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FT FatHEAD Xtender

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FT FatHEAD Xtender
FT FatHEAD Xtender
FT FatHEAD Xtender
FT FatHEAD Xtender
FT FatHEAD Xtender
FT FatHEAD Xtender
FT FatHEAD Xtender
FT FatHEAD Xtender


When he’s bent and begging for it, slide your cock in our FatHEAD Xtender. This dick armor adds two inches to your meat, wrapping your shaft in a stretchy sheath with gnarly interior ridges, feeling like a slick, tight hole. The FatHEAD Cock Xtender makes your junk he gets a nice STRETCH.

The best part is the plug-shaped head. We designed this brute with the perfect pecker tip to tease his hole. Pop it in and out for some warmup hole play, then drive it in DEEP.

To put it on, lube the inner tunnel till it’s slick, then slide your dick in. Stretch open the lower, smaller loop around your balls. This keeps the FatHEAD locked on your package even during the roughest sessions.

The FatHEAD is made of clear, see-through silicone so you can see your meat throbbing inside. HOT!

Guidance on cock size: FT FatHEAD Xtender was engineered for guys on the small to medium side...turn your 6 into 8! If you’ve got a BIG cock, sorry, but you’ll have to wait for our FatHEAD XL, which will be cumming soon.

DIMENSIONS: Un-stretched circumference is 5.5 inches at its widest point. Remember this Xtender stretches! Total length is 7 ¼ inches un-stretched.

CARE ‘N CLEAN: Made of clear silicone. Safe with all lubes. Wash clean with mild soap and water...or better yet with our FT Mean Clean Toy Cleaner.


[5 stars based on 2 reviews]
October 20 2016

Looking forward to giving this to a close friend of mine so he can extend his cock deeper into me

— Ronnie
December 11 2016

This product is awesome my only issue is that my cock needs a little more room to make it the perfect fit I am a standard 6"

— Robert