15mins i empty every drop of seman that i have in my whole body! But the kinky side of me wants to ask, has anyone ever tryed two at a time??

— Jamie
February 6 2017

This thing is definitely meant to be used with a buddy, and I give it 5+ stars when used that way. The slim stem leaves plenty of room for a cock to slide right in next to it. Feels incredible rubbing your cockhead and shaft and even better as bottom buzzing your prostate getting pushed in deep by your buddy's dick. Only so-so using it solo....it's meant to be shared!!

— Ken
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January 23 2017

I was excited to get this. I guess it's ok. I was hoping for a little more power to it. I'm not really sure what that says about me :) I'll be keeping an eye out for something more powerful. Not bad for the price

— SW
January 17 2017

Awesome !! Luv it Deep in my ass and let it BUZZ me to Sooting Load

— Gregs Ass
January 15 2017

I had something similar to this a while back, this one is a little better. For me it's just ok. The different speeds are great. Wish the power speed was a little better/more powerful. Bottom line it gets the job done, but i'm still on the hunt for something better.

— SW
December 18 2016

This thing is amazing and powerful! You can use it along with a Dong as well! Way worth the price!

— Grim Mike
December 9 2016

This thing felt incredible inside my hole!! It hit all the right places.

— Jake
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