POWER TOOL for your P-Spot  
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Grabber P-Spot >>> CLAW

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Grabber P-Spot >>> CLAW
Grabber P-Spot >>> CLAW
Grabber P-Spot >>> CLAW
Grabber P-Spot >>> CLAW
Grabber P-Spot >>> CLAW
Grabber P-Spot >>> CLAW


You’ve been abducted...and your new alien master wants to probe that moist cavity. New Cyborg P-Spot Probes are wrong in all the right ways! Bumpy, otherworldly appendages to rub your jizz button and make you MOAN.

FT Cyborg P-Spot Antenna is a slender, bumpy alien finger probe with a gnarly curve...ergonomically designed to hit your sweet spot for maximum sensory overload.

The smooth curved handle doubles as a pivot point, so you can sit ‘n rock on it like a good space cowboy...with that alien appendage sliding DEEP.

DIMENSIONS: Insertable length is 6 inches. Maximum circumference at widest point is 3.3 inches.

CARE ‘N CLEAN: Made of soft, premium, body-safe silicone. Wipe clean with mild soap and warm water...or better yet with our FT Mean Clean toy cleaner. Store separately from other silicone toys and keep out of direct sunlight.


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September 28 2017

GREAT Device for anal masturbation

— shane
December 28 2016

Love this design and the handle is in the right place. The curves and ridges on this really hit the right spot! I cant wait to get home and go for it again.

— Colby
December 10 2016

This is a nice toy. Feels good in, but it is a little too flexible for my taste. It seems to want to turn sideways or upside down if you're not holding onto it the entire time. The bumps feel really good going in though!

— James
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November 28 2016

Ok, but not earth shattering. Comfortable size, but a little too flexible for easy insertion.

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